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power wall

  1. V

    Tesla Gateway doesn't switch during power outage

    I have 2x Power Wall 2, SolarEdge Inverter, TEG 1. Installed March 4, 2020. Monitoring app shows batteries charging during day, and discharging also when house load exceeds PV output. I set my power reserve at 40%. I don't understand why it doesn't pull power off the grid to feed the house...
  2. S

    Power Wall For Sale - For real this time

    Sorry folks, a while back I posted for sale my Powerwall. I got it as a referral reward. Anyways shortly after, Corona hit, then the riots.... etc. I'm back to really sell this thing. I anyone interested? $3500? I can prob have it shipped to you as I have not specified an address yet...
  3. V

    Tesla Model S 21” Black Arachnid wheels + tires

    ===== Brand NEW ===== • 2 x 21X8.5J Black Arachnid wheels • 2 x 21X9.0J Black Arachnid wheels • 2 x 245/35/21 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires • 2 x 265/35/21 – Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires • 4 x tire pressure sensors • 4 x Tesla logo wheel caps All above pre-installed!! Asking price...
  4. S

    "Free" Power from my Electric Company. Will a PowerWall be worth it?

    Hi Everyone, xPosting this from reddit. There is a new power plan from my electric company that features the following rates: Super Off-Peak (12 a.m. – 6 a.m.) First 400 kWh: FREE Over 400 kWh: $.0450 per kWh Off-Peak (6 a.m. – 1 p.m.) and (9 p.m. – 12 a.m.) $.07181 per kWh On-Peak (1 p.m...
  5. I

    Power Wall 2 quote

    For those of you with PW2. In the quote, did Tesla tell you which circuits would be backed up and which would not. I put the down payment, and had a survey guy out. The house can only be partially backed up, which is just fine. I got a price quote but the sales person won't tell me which...
  6. A

    Sustainable Energy - A Family Affair

    Have to share. Especially after conversation over dinner outdoors with a very beautiful human being. What were we discussing over wine spaghetti and meatballs? Tesla. Sustainable energy. Etc... what's really awesome is how natural it feels for me to recommend so passionately a brand I don't yet...
  7. Dr Doom

    Help with power wall

    Hi: Need help with whether to purchase power wall with solar panels. I live in northern jersey and own my home that has backyard with southern exposure. There is no shade from nearby trees. I usually run an electricity bill from 200-300 dollars per month. We have AC, pool, one electric car to...