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  1. J

    Model S Driving problems, thoughts?

    I have a 2016 P100D and I was casually driving today and made a right hand turn at a very reasonable/non-aggressive speed 10-15mph and the car instantly felt as if it fishtailed behind me as if I flew thru the turn at 40mph. I straightened it out and now the steering wheel is off center and...
  2. T

    2021 Model 3 Problems

    First off, I want to love my M3P. This is my first Tesla, and I took delivery of it on 23 Dec. Upon delivery, there were a couple issues. Minor scratch/gouge on front bumper, spoiler wasn't stuck on well, and after getting home, realized there was some type of overspray on all of the glass...
  3. C

    Getting Model Y serviced, a documentary, Episode 1 - Identifying Delivery Issues

    Episode 1 -
  4. K

    Model S - Spreadsheet/Site of Revisions/Problems/etc

    Hi, I apologize as I'm sure I'm not the first to ask this, but I'm a long time Tesla-wanna-own-one and am definitely going to buy one "soon" but I have to figure out whether to go with an older pre-AP1 S, AP1 S or Model 3. I will probably rent some variants on Turo prior to buying, but what I...
  5. markn455

    Upgraded MCU1 to MCU2 - Are you experiencing New Problems?

    I upgraded to MCU2 recently and now I am experiencing a whole new round of issues. Here is my list; What are your problems? WiFi: Sensitivity was poor with MCU1, is worse with MCU2 (upgrade) Cellular Coverage: If a new drive starts in a 3G area, it won't switch to LTE when driving into an LTE...
  6. CertLive

    Model 3 Customer cannon fodder & the right to full refund Dekra Report

    Its been a rather frustrating time owning a model 3. It was meant to be part of an enjoyable YouTube series which ended in me personally not wanting to poster something of bad quality. Yes I held back. I have documented here the cluster of a pickup experience with pictures and video in another...
  7. T

    Help! My Account Wont Let Me Input Info

    Hi everyone! I received my text message today to log on to my account and complete the delivery location, registration, trade-in and payment method, however, when I log in I can see the options but they won't drop down to add information to them... Anyone else have this problem? Tried calling...
  8. Fugldod

    Model Y Delivery Cancelled

    I can confirm that Tesla seems to be having huge problems with quality control on the Model Y. I was supposed to get delivery (home drop-off) yesterday, June 17th, 2020. They called saying that as they were driving to my house that they noticed the software installed did not match the...
  9. andymac

    Delivery Rejection - At least 18 issues found

    Hi all. First post. Wish it was a more positive one. Looking for advice / suggestions on what to do.... I had to reject collecting my Performance Model 3 yesterday because I found 18 issues with the car and they couldn't confirm they would fix them before I drove away. After asking around it...
  10. Ostrichsak

    Can we PLEASE Get a Competent Service Center in the Rocky Mountain Region?

    We have one in Littleton, one in Evans and a third in Superior (all suburbs of Denver BTW) that should be online sometime next year. That's three within about a half hour of each other in the Denver area. This is terrible planning. If they instead put the same three service centers in Denver...
  11. T

    I love this car, but.....

    Model 3 AWD DM LR Purchase: 06/30/2019 Current Date: 09/19/2019 Total miles: 8,490 miles Average wH/mile: 247 The car is ALMOST perfect in almost every way. I travel a lot. This car is a blast to drive and soooo smoooth. However, battery is the biggest draw back. A full charge to 100% is...
  12. idealdreams

    Paint chips on hood after 2,000 miles?

    I've had my LR AWD Model 3 for about 6 weeks now and have put just under 2,000 miles on it. As I was washing my car tonight, I noticed several very small paint chips on the hood in various locations and I can't figure out how they're getting there. My Model 3 is black and the paint chips appear...
  13. fasteddie7

    Anyone Experienced This Service Message

    My 2016.5 75D 66k miles has this bizarre issue that no one seems to know what it's caused by. Once every few days sometimes about a week a car needs service message pops up for less than a second followed by a short alert tone. The service center has checked the logs and saw where the message...
  14. Dmagyar

    California Clean Vehicle Rebate Program Red Tape

    Just curious on the general feeling regarding the program? After placing my request, (months ago) uploading all requested completed forms. Got news of the expected wait time and was expecting receipt of the rebate check around June 24th. Yesterday was given an email demand for income...
  15. L

    Tesla Model S problems

    Hello. I'm going to buy an used Tesla Model S. The car is perfect but it has jus one problem. There's written, that MULTI AIR COMPRESSOR isn't working. so can u help me? is that multi air compressor A/C compressor ? and what is approximate costs of that compressor to buy?
  16. W

    3 Days Rule - Tesla QA not doing their job

    I have owned a Model S and a Model X, and I can share that my experiences have been vastly different so far. My Model S experience (started Nov 2015 in Southern California) was amazing. My Model X experience (December 2018 in Boston Area) has been horrific. I am only going to talk about one...
  17. A

    Would you still buy an X?

    Forum Members, I'm seeking some advice/recommendations. After ordering a inventory Model X and preparing to pick it up, I received a call cancelling the pickup the day before. After speaking with several representatives I found out the car was damaged and needed repairs. The problem I discovered...
  18. RachH

    Is anyone else getting overcharged at the supercharger?

