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  1. K

    Can you help with Tesla Powerwall+ Invertor MPPT Questions?

    Hey everyone, I am getting 20.4kW Solar, 2 Powerwall+, and 1 Powerwall2. I have questions before I approve the final design. What does the Powerwall+ Input Connectors per MPPT: 1-2-1-2 mean? Tesla's design shows 8 strings to the 2 PW+ but is only using 5 of the 8 MPPTs? Any valid reason? Tesla...
  2. C

    Buying used PowerWall [any issues with commissioning?]

    Guys, sorry if this a repost didn't find anything here. Is there any issue with commissioning a used Powerwall2? I brought it from a builder who doesn't know the owner. So basically i have the Unit and GW1 with it. I asked a qualified engineer to install and he is coming next month. Just want...
  3. W

    Powerwall 2 - How large of the PV system do I need to charge it? Are they in stock now?

    Hi All Looking to install a PW2 with a new PV system. Are current usage is only about 12 - 18kWh a day but it will double when we get an EV. Most of our usage is at night. I am wondering what size PV system do I need to charge 1 PW2 during the day so that I can use that power at night to...
  4. tga

    Liberty Utilities files for Tesla battery pilot in NH

    I debated posting this here or over in the New England forum (where it would probably get few views but more local interest?); New England won out for some reason. Anyway... Liberty Utilities files for Tesla battery pilot in NH (Mods - if posting the link is a no-no, feel free to delete or...
  5. tga

    Liberty Utilities files for Tesla battery pilot in NH

    Liberty Utilities has filed DE 17-189 with the NH PUC to introduce a battery storage pilot in NH using Powerwall 2's. They are looking to install 1000 batteries in customer residences, in a program modeled after Green Mountain Power's battery program in VT. Customers can lease 1 or 2 batteries...
  6. A

    Sustainable Energy - A Family Affair

    Have to share. Especially after conversation over dinner outdoors with a very beautiful human being. What were we discussing over wine spaghetti and meatballs? Tesla. Sustainable energy. Etc... what's really awesome is how natural it feels for me to recommend so passionately a brand I don't yet...
  7. F

    Powerwall 2 Founders Series Signed by Elon Musk, JB Straubel, and Franz von Holzhausen

    Should be able to win one of these from the referral program it looks like! If up for sale would anyone be interested? Living in an apartment here...much as I like there's gonna be little use of it over here...