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powerwall 2

  1. B

    Powerwall + No back up load requirement.

    can we install powerwall plus without a back up load? the soalr pv will be installed with powerwall plus, customer doesnot want anythign to back up and wants all the energy to go to the grid to offsets all the time of use rates. if we can do this do we need gatway or we can just land the...
  2. M

    Powerwall stuck to Standby pre-PTO? Remotely done?

    Curious thoughts on what’s happening here. Had a new system (enohase Solar, Tesla Powerwall) just installed. Going thru inspection steps but in the meantime, the installer left the system on (presumably testing). Was nice and we set it for self-powered mode to charge in the day and then offset...
  3. E

    Wrong Grid Reading by Powerwall

    I recently got a PW installed by a certified Tesla installer (not Tesla themselves)(see end of post for setup). It was the installer's first job and I had to self diagnose quite a bit. There were multiple CTs that I had to flip myself via the TeslaPros app and I had to double the solar CT (which...
  4. C

    Powerwall v2 for sale

    Hello, I have 2 powerwall v2 with gateway for sale in the Seattle area. I need a system that gives more juice because of the size of my family. 12k obo
  5. G

    Strange Powerwall Behavior During Outage

    During today's outage in the SF Bay Area, the Powerwall charge went from 97% to 0 almost instantaneously. The app was full of red flags and warnings to shut down everything. To make matters worse, the app says not to troubleshoot during an outage. I was getting very nervous, trying to contact...
  6. T

    Two Powerwalls V2 and Gateway for Sale in Texas.

    Hello There! I have 2 - Two Tesla Powerwalls and Gateway for sale. I recently moved to Austin Texas from California and had them installed for only for one month in my old home. I was planning to save them and re-install the in my new home here in Austin. Based on the current market conditions...
  7. A

    Powerwall 2 Monitoring

    Hi there. I have recently had a Tesla Powerwall 2 & gateway 2 installed in my home and the installer is trying to charge me for £188 for "System Monitoring via Tesla Portal"? Can anyone explain what this is? I thought this was built into the Powerwall via Tesla servers. Just like their vehicles...
  8. S

    PG&E NEM 2 with EVA rate plan with powerwall question charging from grid

    My question comes from not knowing the ins and outs of NEM and the confusing PGE statement if you have paired storage. Long story short I have the option to charge my powerwall from the grid during off peak hours, should I? I usually have a yearly true-up around $500 I have a 5kW solar system...
  9. E

    Powerwall 2 - New install, but keeps cutting my home power while charging

    Hi all, Very happy to have found this forum. I'm struggling a bit and am hoping someone is familiar with my issue. I had a new Powerwall 2 installed on 25th Nov (2 weeks ago). It is installed as a Backup only (i.e. large UPS essentially). I live in South Africa, so this is to combat the...
  10. Jason Bloomberg

    Strange Powerwall App behavior

    Strange thing happening in the App. Power being drawn from batteries and stored in the batteries shows up in the graphs, but not in the numerical displays at the bottom of the screen. It's been going on a couple of days. Has this happened to anyone else, and if so, how did you resolve it...
  11. B

    Should I get Powerwalls if I am on an essential "circuit/block"?

    I am in the Bay Area (PG&E) and have an order for a 9.6 kW solar + 2 PW in-progress. However, I recently discovered that I am in PG&E's special outage block #50. This means that I am "generally exempt from rotating outages" because "essential services such as hospitals and police and fire...
  12. M

    Tesla Powerwall 2 Grid Outage Switchover Delays

    Hi all, Long time forum lurker, recent Powerwall 2 + solar buyer. I've had a Powerwall 2 (with Gateway 2) installed alongside a solar array (using a Fronius inverter). For the most part, everything has been smooth sailing - however, there is one issue... We have a lot of planned power outages...
  13. G

    Solar+Powerwall line side tap in Texas

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for clarification on a certain question I had. I was wondering if Tesla allows using a line side tap from an existing main service panel to the backup gateway with solar and powerall configurations. For further clarification, the service panel and meter can are in...
  14. N

    Powerwall installation location advice for hot climate

    Hello all. Need some advice. We live in Los Angeles county and need to decide about placement for. Powerwall. Garage isn’t an option for logistic reasons. Options, to get around the extremely onerous 5ft code rule would be either: - Same side of the home as the panel, approx 30ft away. But the...
  15. A

    Powerwall 2 For Sale - Dallas, Texas

    When I moved last year I had my Powerwall 2 uninstalled (by a certified Tesla contractor, they can attest to its operability) thinking I would get a new system in the home we would move in to. This 'new' house has some challenges that are leading me to push out getting a new system for a few...
  16. N

    2 Powerwalls: Switching from stacked to side-by-side install. What to do about the hole they already drilled on the face of the rear Powerwall?

