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  1. DaylightWT


  2. M

    Paint Protective Film on Leased Tesla?

    Just took delivery of a 2022 Model S Refreshed, and was thinking of having PPF (paint protective film) professionally applied to the front. However, this car is on a 3-year lease and Tesla leases don't have a buyout provision, so the car is definitely going back to Tesla after three years...

    Vendor Dallas PPF, Ceramic, Tint, Chrome Delete, and more at ALSET Auto!

    Alset Auto is DFW's only Tesla exclusive aftermarket shop. PPF, ceramic coating, tint, chrome delete, wheel repair, accessory installation, caliper painting, emblem painting, a pillar blackout, and more. If you can do something to a Tesla, we can help! Here's a few examples of what we've been up...
  4. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 dressed in STEK DYNOpurple Protective Styling Film

    I don't think it needs to be further discussed that Tesla's are in need of paint protection film when new as this 29 page thread goes into a lot of details. We are not in the business of just making Tesla's look amazing, but also protecting your investment for the long term. Metropolitan...
  5. D

    Xpel ultimate fusion PPF Model 3 Install

    Hi, I have asked for a quote for xpel ultimate fusion for a model 3. Xpel ultimate fusion apperently has a ceramic coating built into the PPF. Has anyone used it ? Any good? - I cant find any reviews on the internet. I asked the PPF installer if there will be seams left on any areas, he said...
  6. Y

    Bad XPEL Installation?

    Hello, Today I got my new MYP back after paying $3k for XPEL front clip PPF and XPEL tint by an XPEL certified installer. I’ve noticed a lot of dust related bubbles on both the PPF and tint and am wondering if this is normal, or if I should be contacting the installer. I also had the mirror...
  7. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model S dressed in STEK DYNOgray Protective Styling Film

    Tesla offers only 5 paint color choices, and all of them need to be protected. The Paint Protection Film game has been completely transformed by STEK and their lineup of Protective Styling Films. We had the opportunity to transform this new Tesla Model S Plaid with STEK DYNOgray, a European...
  8. iyordanov

    Vendor Calipers vinyl wrap for Model 3

    Hey guys I am Iliya, a long time Tesla owner, Currently I have a M3 and the refresh MS. Back in September last year I've decided to start my own Tesla after-market accessories company , called TWRAPS, and I do all the vinyl/ppf/tints production myself, in-house in California. Since the start I...

    Vendor ALSET Auto FREE TINT Special!

    Beat the Texas heat this summer with our window tint special! Book any paint protection service at Alset Auto and get $299 off window tint. At Alset Auto, we offer PPF, ceramic coating, window tint, chrome delete, emblem blackout, caliper paint, wheel repair, and powder coating. Check out our...
  10. 240vPlug

    Deciding on Touch Up or PPF

    I like many others am trying to decide on PPF if it is worth the investment (not just in a monetary sense). I have a couple of questions for the community on this. 1) For those that decided on no PPF how do you approach touchups (e.g DIY, detailer, body shop)? 2) for those that chose PPF what...
  11. K

    PPF recommendations in Phoenix

    Hi everyone. I’m picking up my MYP next week. I’m planning on doing the following to the car immediately: - Full PPF - Window Tints (front, windshield, and sunroof) for the heat in Phoenix - potentially ceramic coating? Is it worth it? Does anyone have a recommended shop in the Phoenix area...
  12. PPF Guys

    Vendor Vancouver PPF Paint Protection Film Specialist

    Hello TMC Tesla owners, PPF Guys specialize in Paint Protection Film installations and all Tesla models. We are locally owned and operated and have been helping car owners throughout Greater Vancouver to protect their vehicles from chips, scratches, scuffs, swirl marks, bird droppings, bug...
  13. Y

    UK Direct Line Insurance and PPF/Ceramic Coatings

    Hi all. Picking up my Model Y tomorrow but having lots of conflicting views regarding PPF/Ceramic coating for the car and it being covered via direct line. Anyone covered with Direct Line, who has PPF/Ceramic coating on their vehicles? Did you have any snagging/issues when advising the...
  14. stkgator

