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  1. Z

    Inaccessible charging stations in Tesla navigation

    Twice I have planned a stop at a non-tesla charging station using Tesla navigation in my Y only to find it is in a private apartment or office building with a gate. It would be nice to know that in advance....
  2. P

    2016 Model S for Sale

    Beautiful 2016 75D model S for sale. Midnight silver metallic with 37,000 miles and still under full factory warranty. New tires and Weathertech floor mats. Autopilot 1 Located in Rochester NY Asking $48,000 Thanks.
  3. N

    Buying from a Private third party

    Hello everyone, I am a total newbie to all things Tesla but had my EV charger installed yesterday. So now it's time to buy something! AP2 cars are hard to find. And beyond the usual "used car salesman" tropes, I think I may have found something from an individual that matches what I want...
  4. M

    Buying a used M3 with only 300 miles on it...

    Going to meet up with a guy I met on a private auto seller website that lives relatively close to me. RWD, White, Sport Wheels, Premium Upgrade, EAP ($57,500 new from tesla.com). He posted the ad for $54,000 and after a few day of back and forth emailing, said $51,000 is the lowest he’ll go...
  5. B

    Going Private - Date Predictions

    Hey Guys, Any predictions as to target "going private" date? Or perhaps whenever Elon Musk will reveal one in a tweet? I know a lot of us curious. Some analysts say this will take several months, but other think it could be sooner. Elon has been pretty forth-coming in recent tweets...
  6. M

    A way to pay for taking Tesla private

    TDLR; A short squeeze could easily pay for the whole takeover! I am going to lay out an interesting theory by first giving some facts as to Tesla and then telling the story of the Porsche takeover of VW. A bit of detail: There is about 25% of available Tesla stock that is on loan to shorts...
  7. Mark77a

    WTB: Roadster, UK, RHD