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  1. fasteddie7

    What a crazy night! First highland, then model S and X drop to the cheapest I’ve seen yet with free paint colors!

    Crazy night. Highland dropped, then model S and X drop to crazy low prices with free paint colors and the X now qualifies for the tax credit!
  2. S

    2019 M3 LR RWD at 60k mi for $25k. Good deal?

    Note this is in Canada so the price of a 2023 RWD with the incentive added is still at the cheapest about $35k USD + taxes. Is this worth it at $25k?
  3. A

    separate commercial and personal use FSD pricing?

    Given the general consensus there seems to be that FSD is too expensive for most people at the current $15,000 price, but that's often justified by the claim that once it's complete, it'll be fully capable of functioning as an autonomous robo-taxi, and thus pay for itself, it seems to me that...
  4. J

    Local inventory with "price adjustment"

    I ordered a MYLR on the 15th but have been keeping an eye out for incentive qualifying local inventory. Last night one popped up! But, it was interestingly priced. It was a white ext/black int + induction for $54,780 (that's -$210 off of the original MSRP). That -$210 showed up on my tesla...
  5. W

    Sudden price drop past couple months?

    I have been following Model Y updates pretty closely since Giga Texas took over, and have been looking since 2021 for the more practical 2021+ Model Y LR to replace my 2022 Model 3 Standard. About 2 months ago you couldn't find one under $67k and now on autotrader I see loads along the west...
  6. L

    Model 3 price change

    So, I decided to check into my account to see if there was any movement. Nope still says December 2022. So I decided to see what the EST day would be if I ordered today. This is where I noticed for the same car, wheels, colour it's £100 cheaper than what I'm paying. Is this correct? Should I...
  7. Tony_YYZ

    Another round of price increases - June 16 2022

    Here we go again.... "Model 3 Price Changes – Canada Rear Wheel Drive – $61,980 (no change) Long Range – $74,990 to 76,990 (+$2,000) Performance – $83,990 (no change) Model Y Price Changes – Canada Long Range – $83,990 to $86,990 (+$3,000) Performance – $90,390 to $91,990 (+$1,600) Model S...
  8. O

    Switching builds from original order to get faster delivery. Pay more or can Tesla honor original price?

    I ordered in July with an EDD of October. Perfect because my current lease ends in November. EDD has now slipped into March. I totally understand chip shortages, etc. but I also need a car. Called Tesla hotline this week to ask for advice. They said that either I change build but pay new...
  9. Brando

    Lucid effect ... [sometimes known as the 69,420 rule]

    Lucid effect is a phenomenon of customers forestalling purchases until a new company/product is built and offered for purchase. Tesla Model S may be the first product to adjust price to avoid the Lucid effect. Some think adjusted price is just an example of long time Tesla trend of continuous...
  10. H

    How much is a new battery?

    Does anybody know? Assume you somehow damage the battery or it goes too low after warranty, how much would it be to have a new one put in? How much the battery and how much the work to change it?
  11. willow_hiller

    Another Solar Panel Price Change? (July 15, 2020)

    In Maryland I'm seeing before incentives: Small (4.08 kW): $8,200 (previous $10,000) - $1,800 Medium (8.16 kW): $16,400 (previous $16,000) +$400 Large (12.24 kW): $24,600 (previous $23,500) +$1,100 Extra Large (16.32 kW): $32,800 (previous $30,000) +$2,800 Significant percent drop for Small...
  12. S

    MY - Price adjustment for vehicle ordered?

    I have a VIN and am waiting for my pickup next week. Do you know if Tesla will reduce the price on a vehicle not yet picked up? Current online account doesn’t show reduction in price. Maybe they need to redo financing?
  13. M

    Charging Screen Measurements Accurate?

