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purchase experience

  1. S

    Q3 FSD upgraders - how do you compare new MY with prior Tesla?

    For those that have already taken advantage of the transfer offer how does your new Model Y compare with your older Tesla? How did the delivery experience compare?
  2. M

    Model 3 Purchase - Quebec

    hi, I don't know if this is a duplicate question but none the less i'll give it a try. I'm looking to purchase the base model 3 (standard range plus). I'm from quebec, so I know there's an incentive of 13K between federal & provincial. (1) is that incentive take off the top during the purchase...
  3. gnuarm

    Can't Order of the Web Site!

    I have bought accessories off the Tesla web site for my model X with no problem. But it seems when you want to buy an upgrade for the car they make it a bit tougher... actually nearly impossible. I wanted to buy the full self driving upgrade for my model X at the reduced price. I tried to...
  4. S

    Delivery Location Changed Last-Minute

    Has anyone else here had the Tesla store call them the day of their scheduled delivery and try to change the appointment to a different location? Here's what the rep said on the phone and I'm quite irritated: Hi Mr [name], I'm calling to tell you that we have a great opportunity for you! We're...
  5. B

    My Tesla Model S purchase experience and recommendation

    I just wanted to share my great experience I recently had when placing an order for my 2017 Model S. I was lucky and somehow was routed to Robb Silverstein at Tesla who could not have been more helpful. I told him exactly what I wanted to build and he found an identical car rolling off the...
  6. Hodginator

    What type of purchasing experience do you prefer?

    As many of you know, the NADA has been trying to stop Tesla sales. I live in VA where we only have a single store. The VADA is trying to prevent a second store from opening in Richmond. If you would like more information on this you can read about it at the below link. Tesla seeking to open...