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powerwall 2

  1. B

    SOS please help, difference between tesla app reported net power export and what PGE bill says

    Hello, i am seeing a substantial difference (on certain days) between what the APP says it exported to the grid and what PGE says it received. Please see attached plot and data below. This has been going on for a while. please help me understand this. regards BK
  2. M

    Powerwall2/Gateway 2 Metering

    I am having two Powerwalls and gateway 2 installed. I have been going over the installation manual to understand how everything works and make sure my installers do it right (I am their first install). Everything will be wired for whole-home backup with the Powerwalls and solar coming into the...
  3. xkwizit

    Looking for Powerwall2 and Tesla Gateway

    Please DM me if you have a Powerwall 2 to sell.
  4. T

    2x Powerwall on 2-phase UK supply: sensing PW SOC individually

    I would greatly appreciate it if anybody has the answer to a bit of knotty problem I am trying to sort. SitRep. Had 1x Powerwall + 1x Gateway 1 + 1x solar array on a single phase UK electricity supply for about 2 years. All working fine. Have recently upgraded to 2-phase grid supply with our...
  5. S

    Tesla Power wall for sale

    New Tesla Power wall series 2 “founder series(Red)” for sale including gateway in greater San Diego area. Serious inquiry only. Price $8,500. Local pick up only.
  6. R

    2x Powerwall+ (SW 21.20.6) Leader <-> Follower Setup

    Hello! First time caller. Would anyone here have a Tesla app screenshot and Gateway screenshot of a 2x Powerwall+ setup? I'm trying to see if my second Powerwall+(follower) is working correctly with the first Powerwall+ (leader). I've had some weird configurations show-up on the mobile app...
  7. J

    One brand new Tesla Powerwall 2 system for sale

    I received this unit via the Tesla referral bonus program, and unfortunately am not able to install it in my house. I offer the system for sale to this community. It is brand new, never opened. It comes with the main unit on a pallet, plus two boxes that were shipped by Tesla separately. I...
  8. BeardedBro

    Powerwall 2 for Sale - can be shipped directly from Tesla if claimed by 5/21/21

    Hi fam, I know this is short notice, but due to an unforeseen circumstance, I don't have a need for a Powerwall 2 which Tesla has yet to ship to me. Please DM me your purchase offer by 5/21/21, I can have Tesla directly ship to you. Otherwise, I'll take delivery and the buyer will then be...
  9. C

    Brand new unopened Powerwall 2 and Gateway 2

    Hello! Looking to sell an unopened Powerwall 2 and gateway 2, still wrapped in pallet delivered and sitting in my garage. Spoke to Tesla and they said anyone can get installed by Tesla directly. Located in Charlotte, NC. Asking price of $10k. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks!
  10. M

    Tesla Powerwall 2 - Unopened For Sale

    Brand new Tesla Powerwall 2 for sale. Still palletized and all wrapped neatly, ready for shipping. Will take $6,000, OBO. You will need to arrange and pay for pick-up and shipping.
  11. N

    *Brand New* Tesla Powerwall 2 Founder Series w/ Gateway 2 and Accessories - BC, Canada

    *Brand New* Tesla Powerwall 2 Founder Series w/ Gateway 2 and Accessories Never used - I was hoping to install it at another property but unfortunately plans have changed. *Local Pickup or Buyers Arrange Shipping* - The Powerwall and accessories are on a pallet and weigh ~300lbs. Requires a...
  12. S

    Powerwall 2 without gateway

    I need a Powerwall 2 with or without gateway. Must be new! Red Founders would be awesome but most likely impossible. PM me with what you have or leads to one. Thanks
  13. S

    Wanting to buy 2 Powerwall2 with gateways

    I am in critical need of 2 (NEW) Powerwall 2 batteries with gateways. This is for my off grid cabin and my current batteries have failed. I am located in the US. I will arrange shipping. Let
  14. D

    Tesla PowerWall 2 Founder Series

    Hi everyone, I am looking to sell my brand new Red Founder Series Tesla PowerWall 2. Never opened, brand new still on the delivery pallet. Looking for $7000 local pickup or buyer arrange shipping. Thanks!
  15. Mickie

    Gauging Interest: NIB Founder's Powerwall/ Gateway/ etc. Chicago area

    Hey all. I'm thinking I may not install in current home, so, I may sell. If I were to sell, and albeit not a sticking point, I'd prefer local pickup, probably with wire transfer or bank to bank. Can IM me if you prefer discretion. Thanks.
  16. Jason Bloomberg

    Wall of 10 Tesla Powerwall 2 units

    We are in Cheyenne, Wyoming and have recently finished installing and bringing online 10 Powerwall 2 units (140 kWh of which 135 kWh is usable). The system is grid tied. We have 4 Skystream 3.7 residential scale wind turbines rated at 2.4 kW each, and just under 8 rated kW of solar PV in...
  17. M

    Powerwall Questions - 2 PW Backup Only System

    Hello, I am trying to get this groups collective wisdom about my install and the Powerwall usage during outages. I have a 2 PW backup only system. I have a 400amp system, but I am only backing up 1 leg of my house with 1 GW2 and 2 PW's. This is my critical loads panel which consumes between...
  18. I

