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powerwall 2 output

  1. D

    Did service guys mess up my powerwalls? How to verify?

    Hi Everybody, I have a 12KW Tesla solar array with 4x powerwalls and 2 x 7.6 KW built in Tesla inverters (so technically its 2x Powerwall 2's, and 2 X Powerwall Plus). 2 weeks ago I received a text that my system needed service. One of my inverters is showing Arc faults. While waiting for...
  2. M

    Powerwall Questions - 2 PW Backup Only System

    Hello, I am trying to get this groups collective wisdom about my install and the Powerwall usage during outages. I have a 2 PW backup only system. I have a 400amp system, but I am only backing up 1 leg of my house with 1 GW2 and 2 PW's. This is my critical loads panel which consumes between...
  3. Siggy101

    Output of 2 x Powerwall 2?

    I am looking for some info from existing owners who have multiple Powerwall 2s or perhaps an installer. I am aware that the max output power of a Powerwall 2 unit is 5kW. I intend to have 2 x Powerwall 2s installed, mostly to provide adequate storage capacity for my electrical needs. Can...