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  1. C

    VCSEC_a222 tire pressure monitoring system fault

    So I’ve had my model 3 LR for about three months and my back left tire just gave me a VCSEC_a222 tire pressure monitoring system fault code poped up. I checked the tire and doesn’t seem like there’s a nail or something in it and checked the pressure and it’s at 38 via my physical pressure...
  2. B

    21 MYLR TPMS

    Do I need to spend the CDN125$Each for Bluetooth TPMS or can the much cheaper MHz-based options work with 2021 MY? The shop I ordered from tells me they won’t work.
  3. I

    Tyre Valve Dust Caps

    A daft Q, perhaps but seriously asked! I had 4 new Bridgestone tyres fitted, for the MOT at Local Formula 1. They set the tyre pressure at 42, which produced a warning of low pressure. The chap said they had checked and it will go when I drove it! It did after a warm up. It was very dark and...
  4. P

    Tire pressure vs warm weather

    Hi there I have the 18inch tires, which are inflated at 45psi as per Tesla guidelines. However with the warm weather in CA, pressure went up to 51psi yesterday, which is supposed to be the tire recommended max limit. As we're just getting started with the warm months here, I wondered what's...
  5. S

    Pressure wash model3 at home?

    Did you do it? How did it go? What settings did you use? Any tips?
  6. fasteddie7

    Squeaking while driving after wash

    We had a bad rain last night and I drove through some thick mud and gravel near my house. My wheels and wells were caked this morning so I drove slowly to a nearby car wash and sprayed the mud off with the washer. For a few miles I could hear the remaining rocks and mud come out of places it...
  7. G

    Tesla Updated Tire Pressure Guideline to 50 PSI for 21" Tires?

    Picked up my car from SC for servicing and saw on invoice that my tires were checked and inflated to 50 PSI. Asked the service advisor and was told that Tesla now recommends 50 PSI instead of the original 42 PSI for my VIN (P85D w/245/35/21 Continental Sport Contact 5 tires). Not sure if it...
  8. JohnGarziglia

    "Tire Pressure Monitor Service Required" Error Message

    I received the error message below today for no apparent reason. I was not sitting without moving for more than 20 minutes, nor did anything occur that might have dislodged or otherwise disconnected the tire pressure monitor assembly. At least twice previously in my 2+ years of roadster 2.5...