    22 MXLR Full Tint and partial PPF

    XPEL Prime Plus on all glass including windshield. XPEL Ultimate Plus on front bumper, hood, fenders, doors, mirrors, and headlights. I decided to add PPF to the doors to partially protect from damage due to the auto-open feature of the front doors - I know this from experience while walking by...
  15. G

    Paint protection film

    Hello everybody! I Would like to introduce myself, my name is Clayton, and I'm the owner of "Good Fellas Paint Protection". I've been in the industry for about 5 years, and have tons of experience with installing paint protection film on all tesla models! I'm currently looking for somebody who...
  16. I

    Help me get to SEMA Trade Show 2022!

    Need your help TESLA FAM! I'm in an online competition to bring my car to SEMA called TunerBattlegrounds. Currently in the TOP 16 of cars but am falling behind in the current head to head battle with voting ending on 1/29/2022 at 12:55pm EST. Please help me get my car to SEMA by voting for my...
  17. S

    Kavaca Matte/Stealth PPF on Deep Blue MY

    I've been looking at PPF for my new Model Y in Deep Blue Metallic. Found a local shop that offers a great warranty on Kavaca film. They'll fix up any pieces of the PPF that have cuts/nicks in them once per year. I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on a full install of Kavaca PPF. After reading...
  18. F

    Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Film - Not fit for 2022?

    I am getting ready to purchase the Tesla Model Y Paint Protection Film for the rear doors on a 2022 MYLR. Any idea why it would be getting flagged as "Accessory is not compatible with any of your vehicles"? Is this because I have yet to take delivery (July 2022)?
  19. iyordanov

    Vendor TWRAPS Introduces More than 20 products for the refreshed Model S

    Hey there! In the past few months I became known here as the guy who does things for us. My name is Iliya and I started my company TWRAPS a couple of months after I took delivery of the refreshed Model S. I love my car, but I have a long history of doing minor customizations on my cars and...
  20. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor ALSET Auto Dallas End Of Year Specials!

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you for making this a great year so far! We are currently running an end of year sale with a $200 discount for every paint protection service you book before January. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Spots are filling...
  21. M4H4X


    Evening folks, Today is part of a 2 part DIY series (PPF and Mud Flaps). If you happen to have a hobby vinyl cutter sitting around and a computer you already have all the tools you need to make your own PPF. Finding the right thickness and brand for a good price requires more patience and...
  22. T

    Tesla Model Y EV Mud Flaps Forsale

    Brand New, never installed Set of 4 mudguards, mudflaps, mud flaps for Tesla Model Y with mounting hardware. Stylish, simple, flat design. High-performance mudguards that protect from front to back. Its durable high-density polyethylene construction and ease of installation make these...
  23. iyordanov

    Vendor Products for the 2021+ Model S/X (DIY tints, wraps, PPFs and Screen Protectors)

    Hey guys A few months ago I got a delivery of my new Model S. I wanted to customize it but since it's so new there was nothing on the market, so I've decided to do it myself. As a result I also opened a Shopify store where I sell everything I make (more products coming every week). So I'd like...
  24. M

    From 2018 Civic Hatchback to Tesla model 3 SR

    Hi all, I currently have a 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback 1.5L Prestige which, I have enjoyed for 3 years. I have booked a Model 3 SR (just before the 1k price increase) after test driving one and it may come in Feb 2022 here in UK. Civic has been reliable for me so far and the only money thing it...
  25. iyordanov

    Vendor Products for your new/upcoming Model S, by TWRAPS

    Hey guys A few months ago I got a delivery of my new Model S. I wanted to customize it but since it's so new there was nothing on the market, so I've decided to do it myself. As a result I also opened a Shopify store where I sell everything I make (more products coming every week). So I'd like...
  26. Totallynotmike

    How to protect fresh paint for 30 days?