    I've been meaning to make this post for a long, long time. I'm always charged more $$ than what my screen says for I've charged for. It's always 2-3 kWh off. Is this normal? Today on the completed screen it said I charged 25kWhs. I was charged $$ for 28kWh. It's like this every time I charge...
  14. B

    Tesla Logarithmic Regression Model

    Hey guys I created a fair value logarithmic regression model. Feel free to tear it up - curious to get some feedback. See attached image or video. I talk about the model here:
  15. S

    Go with Tesla or Swell Energy for 2 Powerwalls?

    I have a quote from Swell Energy for 2 Powerwalls but haven't contacted Tesla yet. Here's the quote Total amount: $23,320.80 Federal tax credit: $6,063.41 Other Rebates amount: $5,279.95 Net cost: $11,977.44 My System I have a 46 panel system with Enphase IQ7+ Micro Inverters generating 15.69...
  16. B

    Will Tesla Honor Previous Price Change?

    So I ordered a Model Y like 3 days after the unveiling back in March 2019. I guess the total for my order is $60,500. Now that the prices have changed in the website, will Tesla honor my old price or will they change it when they contact me?
  17. willow_hiller

    Mysterious FSD discount for some Model X owners

    Four Model X owners have reported FSD for $1,000 less than current prices (e.g. $3k for EAP owners, $6k for AP owners). One: FSD back to $6K : teslamotors Two: FSD back to $6K : teslamotors Three: FSD back to $6K : teslamotors Four: FSD for EAP owners, reduced to 3k until 8/16 Anyone else...
  18. skydreamerjae

    Tesla just quietly increased their price by $500

    Tesla adjusts Model 3 pricing in final 2019 push as EV tax credits come to an end
  19. T

    Is KBB price grounds for negotiating 2017 model X?

    Used 2017 Model X, over 88k miles, priced ~$59k, Includes both Autopilot 2.0 and Full SelfDriving Capability. Carfax looks good. Photos and dealer indicate car is in great shape, but I do see some internal usage wear on the seats, steering wheel, etc.. I cannot go see the car in person. KBB...
  20. Persfoto

    Price model 3 in The Netherlands up again

    hmm today visited the website to order a model 3 performance. The price went up again with 500 euro’s. Sorry I can’t understand the price setting from Tesla. So will wait again. The Tesla price in The Netherlands is much higher than in Germany or Belgium.
  21. R

    Tesla won't honor their price

    I bought a used Model 3 at $33.8k last Friday. I got email of confirmation. I went to get auto loan and got approval. Then Tesla called me saying the price was not correct. They need extra $3500. What the hell.... How come they can't honor the price....
  22. eladts

    Supercharger price change in MA

    It looks that Tesla updated supercharger pricing in MA. Before the change, all the superchargers in Boston were $0.28/kWh. Now Prudential and South Bay are $0.23/kWh and Fenway is $0.30/kWh. Most other superchargers in MA are $0.23/kWh as well, while Hudson is $0.30/kWh.
  23. D

    LR RWD FSD 53100€ vs SR+ FSD 47900€

    Hey there, It seems that although LR is not available on my country's site, they did say I could have it off-menu. That's the model I wanted since the beginning, so I'm quite tempted but there's still 5200€ of difference. I've asked if this was some stock or production, she said production...
  24. Raindog1

    How do you answer, how much did you pay?

    I fall in line with those who have made the leap into a Model 3 from a lesser expensive car. And I'm quickly finding out that people have no hesitation about asking questions that I was always taught would be rude to ask. So, for those of us who have made the move to a more expensive car...
  25. spectrum

    Model X Premium Upgrade Price Decrease — What it means for existing orders

    I have an X100D on order (see Tracker spreadsheet for my dates). I've asked 2 different owner advisors at Tesla and they both denied making a $2,500 adjustment on my order. I think this is unfair and I would love to see if any of you are in a similar situation — and see what you're doing about it.
  26. galbrecht7

    Delivery Fee

    I received my VIN earlier this week (before the policy change removing the VINs). While going through the process of getting loan terms through Tesla Finance, I noticed something in the final price of the car. On my Tesla account page, it lists my price as $55,000 which is accurate. Base price...
  27. nigwil

    another Tesla S under $85K...

    but gosh it comes with... "PLUS purchase any vehicle with us to receive an fuel loyalty card." https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Tesla-Model-S-2014/OAG-AD-15408826/ Tesla Model S P85 2014 with 45Km ODO, black, red callipers. Is anyone tracking prices in Oz? I am posting more car...
  28. travwill

    Thoughts on Good 2016 90D X Private Party Price vs CPO?

