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price increase

  1. NoGasNoBrakes

    Tesla Raising Price of FSD to $15,000, AI Director States "We Can Build a Car That Never Crashes"

    After FSD Beta 10.69 successfully rolled out to Tesla owners last night, Elon Musk tweeted that once it is released to all FSD Beta participants, the price of the FSD package will be raised from $12,000 to $15,000 on September 5th. The current price will be honored for any orders placed before...
  2. S

    London / UK MYLR reservation sell (beige June price increase, delivery Q4 2022)

    Hi , anyone is interested taking over my order for MYLR Sep - Nov 2022 delivery? Change of plans on my side, want to see if anyone wants to take the advantage of this pre price increase price before I call to cancel it. PM me, thanks!
  3. Tony_YYZ

    Another round of price increases - March 14 2022

    Well, Tesla just raised prices again in many countries including Canada. Second time in a week. Model 3 RWD now starts at $61.4k Model 3 LR now starts at $72k Model 3 Performance now starts at $81.5k Model Y LR now starts at $83k Model Y Performance now starts at $89.3k Model S LR = $129k...
  4. O

    Switching builds from original order to get faster delivery. Pay more or can Tesla honor original price?

    I ordered in July with an EDD of October. Perfect because my current lease ends in November. EDD has now slipped into March. I totally understand chip shortages, etc. but I also need a car. Called Tesla hotline this week to ask for advice. They said that either I change build but pay new...
  5. FirstInTown

    FSD price increase $2k on Monday (10/26/2020)

    Haven't seen this discussed here, but the initial FSD videos on youtube look pretty good for being in the rain at night. Elon must think so too, as the price of FSD goes up $2k on Monday. Get those orders in over the weekend before the increase
  6. W

    Fed up. Price increase just before pickup

    I ordered "my" M3 LR on 11 March just catching the £3500 grant. I finally got my pickup date of 1st September -- yay! I've made my down payment and all is well. This afternoon I got a call from Tesla to check everything is okay. I mentioned that my invoice price is £1000 higher than the current...
  7. V

    Price change without a configuration change?

    On 10/14/2019 I pre-ordered a Model Y, submitted my $2500 pre-order fee, and was quoted a price of $58,750. Up until today my online account - Manage section had a “Next steps” sheet showing “Order” and “Prepare for Delivery” checked, and “Payment” and “Delivery” unchecked. Today that changed...
  8. D

    Model Y change increased FSD price

    First post here, I tried searching through the forums, but couldn't find anything. Sorry if this has been answered. OK, First off, Canadian here so pricing is in CAD. I pre-ordered a Model Y last year in March. I chose the Performance, 7 seats, grey, with FSD. After literally months and...
  9. B

    Will Tesla Honor Previous Price Change?

    So I ordered a Model Y like 3 days after the unveiling back in March 2019. I guess the total for my order is $60,500. Now that the prices have changed in the website, will Tesla honor my old price or will they change it when they contact me?
  10. S

    Price hike for Model 3 - Glitch

    I ordered a Model 3 on the 1st May and noticed today that the account showed an increase in the price of £850. I contacted customer service and they stated it was a glitch and would soon be removed.
  11. F

    Can’t decide on SR+ w/ FSD, or LR w/ No FSD

    Was at the Tesla dealership yesterday testing out cars. I was about to purchase today and Elon jacked up the price of FSD to $6K. At this point it feels like diminishing returns. It took so much effort to convince my wife for spending the additional $5K in the first place. I’m getting a headache...
  12. B

    Price Drop/Delivery Push

    We purchased our M3 in San Diego on January 30th and received a text the next morning that our car would be delivered to our home on Feb 1st. Stoked!! However, by that afternoon Tesla was pushing us to take delivery that same day, on the 31st. It was pretty apparent they were trying to make...
  13. CUBldr97

    TRADE War effects?

    How will this new trade war affect TESLA exports to Canada, EU etc. TESLA has had plans to build a plant in China ,due to issues there, but what about EU? Estimates in the US prices of vehicles will go up $3-5k (not necessarily TESLA) but what about other countries...
  14. jpwe10

    Price Increase

    I was just on Tesla's design studio and noticed a price increase of $1000 on the 21" wheels from $3500 to $4500 :cursing:. This is frustrating because this makes the 21"s even more out of reach (I think they were overpriced in the first place). Is there a reason for this? Not sure if there is...