    I'm in the process of getting my bumper and front aeroshield replaced after a porky raccoon decided to unalive itself at highway speeds I'm left with a problem. The 30 days it takes to take the paint to cure and the application of paint protection film. I drive a lot 150 miles a day on the...
  27. ALSETAutoDFW

    Vendor ALSET Auto Dallas - We don’t protect cars. We protect Teslas.

    Hey y’all, My name is Cris Townsend and I am the owner of ALSET Auto here in DFW. We work exclusively on Teslas, specializing in PPF, ceramic, tint and vinyl. Our first two locations are in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA and I’m excited to to have brought our third location to my hometown...
  28. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Tesla Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra Paint Protection Film - Vancouver ClearBra

    As always, hello fellow Tesla Vancouverites... Wanted to make a post about our Xpel STEALTH satin matte clear bra paint protection film PPF service offering through Vancouver ClearBra at 336 West 7th Ave Vancouver BC Canada. Xpel STEALTH is a translucent clear bra that will keep your Tesla the...
  29. M

    Ordered Model Y Long Range (white), December delivery. Need advice from Chicago (west burbs) on Clear PPF Installers.

    Good Day Everyone. I ordered a Long Range Model Y in White in August. Most recent delivery estimate is December. I am in the western suburbs of Chicago and am looking for any recommendations on clear paint protection film installers. Any comments on 3M vs XPEL? Thanks.
  30. T

    PPF with Automatic Car Wash

    Just had my Model Y wrapped with Xpel Stealth and am curious to see if anyone else uses automatic car washes regularly with PPF installed? Thanks
  31. EVS Motors

    Vendor *Pictures & Videos* EVS Motors Model X Projects Thread - Tint, Clearbra/PPF, Vinyl Wraps, Ceramic Coatings, Wheels, and Paint

    Hi everyone, This thread is going to be an on-going compilation of pics and vids (mainly vids since I started video documenting our projects) of X's we've completed, so members can get a better idea on how something might turn on for their X if they get the same service/products. Here's some...
  32. P

    Paint protection film

    Spoke with sales guy today who confirmed all MY in Vancouver BC are delivered with rear PPF. Was uncertain about front mud flaps. Did suggest if awaiting for a MY in Vancouver to hold buying mud flaps until a VIN assigned so that if vehicle comes with mud flaps one has a 30 day return window...
  33. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor Plaid Review by a Detailer

    Ceramic Pro San Diego has been applying Clear Bra and Ceramic Coatings to Tesla Model S’s since 2014 and my how things have changed! We recently had the privilege of working on 2 of the first Model S Plaid’s delivered in San Diego County. One of our customers was gracious enough to allow us to...
  34. DMateo

    PPF/Ceramic Coating and Outdoor Car Cover

    With my MYP hopefully arriving in the next 2 weeks, I've already scheduled Xpel PPF on the whole car with Ceramic Coating inside and out (including suspension). Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of having a covered parking/garage where I live. For those of you with knowledge on the...
  35. L

    PPF recommendations in Bristol?

    I asked the two top companies on Google in Bristol to quite for PPF for my Model 3 LR I'm getting in two weeks. I'm normally the sort of person who does a lot of research into these sorts of things but it seems the whole field is a bit of rabbit hole and I'm really struggling to find the time to...
  36. S

    Add supplier before or after full PPF?

    Planning on getting full stealth PPF on my MYLR and adding an aftermarket spoiler. Does anyone know if it's best to add the spoiler before or after the PPF or just give the spoiler to the detail shop to apply as they feel fit?
  37. N

    Where Do Rock Chips Impact the M3 the Most?