    I see Tesla CPO seems high in price still, this 2016 90D that is same as ours (but has high fidelity) is listed for $103K. That is with 26K miles also. Inventory Search | Tesla Does you guys (or gals) have thought on a fair private party sell price for similar car here? I am potentially...
  29. jkirkwood001

    Poll: What is most important to you in owning (or wanting to own) a Tesla?

    I'm fascinated by the Tesla equation - would their cars be as coveted if they were mediocre performers? It's not just about climate change - Tesla hit on so many angles. I'd like to know what about Tesla is most important to you owning one (or wanting to own one). (Anyone know how to conduct a...
  30. jkirkwood001

    Want to compare est. costs of various Tesla configs? in local currency?

    There are a number of Model 3 cost calculators out there, but I wanted one that did it all in Canadian dollars, so I made my own. I got carried away :) I've posted for anyone to try out here. International Tesla Cost Estimator 2018-03-02 14_31_57-International Tesla Cost Estimator - Google...
  31. J

    Devaluation of model X

    hi all, My bother in-law bought a new 75D model X back in March and paid 150K. With all price drops he decided to trade in his X for a newer one with more of the upgrades. After contacting a his Tesla sales rep, he didn’t get a reply back from the rep. I have him my sales rep contact info, to...
  32. X

    Do we expect a major update for MX 100D in the last quarter of 2017?

    Huge promotion on MX 100D about 20K off the MRSP in China right now which they NEVER offer before. Wondering if TESLA wanna to get rid of the current inventory and make room for huge update for MX, or they just put MX on sale for the third quarter delivery number? Any thought?
  33. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S OEM Parts Pricing Guide

    I am looking for a consolidated pricing guide for Tesla Model S/Model X. I am selling used Tesla parts and my volume grows daily. I need to find somewhere to refer to the NEW price from the manufacturer so I can better price out the used parts I sell. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in...
  34. David29

    Performance improvements in Model S (and X) and price drops

    Just saw this posted elsewhere: Tesla introduces new performance enhancements to Model S and Model X Looked at the Tesla website and it looks to me as if the Model S prices have down by about $2000 compared to a week ago (when I made a tally of them). More acceleration and lower prices...
  35. H

    MS 60 already built, en Route to Europe, now 8k devalued - cancel order?

    Hi, I'm feeling kinda disappointed at this moment with the whole thing - I've ordered an MS 60 in the last weeks to avoid the potential common-sense price hike that would come from having the MS 60 going away, having my hand pretty much forced by the fact that such hike would make the Model S...
  36. Haxster

    90D Drops $2K

    Besides throwing-in the automatic rear lift gate, it looks like the (near-end-of-life) 90D has dropped $2K. Of course, as a consolation to most previous buyers, unlimited supercharging is gone on the new ones.(But $2K buys a LOT of $0.20 per KWH Supercharger electrons...at least 25K miles!).
  37. T

    Never used OEM 20" Model X tires for sale!

    Hi all, Got a Model X a couple months ago and had the dealer put winter tires on the stock rims. Thus, I am selling the OEM all-season tires -- they are NEVER USED. They have approx 10km on them because the odometer was not technically at zero when I picked up the Model X. I never drove with...
  38. BigBlueX

    Is KBB crazy... or am I?

