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puddle lights

  1. Sizzlr

    Essential (and not so essential) Model Y Exterior Accessories

    Greeting, fam. Went all in on upgrades to my 3 month old Model Y, with rim protectors, mudflaps, and Tesla logo puddle lights! Watch this video...
  2. R

    FREE (Pasadena, CA) Model 3 accessories - 2 Tesla emblem puddle lights (blue), 2 blue interior lights and front floor carpet mats with "TESLA" logo

    As the title says, for FREE I have 2 Tesla emblem puddle lights, blue color, 2 bright blue interior lights and front carpet floor mats with the "TESLA" logo on them. Pulled from a 2018 M3 I purchased from CarMax, previous owner left these in and I swapped them out for standard lights and all...
  3. wolfwill23

    Vendor A wow-worthly Tesla upgrade that anyone can install

    Out of all the mods out there, my favorite mod for my Tesla is the upgraded lighting. Lighting upgrades are my favorite Tesla mod for three reasons: 1. The lights are easy & fast to install. Plug and play, no wire splicing. 2. Lighting upgrades are relatively inexpensive. 3. You get a ton of...
  4. S

    Puddle lights vs. Projector lights

    Hey folks. Is there a difference between puddle lights vs. projector lights? I’m trying to find the brightest and sharpest “T w/Tesla” logo. I’m leaning toward either Abstract Ocean or Teslapuddlelights.com. But I’ve seen a couple websites with products called “Welcome Projector Lights” that act...
  5. T

    DIY puddle lights

    Hey there, I see all these puddle lights for the car doors with symbols like Tesla, X, S, and even some that are just bright. However, I've also seen some people with things like "Model 3" which I can't find on the internet. I was wondering if anyone has ever taken apart one of them to see...
  6. SomeJoe7777

    FS: Abstract Ocean Tesla "T" Puddle Lights

    For sale are two sets of 2 puddle lights from Abstract Ocean that project the Tesla "T" logo on the ground under your doors. These lights are compatible with the Model S, Model X, and Model 3. Asking $35 + shipping for each set of two lights, you can buy one set or both sets. Please send me a...