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pre-paid service

  1. dss33

    Pre-paid Service Plan on a Lease

    I know this has been discussed before though search wasn't bringing up much that was specific to this question. I have a lease (15k miles/year) and we have about three weeks left before the pre-paid service plan purchase option is no longer available. It'd be $1,325 for the three-year plan. Is...
  2. C

    Reg. pre-paid service plans - Is this beneficial and required?

    We just bought a Tesla Model S. The delivery manager suggested that we take the pre-paid service plan ($1900 for 4 years or $600 for each annual visit !!!!) to avail of modifications Tesla makes to the body of the car, in addition to regular maintenance. Is this really true? What sort of...
  3. H

    Model S Annual Service Checklist

    Attached is a pdf from Tesla that shows the different services performed annually (years 1-5) under the annual service contract, whether pre-paid or not. I hope it provides information that helps you decide whether to buy the pre-paid service plan or not. EDIT: Tesla has asked me to remove...
  4. H

    Should I buy pre-paid service/extended service? Or annual service every 2 years?

    I assume most people on this forum have purchased a pre-paid service plan. Some because they had to, before Elon's recent announcement that made it optional. Most because after spending $100K on the car, what's another $1900 or $3800 or $6300. I am not like most S buyers. I don't like to pay...