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ptc heater

  1. Tezzie


    A couple of weeks ago, I started getting "Car May Not Restart" alerts on my 2018 Tesla Model S. I drove it into the Service Center immediately. At first, they thought it was the HV battery, but later changed the diagnosis to a faulty PTC Heater (for the battery). They replaced it for $2407 (out...
  2. thelastdeadmouse

    2018 Model 3 Heat Broken After Installing 2022.44

    I have a 2018 Model 3 Performace I recently updated from a 2022.28 version to a 2022.44 version (I don't have wifi where I park). Shortly after (immediately?) running the update my heater stopped working. The fan blows but it blows cold. I was part of the group of people that had issues with...
  3. Z

    Tesla Model X PTC failure

    Hi, Front PTC failed few days ago. At first blew warm and randomly cold. Now it blows only cold. I replaced front PTC(both were 3gen, one was 1060432-00-D and the other 1060432-00-C). PTC still isn't working. I restarted vehicle. I'm going to replace the 40A 1019010-00-A fuse at Front junction...
  4. Leonard4

    HVAC Failure, Replacement, same issue again...Ideas?

    So we had a pretty decent snow fall here in Eugene, OR about 2 or 3 weeks ago. First day of 30 degree weather I noticed my 2019 Model 3 LR AWD wouldn't pre-heat from the app, it would turn on for about a minute and then turn off, and when I tried to turn the climate back on I received a "Climate...
  5. DrJeff

    AC Compressor, PTC Air Heater, and Body Control Module

    I've got spares from my EV Conversion project (TesLorean - Delorean with Tesla technology) that I cannot use (PTC too large for DeLorean, AC Compressor is CAN driven, BMC not needed). All the parts come from a salvaged 2017 MS 70D. Note : the AC Compressor and PTC Heater are CAN controlled...