    Founder Series Powerwall 2 w/Install Credit

    Hello Tesla Fam, I have a Founder Series Powerwall 2 + Gateway which I took delivery on this past September. Everything is still factory sealed and on the pallet. In addition to the hardware is the $1,000 installation credit. Speaking with the rep, I have up to 12 months (so end of August...
  19. X

    Founders series powerwall for sale

    Need to get rid of before it rains outside and I have to cover it
  20. S

    Powerwall 2 Founders Series (red color) with Gateway for sale

    Includes shipping. Value $8000 ($7000 for the Powerwall 2, $1000 for the Gateway). Does not include installation or any installation credit or reimbursement. I won this as a referral prize some time ago, and never took delivery. So I can basically transfer to the buyer and Tesla can ship to...
  21. D

    Designing a Tesla Garage -- Cars, Powerwalls, and Solar Roof

    Hey Guys! A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to connect with a fellow Tesla owner to help him design/build his dream garage! This is part 1 of a likely 3 part series. We are planning on doing quite a few unique tesla items such as a "POWER WALL" (all 4 powerwall 2's to be mounted on one wall...
  22. M


    I am looking to buy a new Powerwall, preferable somewhere closer to NY. If you have one scheduled to be shipped to you, it is possible to redirect it to my address as I have done it already earlier this summer, I just need another one...:)
  23. M

    FS: New Tesla Red Founders Series Powerwall 2 & Gateway

    Selling brand new in the box: Red Tesla Founders Series Powerwall 2 with installation hardware Energy Gateway On hand and available for pickup in SoCal (OC). I might be able to get a friend with a pickup truck to help deliver for a fee. Asking $6500 (I'm receiving the W2 form for it, so you...
  24. MX1028

    Founders Series Powerwall for Sale - $6K

    Please DM if interested in buying a Founder Series PowerWall. Below are the details... -Founder Series Powerwall(s) ($6,500) -Energy Gateway ($1,100) -Non-Transferrable Installation Reimbursement ($1,000) per install - According to Tesla.
  25. M

    Tesla Solar Order Cancelled / Fire Setbacks

    Hello! I am brand new to the forums and the Tesla world. Looking for some advice or guidance as well as to see if anyone had an experience similar to mine when ordering Solar through Tesla. Lots of context below so apologies in advance. The short version is I think Tesla cancelled my order...
  26. D

    Length of time between order placement and communication

    Just curious how long it takes Tesla to get back to you after order placement. I am adding 2 Powerwalls to existing solar. I did the upload and pictures. There is nothing in my ToDo section. The downloads show my Utility bill and the Powerwall Purchase agreement as completed. Not sure why...
  27. S

    Power Wall For Sale - For real this time

    Sorry folks, a while back I posted for sale my Powerwall. I got it as a referral reward. Anyways shortly after, Corona hit, then the riots.... etc. I'm back to really sell this thing. I anyone interested? $3500? I can prob have it shipped to you as I have not specified an address yet...
  28. H

    Founder Series Power Wall 2 For Sale

    Just received the limited, red, hand-signed Power Wall 2 today. It is sitting on a palette in storage, untouched. I have not opened it but I am told it is hand-signed by the legendary Elon. We are in a townhome and our home owners association will not allow me to install it (which is silly)...
  29. Jason Bloomberg

    Residential Wind Power and Powerwall 2 integration

    Does anyone have a Powerwall 2 being fed by Skystream 3.7 (or any other) wind turbines as part of their own residential renewable energy system? We have a combination of wind turbines and solar PV with microinverters as part of our system.
  30. Pandamoanium

    Not Available Powerwall 2 For Sale

    Hello, we have an award Powerwall 2 from Tesla for sale. The box states Powerwall 2, though it was through the referral program. E-mails said Founders Powerwall but we're off of what's been delivered. We are in Colorado and can arrange for a pickup to save on shipping. Powerwall 2 - $6,500...
  31. Daniellane

    Now We’re Really an All Tesla Family!

    Tesla Solar System #1 with a Red Founder’s Series Powerwall 2
  32. D

    Can Powerwall be charged from grid in backup-only mode?

    As I know Powerwall can not be charged from the grid when combining with solar. But it can be charged from the grid when you set to "storm watch" mode. I think the storm is a critical condition so that the utility allows Powerwall to be charged from the gird to keep people stay safe. My question...
  33. B

    Powerwall and apcupsd

    I can't be the first person who has thought of having a powerwall communicate using apcupsd, to get it to tell computers to shut down safely when grid power is unavailable. I'm no expert with apcupsd, I just found out about it last night, but it's a standard that allows UPS devices to...
  34. S

    Go with Tesla or Swell Energy for 2 Powerwalls?