    Hey guys, my M3 got delivered recently and I've been reading all these opinions on PPF ever since. I have a white M3 and I'm worried about PPF discoloration in the future (~5 years) and the fact that it's supposed to be basically taken off at some point (5-10 years) and reapplied (pain in the...
  38. Jameslook

    Gravel road vs PLAID! Bummer

    So my plaid is 5 days old. I was traveling on US 31 in northern Michigan and there was construction. The road turned to gravel for miles!! I couldn't turn around or exit. I went under 20mph and had a huge line of cars behind me. I heard the gravel hitting the fender wells and thought "it'll be...
  39. M

    Bumper Bully & license plate bumper

    Hi there, I have a MY on order with a delivery sometime in September. I live in NYC so I'm looking into bumper protection. On my current car, I've been using the Bumper Bully. Anyone have thoughts on whether that would work on the MY? My current car doesn't have a fancy auto lift gate so its...
  40. A

    Satin PPF on black MY. Ceramic coating? TontongOC CA

    Hi, I am new to this forum so apologies if any of this is an ongoing question. I just got a black MY (after waiting 3 months of course). I was super excited about it for 2 weeks until some broad decided to shoot over 3 lanes on the freeway and smash the side of my car. It’s been in the shop for...
  41. T

    FS: Model Y Side PPF

    Completely unopened for sale. I’m getting full ppf on the car, so I won’t be needing these. Selling for msrp $50. If you're in the Bay Area, CA, you can pick up local. Otherwise, I guess shipping (2-day USPS) will be $10 extra.
  42. Mum Sports

    Vendor Happy 4th of July 2021 to everyone from Mum Sports

    Mum Sports is here to make this 4th of July more exciting for Tesla car owners! Get a flat 10% off on Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro Coating services on the 4th of July. Mum Sports is here to make this 4th of July special for Tesla vehicle owners. We are offering a flat 10% discount on...
  43. TotalDetailing

    Vendor Is wrapping your Tesla in Paint Protection Film / PPF Worth it? - YES. Tesla Paint Protection in Allentown, West Chester, Philadelphia, Pottstown

    Some people will tell you that PPF and ceramic coatings are a "waste of money". The truth is its all in what you value. Some people don't really care about the fine details and look of their vehicle and that's OK. They want to run their vehicle through a car wash several times a week. Most...
  44. ArizonaEV

    Phoenix detailing/wraps

    Wanted to start a thread specific to the Phoenix area with discussions about local installers and to share experiences, advice and of course - pictures. We are going to color change our Model Y with 3M matte metallic blue and currently getting quotes from around the Valley.
  45. Mum Sports

    Vendor 10% Off Ceramic Pro & Xpel PPF Services

    Hi all, We are offering a 10% discount on all of our Ceramic Pro and Xpel PPF Services. Take advantage of this opportunity and get your car protected today! We are the Bay Area’s Premier XPEL PPF and Ceramic PRO authorized installer. Just look at our reviews! We pride in our quality and we...
  46. F

    Any photos of Suntek matte PPF of on blue out there?

    Hey there. I have been searching high and low on this site, on Suntek’s site, on plenty of installer’s sites, and just anywhere on the internet for even one good photo of a blue Tesla with Suntek matte PPF and it’s impossible. All I get are pages of results for Xpel, or a couple of really poorly...
  47. P

    Red M3P, or White + Red PPF?

    What would y'all do? Get the white M3P and put the $2k towards some red paint protection film? Or just get the red M3P and do a clear front + side skirt PPF? (Or just stick with white + front and side PPF) I currently have a white on order, but I just saw this video of the red M3P and dang it...
  48. P

    Tesla Y Paint Protection Film removal

    I'd like to buy Tesla Paint Protection Film for the rear doors of my new Tesla Y. I actually have a PPF appointment to body wrap the whole car booked, but it's a month away and I want to be able to drive the car without the risk of getting stone chips until then. Can anyone tell me if it would...
  49. spbond0079

    Questions regarding PPF and Tints

    I recently took delivery of white MY. Just like every other tesla owner I decided to look up PPF and Tint options. On my quest for a straightforward solution, to my surprise (may be not), I slid down the rabbit hole and came up with more questions than answers. I hope someone can help me find...
  50. K

    San Joaquin Valley PPF, Tint, Ceramic Coating…

    Hi!!! So I’m getting ready to order the MY and wanted to know if anyone has any experience with PPF, Tint and ceramic coating in the San Joaquin Valley. Would appreciate any recommendations! Thanks! 😁

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