    The installers installed two Powerwalls in my garage in stacked configuration, which required drilling a hole on the front metal cover of the 2nd Powerwall that is currently sitting behind the 1st Powerwall. The hole is several inches wide in diameter. Due to permitting issues, they are now...
  17. R

    2x Tesla Founders Series Powerwall 2 ("Powerwall+") & Gateway

    Hey all! I am selling my 2 Red Founders Edition Powerwalls that I currently have installed at my home in Sunnyvale, California. They are a little over a year old and they work perfect. Batteries charge to 100% and there are zero issues with these units. If there is something you'd like me to...
  18. K

    Powerwall 2 update 2022

    Hello! We have recently installed a PW2, Gateway & 7kW panels. System has been working great with our utility setup as below. - Peak: 12am-9pm - Super Off-peak: 9pm-12am (free power) During the Super off-peak, we would charge the PW2 from the grid @ 3.5kW while we were consuming energy through...
  19. J

    Powerwall 22.18 Firmware

    My PW2s have been updated to 22.18 at some point in recent days / weeks. Last documented version is 22.9 in April Has anyone seen any changes as a result? I have a suspicion re the TOU off peak charging algorithm “trying” to be more frugal re using grid charging and therefore leaving more room...
  20. H

    Check PW Capacity

    The Tesla Powerwall warranty says that at the end of 10 years, the PW is guaranteed to hold at least 70% of its original charge. Can the homeowner measured this? Or is this something Tesla does remotely?
  21. RedMod3

    Powerwall operation problems

    Had an interesting Powerwall / Gateway problem today. Yesterday was very cloudy, and although I am on time based control, the PW did not charge up fully the previous night, so I was on full priced power from 4pm.🙁 So, last night, just after the cheap rate came on, I set the reserve % at 50%...
  22. S

    Integrating Existing Enphase with new panels and Powerwall

    I have a current Enphase system with S280 inverters (they are not IQ compatible), system is 30x320W and broken up into 3 arrays. I wanted to make sure that my existing PV system will be able to charge the Powerwall (being that it is upstream from the Tesla Backup Gateway 2) in addition to the...
  23. H

    Powerwall- Adding 2nd Solar System

    I currently have a solar panel system connected to two Powerwalls. I'm considering adding a second solar panel system, and I want the second solar panel system to also connect to the Powerwalls (both solar panel system connected to the PWs). This way the Powerwalls will get charged quickly...
  24. Gwgan

    Notification of peak period discharge?

    Just had a notification that PW is 83% charged and supplying power to my home. Did not say there is an outage. Neighbor’s lights are on. No X on the animation. Peak period began 2 hours ago and PW has been supporting the house since then as usual. Washer and gas dryer are running (special case...
  25. K

    How do I charge my Model Y using only excess solar power?

    I have a 5x Powerwall-2 whole house backup with a 14.2kW PV solar panel system. I would like to charge my Model Y using only excess solar power, independent of peak or non-peak utility rates. The reason is to reduce the newly imposed "cost of transmission" charged for any power I draw from the...
  26. N

    Tesla Powewall's Vehicle Charging when Off-Grid setting. Can't set to 100%

    I have two Tesla Powerwalls w/ a whole house backup and without solar. On my Tesla app - Settings menu, there's a setting for Vehicle Charging when Off-Grid. I want to set the threshold to 100% (i.e., no car charging at all when the grid is down). But when I set it to 100% by moving the slider...
  27. hobapolis

    Tesla Added CTs and now Powerwalls are acting REALLY strangely

    Hey all! This is a follow up to an earlier thread I posted about some issues I was having with my partial-home back up. Tesla came out and installed some hardware in my main breaker box and presumably I'm now providing electricity from my 2 Powerwalls to my non-backed up loads at night time...
  28. hobapolis

    Are loads on main panel still powered by solar?

    Hello! I'm getting some mixed answers on this from Tesla support though I thought I'd pose the question here: I have 2 Powerwalls and a 12.24 kW system; plenty for my home in Arizona. A few months after the PV installation was done, we had a pool installed. The pool people put the power for...
  29. M

    Dust sheet to protect Powerwall 2

    Hi all, Owner of two Powerwall 2s in UK here. They are installed on the wall inside my garage and I’m getting building work done (converting two single garage doors into one large automatic garage door) which involves removing a central brick pillar which is going to generate a lot of brick...
  30. P

    Powerwall + Demand Response + Time-based-rates + Time-based controls

    So the maths and the policies and laws are a bit confusing. I am trying to figure out, if I switch to time-based rates, and I am also part of the local Demand Response plan, how does the demand response credit get calculated, as Tesla shows nothing in the app for demand response events and...
  31. B

    SOS please help, difference between tesla app reported net power export and what PGE bill says

    Hello, i am seeing a substantial difference (on certain days) between what the APP says it exported to the grid and what PGE says it received. Please see attached plot and data below. This has been going on for a while. please help me understand this. regards BK
  32. M

    Powerwall2/Gateway 2 Metering

    I am having two Powerwalls and gateway 2 installed. I have been going over the installation manual to understand how everything works and make sure my installers do it right (I am their first install). Everything will be wired for whole-home backup with the Powerwalls and solar coming into the...
  33. xkwizit

