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price drop

  1. Propofoln

    Tesla drops prices on X/S $20k. All colors free. Bye bye resale

    https://electrek.co/2023/09/01/tesla-drops-price-of-model-s-x-x-now-qualifies-for-us-tax-credit/ FML. Bought 3 months too soon
  2. F

    HW4 for non-FSD people

    Thought this would be a decent discussion topic. Ober the past few months there's been a lot of rumbling about the new HW4, and now we're seeing it in the wild on X and S deliveries. With the news that HW3 vehicles won't be able to upgrade, and all of this right on the heels of a recent...
  3. RubinRA

    [Mistake - Resolved] LR AWD price drops $1300--What would you do?

    I ordered a blue LR AWD w 18" aero wheels, have the VIN, have insurance, am paid in full, due to be delivered in 3 days, and now the configurator shows a $56,990 price. I paid $58,290. I haven't taken delivery yet. Should I ask for my money back, re-order, and wait another 6-8 weeks (if Tesla...
  4. S

    Tesla Model Performance Model 3 Sleeper Models $50k - value of upgrades?

    I’ve been helping a huge group of people find these cars and kept on getting asked the same question - what is the value of upgrades from the New $50k Sleeper P3 and the existing P3 at $55k. What do you think is the Value of: 20” rims, Carbon Fiber Spoiler, Suspension, and Track Mode? All I...
  5. R

    Was Told Flat White Is Coming (Replace Multicoat)

    Hey Guys - I'm brand new here obviously. I just ordered a Model 3 Performance last night and I was stuck between the red or white color. The salesperson at the Tesla store told me that Tesla was currently giving the Pearl Multicoat as the standard while they settled on a 'flat white' color...
  6. SamDean

    Used Model 3 Price higher than New??

    Please excuse me if this has been discussed before, I haven't seen it. I am a model S owner, and my wife Doesn't want something that large and is leaning towards a model 3. When I go to see what's on the used market vs new I was shocked to find only one M3 in the country (Autotrader, cars.com...
  7. Rajraj22

    Price adjustment

    Hi guys, A quick question! I am due to pick up mu car April 16th. My build- LR AWD, Sport wheels, white/white, AP. With the price adjustment this same car now costs $3700 less. I am trying to get some one from Tesla on the phone for the last two hours, but no success. What are my options...
  8. S

    Who Scored the best deal during the Firesale? $46k Perf. Model 3 (Spreadsheet)

    Wow, someone just posted scored a Performance Model 3 with AP for only $46k in Sacramento during the fire sale! Submit your Price Paid to the Shared Spreadsheet to see how well you did - Tesla Prices Paid (FB Group - Tesla Showroom Deals) Link to Spreadsheet - Tesla Prices Paid (FB Group -...
  9. S

    Help - Prices Paid Data - Let's Share how much you paid?

    I couldn't find a reliable source for both Model 3 deal and prices paid. As this forum is the most active, I'm hoping many would be inclined to share the recent deals they got or even the Order Advisor info to help. I will share all the data on a Google Sheet once I get a reliable sample size...
  10. Ash23T

    Orders before 2/28, did you get promised AP?

    if you placed your model 3 order before the 2/28 price drop and have taken delivery, did you received the AP package or FSD upgrade that was promised to offset the price drop? I had to send someone a copy of my email from Tesla support to prove I should be getting it.
  11. S

    For Sale- December 2017 Model S 100D

    87XX miles. Blue with Cream Premium interior. Excellent condition. Purchased in January 2018 as CPO with 97 miles on the car. The following warranties are all fully transferable: The balance of the 48 month CPO warranty (through 12-21) or 48,00 miles The balance of the 8 year battery warranty...