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  1. I

    Spotify playlist only plays one song

    Just updated to v10.0 in my model 3. Happy be able to play Spotify (premium account in the Netherlands). However, when I select a playlist it only plays one song. I have to select each song individually to play it Anyone has a clue how to fix this?
  2. P

    Can't access Spotify playlists

    Hi My new 75D arrived yesterday. All good so far. Only issue is that I can't access my Spotify playlists even though I can access my account and play other Spotify playlists. It just keeps searching for them. Any idea what might be caisung this? Thanks.
  3. Bgarret

    Songs that should be blocked by next Firmware update

    So there has been talk about 8.0 update being a "nanny" and autopilot promoting safety. There's even safety features for pets/kids trapped in a car on a hot day. Here's my safety tip - don't allow me to play Rage Against The Machine's "Renegades of Funk" while driving a Tesla. Elon or...
  4. H

    How To: Export iTunes Songs and Playlists to Tesla Model S USB Music Player

    Picked up my Tesla Model S P85D 2 weeks ago. Wow! This is one amazing car. No more ICE for me! :-) One thing I had to figure out is the music player though. My first impression was more than excellent as it can play internet radio (Slacker and TuneIn)! This works great for me as I can now...
  5. D

    Calendar is nice... but how long until we get basic playlist access?

    The calendar is okay, found it amusing at first but now bugs me every time I get back into my other vehicles when I still (after almost a year now) cannot access or control my playlists the way I can on ALL my other (older) vehicles, and from different manufacturers, some touch display, some...