    Looking for Powerwall2 and Tesla Gateway

    Please DM me if you have a Powerwall 2 to sell.
  34. T

    2x Powerwall on 2-phase UK supply: sensing PW SOC individually

    I would greatly appreciate it if anybody has the answer to a bit of knotty problem I am trying to sort. SitRep. Had 1x Powerwall + 1x Gateway 1 + 1x solar array on a single phase UK electricity supply for about 2 years. All working fine. Have recently upgraded to 2-phase grid supply with our...
  35. S

    Tesla Power wall for sale

    New Tesla Power wall series 2 “founder series(Red)” for sale including gateway in greater San Diego area. Serious inquiry only. Price $8,500. Local pick up only.
  36. R

    2x Powerwall+ (SW 21.20.6) Leader <-> Follower Setup

    Hello! First time caller. Would anyone here have a Tesla app screenshot and Gateway screenshot of a 2x Powerwall+ setup? I'm trying to see if my second Powerwall+(follower) is working correctly with the first Powerwall+ (leader). I've had some weird configurations show-up on the mobile app...
  37. J

    One brand new Tesla Powerwall 2 system for sale

    I received this unit via the Tesla referral bonus program, and unfortunately am not able to install it in my house. I offer the system for sale to this community. It is brand new, never opened. It comes with the main unit on a pallet, plus two boxes that were shipped by Tesla separately. I...
  38. DiamondHands

    Powerwall 2 for Sale - can be shipped directly from Tesla if claimed by 5/21/21

    Hi fam, I know this is short notice, but due to an unforeseen circumstance, I don't have a need for a Powerwall 2 which Tesla has yet to ship to me. Please DM me your purchase offer by 5/21/21, I can have Tesla directly ship to you. Otherwise, I'll take delivery and the buyer will then be...
  39. C

    Brand new unopened Powerwall 2 and Gateway 2

    Hello! Looking to sell an unopened Powerwall 2 and gateway 2, still wrapped in pallet delivered and sitting in my garage. Spoke to Tesla and they said anyone can get installed by Tesla directly. Located in Charlotte, NC. Asking price of $10k. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks!
  40. M

    Tesla Powerwall 2 - Unopened For Sale

    Brand new Tesla Powerwall 2 for sale. Still palletized and all wrapped neatly, ready for shipping. Will take $6,000, OBO. You will need to arrange and pay for pick-up and shipping.
  41. N

    *Brand New* Tesla Powerwall 2 Founder Series w/ Gateway 2 and Accessories - BC, Canada

    *Brand New* Tesla Powerwall 2 Founder Series w/ Gateway 2 and Accessories Never used - I was hoping to install it at another property but unfortunately plans have changed. *Local Pickup or Buyers Arrange Shipping* - The Powerwall and accessories are on a pallet and weigh ~300lbs. Requires a...
  42. S

    Powerwall 2 without gateway

    I need a Powerwall 2 with or without gateway. Must be new! Red Founders would be awesome but most likely impossible. PM me with what you have or leads to one. Thanks
  43. S

    Wanting to buy 2 Powerwall2 with gateways

    I am in critical need of 2 (NEW) Powerwall 2 batteries with gateways. This is for my off grid cabin and my current batteries have failed. I am located in the US. I will arrange shipping. Let
  44. D

    Tesla PowerWall 2 Founder Series

    Hi everyone, I am looking to sell my brand new Red Founder Series Tesla PowerWall 2. Never opened, brand new still on the delivery pallet. Looking for $7000 local pickup or buyer arrange shipping. Thanks!
  45. Mickie

    Gauging Interest: NIB Founder's Powerwall/ Gateway/ etc. Chicago area

    Hey all. I'm thinking I may not install in current home, so, I may sell. If I were to sell, and albeit not a sticking point, I'd prefer local pickup, probably with wire transfer or bank to bank. Can IM me if you prefer discretion. Thanks.
  46. Jason Bloomberg

    Wall of 10 Tesla Powerwall 2 units

    We are in Cheyenne, Wyoming and have recently finished installing and bringing online 10 Powerwall 2 units (140 kWh of which 135 kWh is usable). The system is grid tied. We have 4 Skystream 3.7 residential scale wind turbines rated at 2.4 kW each, and just under 8 rated kW of solar PV in...
  47. M

    Powerwall Questions - 2 PW Backup Only System

    Hello, I am trying to get this groups collective wisdom about my install and the Powerwall usage during outages. I have a 2 PW backup only system. I have a 400amp system, but I am only backing up 1 leg of my house with 1 GW2 and 2 PW's. This is my critical loads panel which consumes between...
  48. I

    Founder Series Powerwall 2 w/Install Credit

    Hello Tesla Fam, I have a Founder Series Powerwall 2 + Gateway which I took delivery on this past September. Everything is still factory sealed and on the pallet. In addition to the hardware is the $1,000 installation credit. Speaking with the rep, I have up to 12 months (so end of August...
  49. X

    Founders series powerwall for sale

    Need to get rid of before it rains outside and I have to cover it
  50. S

    Powerwall 2 Founders Series (red color) with Gateway for sale

    Includes shipping. Value $8000 ($7000 for the Powerwall 2, $1000 for the Gateway). Does not include installation or any installation credit or reimbursement. I won this as a referral prize some time ago, and never took delivery. So I can basically transfer to the buyer and Tesla can ship to...