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plasti dip

  1. I

    Hyperdip / plasti dip on new car

    I picked up a new model y a week ago, and I want to hyperdip / plasti dip my emblems. The hyperdip website recommends waiting 6 months to let paint fully cure to avoid potential paint damage. Has anyone hyperdipped their new car, and has anyone damaged their paint? Also, are there any...
  2. T

    'Plasti-dip' Gemini Wheel cover before and after

    Sharing my experience of DIY plasti-dipping the Gemini wheels on Tesla model Y---- I bought two bottles of plasti-dip($23/bottle from Canadian tire) Used the entire first bottle and half of the second bottle. I applied 5 layers of plastic dip on each wheel cover. Plasti-dipping took me 4...
  3. R

    Plasti Dip

    Picked up some Gemini Wheels off Craigslist to use as winter tires. Applied some plasti dip (black matte) to change the look. Picked up some caps from Amazon. I thought they came out pretty nice.
  4. plasmo

    Silver Plasti Dipped Aeros project on Silver Model 3

    Finished changing my black Aeros to Silver (Bright Aluminum) using Plasti dip! I didn't like how the black Aeros looked on the Silver Model 3, so I decided to dip them and think it turned out much better than the originals. Before: I didn't like the black Aeros, so I removed them and...
  5. plasmo

    Has anyone tried to Plasti dip their wooden trim?

    Just curious if anyone has ever tried to Plasti dip their wooden trim to a different color. Other than properly masking the surrounding areas, it seems like it shouldn't be too difficult to do. Compared to other options (removing the trim then painting vs. wrapping), could dipping be a more...
  6. W

    Superwrap Spray - Chrome Delete

    Has anyone tried this stuff yet? I'm contemplating trying it for my own DIY Chrome Delete. The stuff looks promising. Superwrap - The world's first sprayable vinyl wrap
  7. S

    Plasti Dip for the aero covers?

    Has anyone plasti dipped the aero covers yet? I have no idea why tesla is so obsessed with dark grey wheels. I hated the aero covers and the 18" wheels underneath for that reason. I'm looking into ways to make the aero covers silver, which is the color all stock wheels should be, in my...
  8. KFORE

    DIY Chrome Delete with Plasti Dip

    After receiving quotes upwards of $1,000 for a professional vinyl chrome delete, I decided to do my own with 2 cans of black plasti dip, some masking tap, and a few garbage/plastic bags. Total cost: $35. Total time: 6 hours. Most of the effort is in the masking of the car, which took about 4...
  9. BLKMDL3

    Doing my plasti dip chrome delete tmrw

    Thats right. Tomorrow, the new beast will get blacked out using plasti dip by yours truly. If anyone has done this can't they give me tips and share pics of their car and wheels. I know, @Peteybabes has been waiting for this, so have I. Washing it today so it wi be all dry for tomorrow. Thanks...
  10. BobCio

    Improving Base Wheels with Paint???

    I recently ordered my Model X 60D and opted for the base wheels for the longer wear on the tires, but just have not been impressed with the lack of style. So with the help of Photoshop, I tested some "paint" ideas of the base wheels and would like to get some feedback. Lots of ways to paint...
  11. VerityZooms

    Plasti-dip / dipping a Model X

    So, has anybody already Plasti-Dipped their X? I'm excited, but I have some concerns: How do aftermarket paints / wraps / dips affect the X's complicated sensor-suite? Has anybody on here had any sort of aftermarket modifications to the surfacing, and if so, have you had any experience with...
  12. kushari

    What I've realized after Dipping my Car

    I wrote a blog post about what I've realized after I've dipped my car and why I think everyone else should too. http://www.kushari.org/2015/08/11/why-all-tesla-model-s-owners-should-dip-their-car/
  13. benjiejr

    Chrome Delete / Blackout

    Wrapped chrome trim with Avery satin black, mirror skull caps with TeckWrap 4D carbon fiber, and rear emblems Plasti Dipped black.