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  1. K

    Apple Podcasts

    Simple request: Give me access to Apple Podcasts. Add to Apple Music or a separate Apple Podcasts app idc. It’s inconvenient to have to use Bluetooth to listen to podcasts in my car. Spotify users can listen to both music and podcasts. Let’s get some feature parity between the two services...
  2. R

    podcast instructions

    I just got a Model Y. I have the Premium Connectivity package (music, podcasts, etc.) that Tesla provides for free for one year. When I listen to part of a podcast and park the car for a bit and then get back in the car, the podcast starts over at the beginning. Do I need a specific app for...
  3. David29

    New audio misbehavior with 2018.21.9?

    I have noticed what I think is a new form of misbehavior by the audio system since the installation of the latest software update (2018.21.9 75bdbc11) a few days ago. The misbehavior occurs with the audio system playing a particular channel of streaming music. The song ends. It cues up the next...
  4. K

    Talking Teslas Podcast

    They tell us we're now available on tunein. Give us a listen as we discuss living with the Tesla Model 3 and going electric...Listen to Talking Teslas on TuneIn Also available on iTunes Talking Teslas Podcast by Rev964 Media on Apple Podcasts
  5. K

    Talking Teslas Podcast

    Join us this week as we discuss our experiences going electric. Our format is short and sweet. Please rate us on iTunes. Talking Teslas Podcast by Rev964 Media on Apple Podcasts
  6. JHWJR

    iPhone Spontaneously Plays Podcasts -- Help

    I have a Model X on a several day loaner for a project while I wait for mine too arrive. (So very nice of Tesla to do me this kindness.) I've paired my iPhone to the car to listen to music and podcasts. It turns out that, as I walk towards the car, they connect and my phone, and thus the car...