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power outage

  1. P

    Gen 3 charger not charging after outage

    I purchased a Gen 3 charger and had it installed on the Controlled Load 1 circuit so that I could charge the car overnight when off-peak rates kick in about 12.30am and turn off at 7am. In Australia, electricity only runs through that circuit during these times. Unfortunately, the charger does...
  2. V

    Tesla Gateway doesn't switch during power outage

    I have 2x Power Wall 2, SolarEdge Inverter, TEG 1. Installed March 4, 2020. Monitoring app shows batteries charging during day, and discharging also when house load exceeds PV output. I set my power reserve at 40%. I don't understand why it doesn't pull power off the grid to feed the house...
  3. MightyHawk

    Sharing home L2 charging with others during blackouts

    Winter is approaching and with it come the possibility of ice storms and downed power lines. A major storm can knock out power for hundreds of thousands of people in an area, perhaps for days. Likewise, many EV owners in California affected by the rolling blackouts have had to scramble to find...
  4. R

    Running Solar with one Powerwall 2: Individual Backup Battery Issue/Question

    My wife and I have had our 6.3kW system with a Powerwall 2 for almost a year now. In this (we will call it) year, power has gone out quite a few times for short periods of time, but generally it's been while we weren't home. Well, since December we've had the power drop out for an hour and a...
  5. Mike Tuccelli

    Powering home from Tesla

    Would it be possible for a software change to use Tesla battery to feed power into the NEMA plug during a power outage? With 90 KW available, it would be super to be able to run the refrigerator and lights during an extended power outage. In 2004 when we had four hurricanes in Florida I was...