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powerwall install

  1. T

    Two Powerwalls V2 and Gateway for Sale in Texas.

    Hello There! I have 2 - Two Tesla Powerwalls and Gateway for sale. I recently moved to Austin Texas from California and had them installed for only for one month in my old home. I was planning to save them and re-install the in my new home here in Austin. Based on the current market conditions...
  2. F

    Powerwall Installers Disconnected Hot Water Heater/Appliances - Any Tips?

    I've heard so many stories about Tesla's quality of install/work so thankfully went elsewhere for my car and solar installation, but wondered how bad it could get if I went for the cheap Powerwall install - oops. It took till the next day to notice the hot water heater was cold, and I couldn't...
  3. M

    Tesla Solar Order Cancelled / Fire Setbacks

    Hello! I am brand new to the forums and the Tesla world. Looking for some advice or guidance as well as to see if anyone had an experience similar to mine when ordering Solar through Tesla. Lots of context below so apologies in advance. The short version is I think Tesla cancelled my order...
  4. C

    Could someone help me understand SGIP?

    I was considering installing 2 or 3 Powerwalls in combination with a Solar roof. I have read that Tesla ran out of SGIP allocations and is no longer submitting them. I also read that SGIP funds we replenished in early 2020, not sure if that is the case? I also read that you could submit the...
  5. Jason Bloomberg

    Residential Wind Power and Powerwall 2 integration

    Does anyone have a Powerwall 2 being fed by Skystream 3.7 (or any other) wind turbines as part of their own residential renewable energy system? We have a combination of wind turbines and solar PV with microinverters as part of our system.
  6. schrodarkian

    Questions on contract and install mishaps

    All, Just had my new 7.56 kW system with 2 Powerwalls installed in Central California. The process actually went pretty quickly all things considered. I intended to go with a certified installer but they were so disorganized they missed 2 home inspection meetings in a row... and this before I...
  7. W

    Northern California PW installs BUMPED to 2020!!

    I had my 2 PW install scheduled for next week. I worked my butt off pushing my project along through the crappy tesla communication and customer service. I worked with my city building department to expedite my permit so that I could get installed by the end of the year. Tesla called me 2...
  8. W

    Powerwall 2 - How large of the PV system do I need to charge it? Are they in stock now?

    Hi All Looking to install a PW2 with a new PV system. Are current usage is only about 12 - 18kWh a day but it will double when we get an EV. Most of our usage is at night. I am wondering what size PV system do I need to charge 1 PW2 during the day so that I can use that power at night to...
  9. D

    2 Powerwalls for whole-house backup

    Has anyone used 2 PWs for doing a whole-house backup? I am installing solar panels, and the installer is not very knowledgeable about PW. They are not yet available is South Florida. Is it really as simple as connecting two PWs in parralel to the main electrical panel, and installing a...
  10. Myke Hines

    Powerwall 2 supply issues

    I placed my reservation for 3 power walls in November 2017 - I finally got an email that I was ready for install and that I should call scheduling. The scheduling group informed me that due to supply chain issues, they will not be scheduling anyone until the end of the year. Unfortunately if...