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  1. P

    Preheating for supercharger near departure location

    How do you preheat the battery to charge at maximum speed at a Supercharger that is less than 10 minutes from the departure location? My car is a 2021 Model 3 Performance. I sometimes stay at a friend's house and he has a 250kw V3 Supercharger nearby. The last 2 times I have charged there I...
  2. T

    Preheating Model 3

    Sorry if its mentioned in other preheating threads but i wonder with the latest update, what will happen if you dont actually use the car if you set it to preheat "every weekday"? I have never used this function as i work from home but recently i am needing to set off early in the morning 3 days...
  3. CPhoenix

    Pre-heating & Ohme Smart Charging

    Hi guys, I'm still getting to grips using the Ohme charger and new to charging the Tesla, so I'm hoping someone can shed a bit of light on this. I've got my usual scheduled charge on the Ohme app to top me up overnight to around 90% (I know I could probably set it to lower) and be ready for...
  4. C

    Cold weather inflatable bed auxillary battery heater

    I have seen several threads on the effects of cold weather on battery dynamics and had an idea: If I were faced with severe cold weather and wanted to maximize both the longevity of the battery and availability of regenerative braking the goal would be to maintain the optimum battery temperature...
  5. S

    How long is too long to leave heat running while charging?

    I live in Canada where average morning temps will be - 30 for about a month soon. Started using Teslafi, cool program, I can set my car to start heating up at 6:30, it uses a bit of battery and by 7:15 (in - 5, haven't tested - 30 yet) the car is warm and fully charged. Does anyone know how...
  6. Robipad

    Laadsnelheid SUC Model 3 V2 en V3

    Er bestaan vast veel laadcurve tools voor Tesla zowel voor mobiele applicaties als PC. Als beginnende gebruiker ben je echter niet op de hoogte wat er allemaal bestaat en wat goed bruikbaar en betrouwbaar is. Je wilt toch weten of jouw Tesla wel goed oplaadt en niet teveel ontlaadt? (Zie drain...
  7. David29

    Winter energy use for my Model S in Boston area

    This winter, I tried to track my car’s energy use, to quantify just how much more energy the car uses in winter. We live in the Boston area, so it gets reasonably cold here, but not nearly as cold as in the upper Midwest or Canada. I started tracking my energy use in November. Meteorologists...