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police car

  1. Persfoto

    New Tesla Model S Police car in the Netherlands

    Just spotted the new Tesla Model S Police car in the Netherlands. It helped me with a crash in Tilburg the Netherlands. Great car, nice with the blue lights.
  2. rohan_aus

    Victoria Police Tesla Model X

    Victoria (Australia) Police have today revealed their Tesla Model X. What's very interesting about this is that they have custom options programmed into the MCU like control of their lights, sirens, radar, message bar (see video in link below). The officer also says that they have the ability to...
  3. austinEV

    Tesla “Model P” – a compelling case for Model S in Police fleets

    There have been some mentions of using a Tesla for fleet use, but I don’t recall seeing any workup on it, please forgive me if I am repeating. (No this is not a parody this time, so if you see some smelly assumptions call me out on it :smile: ) I was talking to an uncle-in-law who is a police...