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powered liftgate

  1. RacerX

    Model S Trunk Liftgate Head Injury zone after struts replaced

    2017 Model S 90D Loved the power liftgate trunk for a great 6 years. It opened at its tallest about 52 inches (132 cm) from lower trunk gasket to the trunk edge. I call this the head injury/ concussion zone … then it stopped working. Now only opens and closes automatically up to about 41 inches...
  2. Mobster

    Liftgate gives 3 beeps when trying to reset height and will not reset....anyone else?

    Since 5.8 update (may have nothing to do with that), powered rear liftgate will not allow height reset and gives 3 beeps when button on lid is held down. Opens and closes fine. I tried a software reboot, but no help. Wondering if anyone else ran into this "3 beeps" scenerio, either before or...