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premium audio

  1. H

    Hansshow premium audio upgrade for 2023 M3SR

    Has anyone installed the Hansshow premium audio upgrade for a 2023 M3SR? Want to be sure they didn't change anything in the new version.
  2. R

    Is my sound system working correctly?

    Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me as I've trawled through the threads and can't quite find an answer to my query. I recently purchased a Tesla Model 3 long range from Birmingham NEC in March of this year. On the very first day I had speaker issues on the way home, where the rear...
  3. Sanderpman12

    Premium Audio

    For anyone who is thinking of getting a Tesla or even upgrading to premium audio. Do it! Literally is one of the best add ons to the car. The sound difference is night and day. I love to listen to music on my long rides and the premium Audio is a must!. Also it will help you quite down the wind...
  4. P

    2015 Model S P85D Silver for Sale (reluctantly)- $55k (DC Metro)

  5. axalam

    WTB: Tesla Model S 2016.5 - 90D or 100D - with FUSC

    Hey everyone, Trying my luck here. I am currently in the market to buy a Tesla Model S 2016.5 with either a 90D or 100D battery. At minimum the car should have EAP and Free Transferable Supercharging (FUSC). So basically an AP2+ I would prefer the car to have full options; so with subzero...
  6. awedio_femi

    Model 3/Y w Premium Audio, 33065 zip

    Do you have a Model 3 or Y w Premium audio or a Model 3 or Y Perf & live in the 33065 zip area? I've been speaking w Moni Melman, CEO of NavTV. He's looking to build an A2B to SPDIF interface for the Model 3 & Y. It would be similar to this: NAV-TV - Interfacing the Future He needs a 3 w...
  7. T

    Selling: 2018 Model 3 LR RWD, 19" Sport Wheels, Black Matte Wrap, $39k OBO

    Hi all! I'm selling this beauty due to Model Y purchase. Car is located in Tampa, FL. Details: - 2018 Long Range - $39,000 but happy to take serious offers - 42,000 miles - RWD - Excellent mechanical condition - Deep Matte Black wrap and Chrome delete - Wheels are powder coated (minor curbing...
  8. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: NVX Audio B.O.O.S.T Series Powered Bass Kit for Tesla Model S *NEW*

    B.O.O.S.T. Series Powered Bass Package At NVX, we feel that an amazing car deserves an equally thrilling sound system. The Tesla Model S is certainly no exception to our line of thinking, and that is why we are thrilled to introduce the PBK-TSLAS-VCW104 BOOST Series powered bass enclosure...
  9. R

    Expected features missing on new Model X! Included premium package not included!

    Has anyone noticed features missing from what was ordered? I was so happy to finally receive my MX that I never even thought to check that it might not include the features I ordered but after making sure I looked over and reported the fit and finish issues which were minor, I realized I had no...
  10. Daniellane

    Immersive Sound on New MCU?

    Sound on my March 2018 Build Model S 100D seems significantly better than it was on my 2017 March Build Model S 90D. It’s actually amazing! Is it possible that this is a carryover from the Model 3 which shares a similar if not the same MCU? Is the Immersive New sound option a firmware thing...
  11. M

    Model S85D Pano, 3rd Row, rare Titanium color with 19" rims

    I am in Atlanta, Georgia. We have really enjoyed the car and need to sell it in order to move to a house in downtown Atlanta. It has no problems, no dings, no body scratches, and only one small scratch on the edge of one rim. It has the stock, 5-spoke 19" rims, always garaged, pano roof...
  12. gotz2ride

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D $65k

    Attached is the link to my 2015 Tesla Model S 85D that I am selling. Autopilot enabled free supercharging for life. Pano roof, sub zero package, gray (or silver) next gen seats Cars for Sale: Used 2015 Tesla Model S in , Vail AZ: 85641 Details - Sedan - Autotrader
  13. A

    Upgrading standard sound on Model S and using Chromecast

    I took delivery of my Model S 70 last September and got it with the standard sound system with the idea of upgrading it later. This is going to be long post (and my first post too). My hope is someone trying to do something similar may benefit from my post. I have a signal processing background...
  14. EVTechPioneer

    Ideal Aftermarket Audio System for Model S

    I'm currently awaiting delivery of my Model S P100D with the UHFS option. Unfortunately, after hearing complaints about the sound quality of the UHFS package from so many owners, I want to explore alternatives. I would like all audiophiles out there to chime in and provide the best aftermarket...
  15. Benjamins

    Audio options

    I opted not to get the premium audio package, and i've been hearing some shaking and vibrating on the doors/windows when I play music at higher volumes. I don't know if the premium audio would have negated this issue, but i'd like to fix it now. Can the MX be retrofitted with the premium...
  16. chriSharek

    Pick one: Premium Sound OR Smart Air Suspension

    I'm doing my best to stay within my wife's budget and also get into the 85D (instead of a loaded 70D). These two options (premium sound & smart air suspension) are $2,500 each. My current thinking is to get the SAS now and I can always upgrade the audio down the road. This will be my...