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  1. fasteddie7

    Charging problems or weather related?

    I might be having a charging issue...not sure. When I got home last night after a snow/rainy hour commute, I brought my charger to the port and pressed the button. It opened but the lights didn't come on and the little tab that was in there clicked a few times. After that it finally lit up...
  2. B

    Charging amperage limit at home now is 48A?

    While I was in Tesla service (display change) Tesla changed my hood lock and port for upgrade versions as I was told. When I got home I noticed in my scheduled charging that I can set now amperage up to 48A. I could be mistaken, but I think before I had limit 32A. I do not think I really need to...
  3. S

    Battery port door no longer opens when pressed

    I used to be able to unlock and open the battery port by putting pressure on the port door itself, and it would open. This no longer works and I have to do it from inside the vehicle on the screen. Any idea how to fix this or was this a deliberate change?
  4. Mirlen

    Charge port door sticking?

    3/17 Model S, today I had an issue with my charge port door not opening. Clicking the HPWC button initiates a 'click' but nothing happened with the door even after several tries. Unlocked car with all handles out, same thing, tried in mobile app, same thing, tried on MCU, same thing. Applying...
  5. F

    Supercharge cable button opened another charge port

    I was about to supercharge my Model X, brought the Tesla charge cable close to the port and pushed the button. Not only my charge port, but also the port on a (unoccupied, presumably locked) neighbouring Model S opened up. Did the other owner forget his key in the car? But even then, isn't...
  6. D

    USB port power upgrade

    I know there is a test showing the center console USB ports only outputs around 1 amp each. Has anyone bought a 2-port, 2.1 amp,aftermarket USB charger and tried to upgrade the USB ports from the back? Does anyone know how to take the center console apart? I'm trying to charge up my iPad...
  7. velocty

    New Charge Port - press to open

    Just took delivery of my S90D last night, and during the walk-through was shocked to learn that you can now press on the charge port door to open it! I didn't see any threads on this yet; apologies if I missed it. The magnet appears to now be enclosed in a soft button that depresses slightly...
  8. travwill

    Does the 70D have an auto closing charge port?

    I saw this in a video with a 85D and was curious if new D70s also have the auto closing charge port? Anyone able to confirm yet?
  9. wcalvin

    TeslaOS: What will connect via the USB port?

    A wired mouse will connect via the USB ports in the Model S but (in my experience) a wireless one will not. A thumb drive will connect. A wired USB keyboard but not (in my experience) a wireless one. What have you tested?