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premium center console

  1. C

    Model 3/Model Y Premium Center Console 2.0

    Center console 2.0 refresh for Model 3/Model Y for sale. Brand new, only opened and unwrapped to take pictures. Asking $850, shipping included. I ordered it at my Service Center in Kansas City and brought it home to DIY replace my current console which has slight wear and tear. Decided I...
  2. P

    Replacement for phone dock rubber mat & center console dividers?

    Hello, I recently bought a 2018 Model S and the rubber mat in the phone dock section was missing, as were the curved dividers for the center console. I was able to locate the dividers (part number 1058082-00-C) for sale online, but it was from a Ukrainian site (evserviz.com/en) and I'm not...
  3. Tes*la*rosa

    WTB: Model S rear center console, OEM

    Preferably *black with carbon fiber*, though I’m partially open to other color/trim combos (ie. Tan/Carbon Fiber, Black/Piano Black) as I could get the leather professionally reupholstered in black or live with piano black as it’s close enough in appearance. I understand that many will have...
  4. S

    I WANT MY MTV - or at least my premium connectivity package

    ok ok - Let me start off by saying this is the most amazing car I've ever purchased and my biggest disappointment is in the lack of info provided at pick up. I'm a tech guy and I can only imagine the frustration some must feel going home and trying to figure out what the car is capable of...
  5. David29

    "No Man's Land" in the center console

    Has anyone else "lost" anything in their center console? I have the Tesla "premium center console" offered until the Model S began to have the redesign version as standard equipment. After thinking I had lost something in the car and then finding it in the console, at least I now know where to...