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production line

  1. J

    Rear Giga Cast frame in US production, really?

    A foreign news source indicated the Giga Press was active at Fremont, but is actually it in production? I just ordered for delivery in Atlanta (Nov/Dec timeframe). But I see some advantages to the new cast frame (lighter, possibly some range improvement due to weight reduction, fewer places...
  2. O

    Model Y Factory Shutdown for Upgrades

    Lots of articles popping up about a potential Fremont factory shutdown at the end of July. Curious how you all think this will affect orders already placed? I’m in Arkansas. Just ordered 07/15/20. White/White/19”/LRAWD. Wouldn’t mind waiting a little longer if the factory upgrades improve...
  3. T

    Production Build Time Frame - 1 day?

    Just out of curiosity, has Tesla done something to speed up the time frame to build a Model S? According to MyTesla, it took all of 1 day to complete - it's now at "built and in transit from the factory". Yesterday it just started the build. Last year it took about 4-5 days to build it. Is this...