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  1. T

    DIY MS key fob programming & software re-installing

    Hi, I recently bought a 2016 Model S and it came with only one key fob. In the interest of having a backup (and because my wife and I both sometimes drive the car), I want to get a new one. I know I can have mobile service out for about $200 with a brand new one including programming, and I...
  2. E

    Drive.State.Power Codes (1,11,21,4,-9)?

    I've successfully written a PowerShell script to get my Tesla's data from the well-known API : Tesla API. Run it hourly. Works great. I drag it into PowerBI - fun-with-data. However, now that I'm accumulating data, I'm seeing this column; [drive_state.power] and the values shown. My google-fu...
  3. mrfra62

    Programming HomeLink Tesla model X with Nice Flor-S

    At work we have automatic gates from Flor-S. Handdevices are Nice Flor-S. But I can't get my Model X programmed for these gates. As per instruction I stand in front of vehicle and I keep pressing the device, but no blinking headlights. On screen message says no signal detected. Strange because...
  4. VerityZooms

    Tesla login-token generator

    Hey, thought I'd throw this out there real quick: if you're using something like TeslaLog or the My Tesla Alexa-skill, and need an authentication token, I've thrown together a little self-installing tool to generate them quickly. (It doesn't store them anywhere, or contact any servers other than...
  5. incinie

    Vendor Tesla Plus for iOS

    Hi everyone! Recently I launched a project I have been putting loads of time and love into. "Tesla Plus" is an iOS-app. An alternative to the official Tesla app, and the other 3rd party apps out there. It features a UI that looks much more like the UI in the car, and has additional unique...
  6. Gabzqc

    List of Sensors in a Model S

    Hi All, I have searched for a thread on this topic but have not found anything. Only links to Parking Sensor problems! Admin please move thread if you feel it should be in a different area. Has anyone seen a list of Sensors that must be built into the Model S? There must be some simple sensors...
  7. Robecology

    Night-time driving; Dash too bright, even at 0% setting.

    Dashboard brightness; Anyone notice "0%" is still too bright? I notice when I'm driving at night, and I set my dashboard lights to 0% brightness, that they're still quite bright. Anyone else notice this? Elon/techies; is there a solution/adjustment I can make to get a true 0% brightness on...