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  1. Abnoidz

    PSA: Check your license plate screw inserts (top 2)

    Guys if you just got your car (built late July and esp aug) pls check the top screw inserts of your back license plate holder. if they don't match the bottom then be careful coz they might just fall off. I got my M3 late Aug (built aug) and I purchased a matte black license plate holder. I...
  2. C

    PSA: keycard can scratch the piano-black console

    My wife wasn't sure where to place her keycard, so she tried the piano black portion of the center console. To my horror, it scratched up the console quite a bit. Yes, the keycard. So, don't do that! Or touch it with anything else, for that matter.
  3. Vizir

    PSA: Software update and Charging

    Do not plug or unplug any charger into the car while it is doing a SW Update. Weekend before last, I was about to return from KC and decided to top off the X for the final stretch home at one of the KCPL's chademo chargers. There was a Leaf charging, so while I was waiting, I decided to do the...