    Hi all, I recently did a road trip with my 3 and I noticed that what it was showing I was charged on my screen in my car was not what I was being charged on my credit card- my cc was more. I have contacted Tesla and no one is getting back to me and/or doing anything about it. I am pissed...
  19. R

    Model 3 wake-up issues both with phone and key card

    Hello, I've searched around on many threads here and have found bits and pieces. Have tried various reboots with no luck. I wanted to see if anyone else was having these problems grouped together as I am. Since I got my 3 this spring, I love it but it's never worked very well with the phone...
  20. M

    "Charge cable may not be plugged in correctly"

    Hey, I've had my Model 3 for a couple of months. I've plugged it in and charged it many times without issues before. Usually, when I plug it in, after a second the Tesla logo turns dark blue (from pale blue), at which point the charge cable is locked in. But today, I got a car wash from one...
  21. T


    2017 Model S 100D I have had body panels creaking against each other since day one. Highland Park, IL store says that engineering is aware of the issue and is working on a solution. I also have continuing problems with air suspension. Last promises to fix were over 2 months ago. Now I...
  22. P

    Research: Will imposing tax on Tesla cars really improve air pollution?

    Tesla Vehicles do not emit any gaseous pollution on streets because they are battery-powered, unlike other conventional private cars which work on combustion engines. It is interesting to see that despite knowing the severity of the roadside pollution in different traffic-prone areas, the...
  23. S

    Issues after one week.

    No, I'm not a troll or a tesla short. I've been enjoying this car since I got it. I just wanted to share my list of problems I've noticed so far for new prospective buyers. I have a white RWD LR with EAP and 18s. VIN around 43000. I was hoping more problems would have been worked out by...
  24. Padelford

    2018.10.4 Problems

    Here are a couple of 2018.10.4 problems I discovered today. The first problem, failure to complete an S-turn, could be a problem with the left side lane-line tracking algorithm. The vehicle seems to loose lane control when the yellow left line turns white. The second problem is an extreme...
  25. Jetson

    One Month Review and What to look for:

    Our Model 3 is one month old. Now it is headed to service. Here's the review:
  26. T

    Thoughts about Autopilot 2.0

    Hi everyone, So I've been feeling a bit confused and perhaps borderline irritated at hearing some news about AP 2.5 or 2.1 whatever people are calling it. Regardless, it is a version of AP that is apparently more advanced than 2.0 because of better hardware and computing power that will enable...
  27. Padelford

    AP 2 Bad Behavior - 1b27c6d

    I've noticed in the past that AP 2 can have some very bad behavior under the following circumstances: Driving in the right lane Rising/descending pavement Following a freeway turn Passing an exit Essentially, the vehicle gets confused and dives for the exit. The vehicle can also lose lane...
  28. S

    Experiences getting Tesla to resolve autopilot / EAP issues?

    Has anyone with "WTF" or "stop trying to murder me autopilot" experience (e.g. AP1 or AP2 starts leaving lane with clear markings into highway divider) raised issue with Tesla and they've resolved it? please share your experience working/dealing with tesla, process you used to ensure issue...
  29. pjw65

    Supercharger Europe - Problems, user report and see it online

    tesla.aine.ch - Supercharger Europe - Problems (overview for TESLA, mobile and desktop) is now online. You can enter ALL problems in Europe directly. Just click the pin and then click Status. You will be directed to a site (the correct SuC preselected and your own tffUserID (if entered before...
  30. T

    Autopilot 2.0 is dangerous

    Hi everyone, So I understand that AP 2.0 is still "beta" which is kind of frustrating to begin with because I purchased my AP 2.0 Model S in December and its almost May and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel when a fully rolled out version will become available. Anyway now that I...
  31. U

    Ceramic pro glass and plastic results / reviews

    Can anyone that has used Ceramic pro seen any problems using it on the plastic and glass? Is there any discoloration in the plastic or glass? How long have you had it since applied? What kind of maintenance do you do? I've seen people use pressure washer in videos. Do you know do that on...
  32. SSD420

    MX going to SC, after 1 month

    Tomorrow morning my Model X is finally going to the SC for a bunch of issues I had reported including mysterious obstacles preventing my FWD's from, window issues, parts separating from the car, certain parts wearing way too quickly, feeling electric currents while sitting in the car charging...
  33. R

    Noise, judder opening pano roof

    Several months ago when I had the tires rotated, I had them look at the pano roof because it was juddering when opening. They lubed the cables and said it was important to catch it early so the cables didn't stretch. Now it's started squeaking when opening. The car is already scheduled to be...
  34. G

    Post Initial Problems with the Model X

    Model X's are starting to roll out (still waiting for mine). I have read about some early problems with FWD sensors, the drivers door not closing, paint drips, middle second row seat not working etc. Could you please post any initial problems with the X so that we can see if there are common...
  35. Electricfan

    Solar panel damage? Question for somebody with knowledge of panels...

    Hi, they are installing solar panels on my roof, hoping to go live in a week or two. But today was the first day any panels were on the roof. (still have 4 more to go). My question is, is this panel damaged? Most of the panels look clean, but a few have hand prints, and this one has some...

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