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public charging

  1. C

    MY Adaptors needed

    For a 2022-2023 MY. If I were to charge at say an Ampol DC fast charger with a CCS/SAE head. Do I need an adaptor that converts the CCS/SAE head? Also, what type of socket does a 2022-2023 MY have anyways? Thanks!
  2. ROTA

    What are the best public charging services and available discounts for someone needs to charge publically for a short while?

    As the title asks; the delivery of my Tesla Model Y draws near and it seems it’s going to be falling this side of the year Q4 2022. Currently I live in a rented, terraced property but my wife and I have purchased a new build - currently being built which will have a double driveway and already...
  3. G

    Georgia Tech Senior Project on EVs

    Hello everyone! I am working on a senior project at Georgia Tech relating to EV charging availability. Would anyone be interested in hopping on a quick call or exchanging emails to answer a couple of questions about your experiences with public charging stations and super charging stations...
  4. T

    Public chargers issue

    Hi all, I am new to this forum so kindly excuse any 'out of etiquette' posts or comments. I was wondering if anyone has recently been facing issues using non-Tesla public chargers? I seem to be consistently getting 'unable to charge....unit nor powered' error and it take a few tries before I...
  5. S

    Trip to Smoky Mountains with Model 3

    Hello All, We have planned a week-long trip to the Smoky Mountains and will be staying in Cherokee, NC. This is our first time visiting Smokies and hence will be exploring normal touristy stuff like Cades Cove, Clingman's Dome, Bryson City, Gatlingburg, etc. Only after booking our reservation...
  6. trnunes

    New Tesla owner w/J1772 concerns

    Hi, everyone! I'm a brand spanking new Tesla owner (a used S70D). I wanted to say "Hi!", and also bounce a question off everyone (which, if it's a stupid question with an obvious answer, my apologies in advance, being a 'newbie')...... Has anyone had any issues with their J1772 adapter going...
  7. Boourns

    Love Field parking

    We're taking a trip this weekend from Friday to Monday. Given that it's going to be so hot and you can't turn off cabin overheat protection in the 3 yet, I hesitate to take the 3 and leave it parked all weekend just to run the AC all day. I see that Love Field has EV parking. The website...
  8. J

    Should I get a public charging network account?

    We have a road trip coming up in a few weeks (Chicago to Oklahoma). Even though there are enough Superchargers along the way, I was wondering if I should still get an account with the public charging networks, just in case we miscalculated our remaining charge during the trip. If you think it's...
  9. GasKilla

    Charging etiquette for Tesla owners

    Perhaps this is a CA problem but I've seen far too may Teslas parked at public level 2 charges not plugged into the station. Not only is this rude, inconsiderate, and against the law in CA, it gives Tesla owners a bad reputation. I know EV parking spaces are usually the best in the lot, but if...
  10. widodh

    CCS Charging options for Model 3

    I know, nothing is known yet, but just thinking about this. For the US and some other markets Tesla created their own connector, but the EU and other markets use a modified Type 2 charging port. With that in mind, it could be possible that Tesla modifies the chargeport in such a way that...
  11. Babylonfive

    Charge Port Characteristics - rare but possible concerns

    I wanted to share some recent esoterica about the charging port locking modes of Model S, and describe a very rare but possible situation and how to work around it. The summary is: if your charge port ever fails to unlock, make sure that the shore power level is reduced below ~5-7A. In nearly...