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  1. B

    2022 Prius Prime or another Model 3?

    We sold our Ford Flex last year and have been living with one car (2018 M3) for the past 11 months. We're now ready to buy another car, and my wife's got a 2022 Prius Prime XLE on order. I was running numbers and given the market adjustment of about $4k, the Model 3 Standard is only $10k more...
  2. jjs357

    Using a Prius Prime custom cable setup with my MY -- temporary

    I traded in a 2020 Prius Prime Limited for a Model Y. I had a Prius forum member make a custom cable pigtail that plugged into my NEMA 14-50 50A 240V receptacle and ended in a 5-15 socket. The two blades in the plug were wired to the two sides of the socket providing 240V. This worked because...
  3. speedy

    Emergency mobile charging via Prius (test)

    Ok, I did this as a test and can't envision any situation where I would use it myself, but maybe it could be a service (albeit a slow one...) for stranded EVs. As a background, during power outages, I use my Prius in conjunction with a 5kW UPS to power my house. I had recently upgraded the UPS...
  4. A

    Apparently the Prius prime is better because variable valve timing

    From Toyota’s vehicle comparison, I found some funny results. Apparently things that are “best” in a Prius compared to a tesla include “variable valve timing”, and “standard audio system” :rolleyes:. No thanks, I’ll take the “not best” model 3 please :p
  5. C

    Prius vs Model 3 Suspension

    I currently drive a latest gen 2016 Prius and overall I am happy with it but I am planning on buying a Model 3 this fall. I'm very excited for AutoPilot! I have read the threads about people's opinion of the new coil suspension but those discussions have been centered on comparing the old M3...
  6. igotzzoom

    Will former Prius drivers drive more aggressively in a Model 3?

    OK. File this under "random thoughts." It's been inferred that Tesla expects to get a lot of former Prius owners with the Model 3. My question is this...Do you think they'll drive more aggressively once they get the Model 3? My hunch is "maybe" for a couple of reasons. 1) There's no more...
  7. tanner

    Model X Design: Ugly or Sexy? Prius?!

    Friends of mine are in one of two camps concerning design: 1. Ugly (looks too similar to a Prius due to aerodynamic design compromises) 2. Sexy Personally, I keep flipping between the two - what about you guys? Kinda sad the nose cone is gone, personally.