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powder coat

  1. J

    Powder Coating 19 inch sport wheels

    Hello, i am looking for a place to powder coat my Model 3 OE 19” Sports wheel. I would love if you could recommend shop in Vancouver, BC who I can trust on the work (chemical strip, sand blasting, repair, powder coat). Also, l would appreciate if you could recommend a powder coat color code that...
  2. E

    Model Y With Powder Coated 20" Induction

    Got my car about 2 months ago. Love the induction wheel design, but totally despise the mat black. I haven't seen anyone powder coated the induction wheels, therefore I couldn't get a clear image of what it looks like in a different color. So I just bit the bullet and went for it. The color is...
  3. RPYT

    Swapped 19" Gemini stock for 19" Gemini Satin black

    The reason I chose on getting the 19" Gemini wheels is because I didn't want to spend an extra $2000 on wheels that didn't look as good as aftermarket ones. I've also seen photos and YouTube videos of owners plastidipping or getting them powder coated. I've weighed my options to see if my time...
  4. adayley

    Purple powder coat on standard Gemini wheels

    Picked it up today. Wife wanted some visible “pop” on her ride.
  5. M

    Model S rims powder coated

    Model S powdercoated rims with tires and sensor. Rims are clean with no curb rash. There is one mark from the tire installation on one rim seen in picture. In central California. Tires do need to be replaced. 750.00
  6. H

    FS: Tesla Model 3 OEM 19" Satin Black Wheel and Tires

    Hey all, Recently upgraded to Zero G wheels so my loss is your gain! Got a set of model 3 powder coated satin black. A small curb rash on one of them but perfect otherwise. Looking for a local sale. Willing to ship if nothing local comes up. Comes with: - OEM Tesla model 3 19" wheels powder...
  7. Rich Lee

    FS: 20" Performance Wheels + Tires from a M3 Matte Black Powder Coat $2800

    Finally getting around to selling my wheels/tires. - 20" Matte black powder coated wheels (really good shape except for one small rash) - Michelin Pilot Sport 4/s (see pics for tread...i don't remember when i took them off (sorry)) - NO sensors - LOS ANGELES pick up only. They are located...
  8. SSCustoms

    Vendor Everything Tesla by SS Customs

    See some of the many Tesla projects we've managed to capture over the past few years. Color Change Vinyl Wraps, PPF, Powder Coated Wheels, Ceramic Pro, Window Tints, Aero Performance Parts...you name it, we do it!
  9. SSCustoms

    Vendor SSCustoms Powder Coated Wheels Blog

    Powder coating is designed specifically for adding color to metal and wheels. The innate properties of powder coating and the fact that it is baked directly into the metal ensures that it produces a coating that is naturally thicker and more durable than liquid paint jobs. It’s stronger than...
  10. S

    Model X Resale Value with XPEL Wrap & Modifications

    I’m looking to get my 2018 Model X wrapped with an XPEL stealth coat. I’m also looking to get a chrome delete done, light ceramic coat on top of the wrap, and possible powder coat the wheels & paint the calipers. Quite a bit of customization and I wanted to know if anyone has done the same. If...
  11. SSCustoms

    Vendor Silicon Valley Tesla Customization Poll

    The options below encapsulate some of our most popular services, a lot of which were added to this Tesla Model X. Our question to you, is when you purchased your new Tesla, what did you want to do to it? For example, did you settle for a non-ideal color because the wait time was so long? How...
  12. Rubicon Beast

    Black and Blue

    I just picked up my P3D+ after getting the wheels powder coated, chrome delete, and window tint installed. It really changed the looks; I couldn’t be happier.
  13. EVortex

    Arachnids Powder Coated in Sonic Carbon

    I got my new Model S in March of this year with 21” Turbines in Sonic Carbon. I really like the stock wheel color, especially on a black Model S. I started looking around for a set of silver arachnids with the idea of powder coating them in Sonic Carbon because a factory set in that color...
  14. S

    Powder coating stock wheels on Model X

    Hello, I am looking to powder coat the stock wheels on my Model X. Also considering painting the calipers. What options do I have and what is the cost I should expect? I was reading somewhere that some folks also do ceramic coating on top of the wheels for extra protection. Thank you.
  15. SSCustoms

    Vendor SS Customs - Bespoke Vehicle Enhancement Studio

    Hello TMC! It's been a long time since we have joined a Forum Community , but we had to make our comeback here with TMC. We've had so many requests from all our great clients to make an appearance here we decided to finally take them up on their advice and here we are! SS Customs started...
  16. D

    Plastidip Model X Stock Wheels - PART 1

    Hey TMC fans, I just tried Plastidip for the first time and wanted to share my experience. I like the black wheel look but wasn't convinced on the factory 22" upgrade and the inconvenience of powder coating the stock wheels eliminated that option for me. Here's what I did: 1. Suspension set...
  17. MTBHXC

    (4)21x8.5 Turbine Wheels Custom Powder-coated (any color) or Chromed

    Selling a set of 21x8.5" Turbine OEM Tesla Model S wheels, TPMS sensors, and center caps. These have been professionally media blasted, resurfaced, and primed. Wheels can be powder-coated any color of your choosing then sealed with a multilayer clear coat in gloss or matte finish. Also offer...
  18. R

    XPEL Wrap, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Coating, Powder Coated Rims, Red Calipers

    I know Kyle (@Bulldog Kyle) of Bulldog Detail gets frequently recommended here. I want to add an overdue shout out for the work he did on my Midnight Silver Metallic S75. I got the following done through Kyle / Bulldog Detail and could not be happier: Full XPEL wrap Gtechniq Crystal Serum...
  19. G

    TESLA 19'' Original Rim Powder-Coated BLACK for TRADE

    Hi, I'm looking for somebody that wants to trade their 19'' wheels (silver color) with mine (powder-coated black). I'm fine with any original TESLA 19'' wheels: the classic (like mine), cyclone or slipstream. Minor curbrush is ok. Mine do have minor curb rush. I can post detailed photo of each...
  20. MrBoylan

    Tesla Model X with Black 20-inch wheels - here's what it looks like

    So, I need 20-inch wheels on the X as I live in New York City (the roads would not be kind to 22-inch wheels). But I like the idea of black wheels so I may have the stock wheels powder-coated. For fun, I messed around in Photoshop to see what this would look like. It's not perfect but it's not...