    I'm considering selling my Model X P90DL with all the options (yes I know there's a forum for that, but I'm not actually selling it here). I went to Kelly Blue Book, and the "fair market price" they quote (for 6500 miles) is $146k to $151k... THAT'S WHAT I PAID FOR IT. Obviously this can't be...
  39. acarlos1000

    Hyundai announces IONIQ price in the US: $29,500 before incentive

    This will be interesting, I read some reviews on the Ioniq and it seems like a solid EV option Hyundai announces highly competitive pricing for IONIQ Electric in the US: $29,500 before incentive (under $20,000 in CA after) | Electrek - electrek.co Hyundai announces highly competitive pricing...
  40. D

    Price Increase on the sly

    Hi All, first post to this forum. I have been considering the purchase of a new Tesla. I started the process about 7 weeks ago, test drove the S, then saw the X and immediately new that was the car for me. However, over the following weeks, Tesla were unable to answer quite a number of...
  41. T

    Folks living in cold/Northern States, what Model S do you own?

    I am just trying to see how the customer base pans out amongst the Model S owners. I am very torn between the 60D and the 75D. Certainly do feel tempted on the 90D but its out of my financial comfort zone. Just trying to understand what the scenario looks like amongst current Model S owners...
  42. A

    Is Model X Purchase Price Negotiable?

    Hi folks, I'm about to place an order on the new Model X. With all the options on on-road costs added up it slightly exceeds my comfort level of spend on the car. Any of you have negotiated with Tesla Australia and have been successful in negotiating the total price down, even a little? I would...
  43. travwill

    Autopilot Price Increase to $3000 & $3500

    Was curious with 100D Ludicrous announcement if any other changes occur. In the design center Autopilot is now $3000 if purchased when ordering and $3500 if added later, clearly states that. Confirmed by looking at new design spec and old design spec of car I have waiting to be delivered (see...
  44. ldgrmnmc

    Will the S model be priced too high?

    I’ve had several friends ask me, as a Tesla owner, what the difference will be between my S and the MUCH cheaper 3 (basically $90K+ versus sub$40K). And I’m having a bit of difficulty answering that. The 3 should be smaller, but many people have posted that it isn’t that much smaller (and I’m...
  45. C

    BYD e6

    Just back from Intersolar in Muenchen, Germany. An interesting stand from BYD - they have showcased street legal BYD e6 (http://www.byd.com/na/e6/e6.html) so the EU homologation is done already. Obviously not as safe and not as appealing as Tesla, but 80kWh battery, vehicle-to-grid capability...
  46. ibeugene

    Is Tesla S 85D for $78 a good deal?

    i found a Tesla 85D for $78k with panarama roof, air suspension, autopilot. It has 8k miles. I am trying to get one for arround 70k. Any thoughts?
  47. zambono

    Will Ultra High Fidelity Sound, UHFS get updated on S

    It is known that the engineers did not have a Model S when they first created the setup, and they did with the X which provided a better outcome for the same price. The fact that the audio debate still exists should alert Tesla that its not up to par, specially at the $2500 price tag...
  48. MrJones390

    P85 black/black under $64k

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy the following car and would like to know what you think is a fair price from a private party. The guy is asking $70k. Here is the ad: Immaculate 2013 Tesla Model S P85 for sale. I am the original owner and took delivery of the car new in February 2013. Car is...
  49. E

    U.K. price - import from Japan?

    Newbie here so apologies if topic has already been discussed in the forum. I have been looking at Model S prices and the UK price seems quite high compared to some other countries. At first I thought it could be due to the RHD issue but I took a quick look at the Tesla Japanese website, and it...
  50. berliner

    Factsheet Tesla Powerwall. How much is that battery power going to cost?

    It's been more than a week since Tesla unveiled its Powerwall battery system and they already received 38,000 reservations for the home system and 2,500 reservations for the much bigger, commercial-scale battery systems. Musk described the total demand as "more like 50,000 or 60,000” batteries...