    I have a quote from Swell Energy for 2 Powerwalls but haven't contacted Tesla yet. Here's the quote Total amount: $23,320.80 Federal tax credit: $6,063.41 Other Rebates amount: $5,279.95 Net cost: $11,977.44 My System I have a 46 panel system with Enphase IQ7+ Micro Inverters generating 15.69...
  35. D

    Three Phase Service in USA

    Does anyone have any intel when a three phase compatible Gateway will be released in the US? How does three phase compatibility work with Gateway 2 in Europe/UK/Australia when the Powerwal 2 itself is single phase? I’m building a new home with 400A 3-phase service with solar and trying to...
  36. E

    Exporing Powerwall for loadshifting in TX

    I am in a TXU plan that gives me free power at night from 8 pm to 6 am, with a 5c increased rate during the day time than the cheapest option. Basically the cheapest option is around 10c/kWh all time of the day, and the free nights plan is 15c / kWh from 6 am to 8 pm and 0c rest of the time...
  37. B

    Used Powerwall - worth it?

    Hi all, Wasn't looking for one, but just came across a used Powerwall 2. Just the battery. Assuming the battery itself is in good condition, is this worth my time to investigate? I do not own any Tesla stuff, but it would be nice to have a battery back up, at least for necessary things, as we...
  38. M

    SGIP with Large Scale Energy Storage (3 x PowerWalls) with Tesla or Individual

    My roof is 21 years old. I've been on the fence for Solar oof for a while. But given the recent events in NorCal and PG&E shutoffs, I'm going to pull the trigger. I'm looking at the following configuration: - 10KW+ Solarroof v3 system - 2 PowerWall's. My daily consumption on avg is ~20...
  39. heytae

    DIY stand for 3 Powerwalls raised off the garage floor

    Can anyone with a Powerwall2 tell me if the bottom of them are completely flat, or whether they have some protrusion or "feet" on the bottom that they rest on when installed on the floor? I'd like to know if my DIY stand should be flat or accommodate any such "feet" if the Powerwalls have any...
  40. J

    Gateway 2 reset ?

    Hi all, I have a PS2 with the newer backup gateway 2. If running on wifi fine, and I can ping the address but I cannot conect to the web interface. I also can connect to the teg-mcn wifi connection but when I try to browse to https://teg, I cannot. I wonder if I need to reset the gateway, but I...
  41. TheRedPill

    Going for it - new Solar Roof install scheduled

    Hello All, Just wanted to chime in here to say that I've pulled the trigger - going for a complete system: Solar Roof plus qty 2 Powerwall 2's. Installation is happening this week!
  42. M

    Powerwall App Connectivity

    Hi everyone. I'm having trouble connecting to my Powerwalls through the Tesla app and wanted to see if others were experiencing the same issue. The app connects fine to our Model 3s, but gives a "Connecting" message when trying to communicate to the Powerwalls. The problem is the same on my...
  43. B

    Powerwall 2 Gateway Weird Voltages

    Has anyone else seen this? I'm playing around with collecting stats from my Powerwall 2 Gateway API and noticed something weird with the reported voltages. I'm located in Australia with a 230V 50Hz single phase grid supply. Here's the output of my aggregates API: { "site": {...
  44. PascalH

    Actie vereist: Uw Powerwall Award - mailt van Tesla

    Een klein uurtje geleden eindelijk meer zicht op het de Founders Series Powerwall award. Hebben meer mensen deze mail gehad? Wat mij verbaasd is de zin: Als Tesla of een gecertificeerd installateur de Powerwall niet binnen 12 maanden in uw regio kan installeren, vervalt de on hold en zal Tesla...
  45. matt_net_zero

    Does The Powerwall Have A Feature To Limit Grid Peak Draw?

    I have a situation where our [non-profit organization] campus has tiered + metered electricity pricing. So long as we don't exceed NN kW at any point in time, our bill is fairly reasonable. If we were to exceed NN kW for even one minute in a month, we'd get bumped up to a higher pricing tier and...
  46. boaterva

    Powerwall Monitoring Details with the Tesla App

    I couldn't find anything and asked this question buried in a thread, and thought I'd break it out here to make it easier to find. This is how you get set up for detailed historical monitoring with Powerwalls, maybe only when added to Solar. People that have Tesla Solar are used to having...
  47. D

    Powerwall 2 showing no readings - fixed

    Thought I'd give my experience with an issue my Powerwall 2 had. About a week ago my Powerwall stopped working. The app showed no readings for solar production, consumption, battery activity or grid. Nothing. Green light on the battery was solid. My solar inverter app showed the solar was still...
  48. M

    Powerwall 2 calendar ageing in Backup-only mode

    I wanted to find out how to extend lifetime of Powerwall 2 in Backup-only mode. The current Tesla app does not provide a way to set maximum SOC lower than 100%. I realize that 100% is probably a lower % of real capacity. I have read in numerous places that lithium-ion batteries stored at high...
  49. S

    Reward Powerwall UK

    OK I've been waiting over a year for the Powerwall due from the last reward scheme. I did wait over 6 months for wheels, so I wasn't expecting a quick turn around. However on this reward and lack of, customer service is silent on this matter. Don't even answer e-mails. Has anyone in the UK...
  50. M

    Show me your garage renovations prior to power wall installations

    Hello, I bought just over a 200k house in small city in Missouri. This is not likely a forever home and whatever renovations I do, will not likely add much to the value of the house. I was planning a DIY renovations. I want to support Tesla, but until out of student loan debt, I will likely...

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