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  1. S

    Solo in HOV lane w blue plates on Tesla - anyone in Ontario ever been pulled over for this?

    Hello! We recently just picked up vanity plates for our Model Y in Toronto and was wondering if anyone has experience driving solo in the HOV lane with blue plates. We didn't think much about it because my partner and I are almost always in the car together and just don't use the HOV lane that...
  2. MightyHawk

    Tesla doesn't guarantee EV plates in Massachusetts

    I am taking delivery of my Model 3 next weekend, and I asked Telsa to deliver it with EV plates. Surprisingly, they responded that they don't guarantee EV plates. Has anyone else run into this issue, and if so, how did you handle it? I have a trade in, so if they don't provide EV plates, I...
  3. N

    Illinois EV Registration & 796 plate look up

    So far Illinois doesn’t allow personalized EV plate but wondering if I can track down a special number in Illinois. The number should have been given to early adopters as it’s just 3 digits. Looking for numbers “796” only. Any help or direction you can guide is really appreciated.
  4. M

    Victorian Plates For Sale

    I have the number plates “UNPLGD” and I am willing to part with them now. $2,000 If anyone is interested or knows of someone please send me a text. 0421971250 Thank you
  5. Bokonon

    MA Vanity Plates at Delivery?

    Hey all, Question for Model S / X owners with Massachusetts vanity plates: did any of you find a way to have those plates in-hand when you took delivery? Or did you take delivery with generic plates, only to turn those plates in a few days/weeks later? I've got a 3/31/2016 Model 3 reservation...
  6. ne0x

    Custom Telsa Number Plates

    Hi all Just wanted to get onto this forum and see what other cool plates are out there, i just ordered mine last night for when the Model 3 comes, it works for just Telsa but also works well with the Model 3 so win win i thought I was more than surprised it was still available to be honest...
  7. Larry93428

    Legacy Plates

    The California Legacy Plate is here! I waited a year and a half for it. The visual impact is less; black plate on black nose. It is good. ~Larry
  8. tliving

    Front Plate Mounting Poll

    Hi folks, less than 2 days until delivery and I unfortunately live in a state that requires front plates. Trying to figure out what people have done. Please don't vote unless you're in a state that requires plates. Also, please don't vote if you don't have a Model S yet.
  9. D

    Retractable license plate holder - automated and manual

    This could be a good solution for the states with mandatory front license plates. Show N Go Retractable License Plate Frame - PFYC.com Show N Go Motorized License Plate Frame at PFYC-PartsForYourCar - YouTube
  10. youlikeadajuice

    Licensing and Registration Problem in New Jersey

    I've had the car for almost a month, I picked it up with temporary license plate and registration ready to roll on the car. Fast forward to now, and my temporary plates/reg expire in 3 days (Sunday). The permanent plates and registration should get mailed to me, but I've yet to receive...