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powertrain problem

  1. Z

    Taken 2021 Model Y in to service center 4 times in last month for "Powertrain needs servicing,", still unresolved - Anyone on the other side of this?

    Started with DIR_a149 error, and limited speed to anywhere from 71-50 mph. The first time we took it in, the service center said they found the problem and it was a sensor. Fair enough. Same message popped up a day later. The next two times they replaced the oil pump in the rear motor. The...
  2. J


    SOS: Does anyone have a digital copy of the 2016 Model X P90d limited and power train warranty?! Tesla in Austin is the worst. They refuse to put any effort into finding a copy of the original warranty and tell me they only have the new warranty.
  3. T

    ModelS P100D: Powertrain requires Service

    Hi, I drive a Tesla Model S P100D, 2017. Version: 2020.20.5 b1e18f9f15b0 My car displays the message: "Powertrain requires service. Avoid hard accelerations". Under normal driving circumstances (low speeds, no harsh acceleration) the car performs absolutely fine. Under higher speeds...
  4. tvuolo

    Powertrain Problem ID: 963

    Hi guys, I searched around and found lots of Powertrain Problem reports, but never with ID: 963, DATA: 0x40000000. DMC FW: Line Current Not Equal Request fault. I plugged my car in last Thursday night, it charged for a while at 40A from the HPWC. After a while the HPWC did it's THUNK and I...
  5. AEdennis

    Finally feel like a real TMC member... Welcome Roadster 40 to its new home.

    Hi all. I've spent the last 18 months driving my Active E and earlier on my wife and I decided that we were going to get a Model S for our second EV and this was going to be her vehicle. Living in Southern California as a rEVolutionary and EVangelist has some great advantages. We get access...