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  1. .FP.

    Points of Interest - Alerts

    Hi, I tried to look into this and can't find anything on it. Does anyone know if there is a way to set up points of interest in the navigation and have the car alert you as you approach each one? Thanks in advance!
  2. mrfra62

    Overzicht oplaad punten derden

    Sinds kort heeft Tesla navigatie ook laadpunten van allego. Maar fastned of andere niet snelladers laat hij niet zien. Het zou mooi zijn als de navigatie op gegeven moment aangeeft dat er bijvoorbeeld een snellader langs de Duitse autobaan er aan komt of een fastned oplaad punt of een simpele...
  3. E

    Tap on POI doesn’t work?

    The manual says that if you drop the pin or touch an existing pin on the map you can see info about the place, the phone number and working hours. When I tap on the existing POI pins, it doesn’t show anything. If I drop the pin on top of the existing POI, it will sometimes show working hours...
  4. aikisteve

    "Hidden" features in the Tesla navigation

    It seems that not a lot of people know how you can use the navigation outside of the standard address entering of naming a specific place via the voice commands. In this video, I show you can do much more with it and the so often asked POI search can already be done as well. Suits my needs...