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  1. M

    What outstanding issues to expect on a MX today?

    Been reading the various helpful comments and feedback from members here. Great forum! I know some features are being addressed still by Tesla, but regarding some items I’m reading about, can anyone comment on what to expect in a MX purchased today? Specifically: - front doors opening...
  2. MrNik

    Outright buying a Tesla via limited company

    I’m planning to outright buy a Tesla MY through my business/limited company. I do not mean Hire purchase or contract hire. I mean pay the full amount and outright buy it (ofcourse assume I have comfortably enough amount) - So wanted to know if this is a good idea ? - Has anyone here bought one...
  3. ferventcoder

    WTB: 2021+ Model S Key Fob

    Tesla always seems to be out of stock on the 2021+ Model S Key Fobs. Would love to purchase one or more of these.
  4. brianld

    End of quarter purchase

    What is the best time to try to take advantage of incentives? The very last day of the quarter (i.e. March 31st)? Or sometime towards the end of the month? Ready to order a new Model 3, timing not critical for me.
  5. E

    Purchasing used M3

    I’m pulling the plug and purchasing a Model 3! Before I do so, how does the current owner check the range of the car? Is the only way to charge to 100%? Once I purchase and remove their phone from the list of keys, would they still be able to track the location of the car? Any way to...
  6. N

    Looking for 2020 model x long range with 6 seats

    If anyone wanna do lease transfer or sell, please Message me, thanks
  7. I

    Post-delivery upgrades (FSD, acceleration boost) now refundable for 48 hours after purchase

    The upgrades screen in the app now has the following text: The upgrades page on the website has been updated with the relevant FAQ. Premium connectivity purchases are not eligible. Full FAQ entry: Curiously, there's no mention of upgrades purchased through the website. I don't have any...
  8. S

    WTB - UK el cheapo - Model S 85/90

    could be also declared cat N/D. or maybe even cat S/C if not disabled by Tesla. also, if you know of mechanic around London UK area, willing to do rebuild for ca$h, please let me know. (already checking eBay, Auto Trader, Copart, Gumtree.) thanks!
  9. B

    Salary Sacrifice

    Tesla seems to be suggesting here that I can buy a car through my pre-tax earnings via a salary sacrifice scheme; basically meaning the cost is reduced significantly. Salary Sacrifice Has anybody any experience with this? I work for an SME with no official leasing partner, but I do use my...
  10. M

    Model 3 Purchase - Quebec

    hi, I don't know if this is a duplicate question but none the less i'll give it a try. I'm looking to purchase the base model 3 (standard range plus). I'm from quebec, so I know there's an incentive of 13K between federal & provincial. (1) is that incentive take off the top during the purchase...
  11. D

    Used Purchase Delivery Time

    Hello all. I finally placed an order on a Model X that is to ship from Baltimore to Chicago using Tesla's transport option. It's been 17 days so far though and zero updates from Tesla. I've bothered the Sales Advisor and the Inside Delivery Advisor more than a dozen times through email and...
  12. U


    I have been looking at Teslas for 8 mo’s and am getting ready to order a Model 3 AWD, non FSD. Ordered the wall charger, got an estimate from a trusted electrical company that does commercial and residential and has installed public chargers at local stores. Our breaker panel is full, so they...
  13. Labelman

    Is Tesla truly 'Different' or are the dealerships scam artists like the other car dealerships?

    Walked into Buena Park dealership 2 weeks ago. 2 days later ordered online. My Model 3 is now ready- 6pm appt set. Got emails from 2 different Tesla employees with equally confusing titles (Inside Delivery Manager and Energy Manager (what's an 'Energy Manager??') trying to rush the delivery-...
  14. F

    On Demand Performance Mode

    My understanding is that the LR RWD has the same performance motor as the D+. I would love to be able to choose to "enable" performance mode for a set amount of time, maybe by the hour \ day \ week \ month \ etc. I don't want or need the performance capability all the time but maybe I have a...
  15. D

    Questions about ordering Model 3

    I am about to place an order for a new Model 3. I have a few questions: 1. Do they still have a referral system? Is it worth getting a referral code from someone? Do I get something? Does the referring person get something? 2. They now require a $2500 deposit. I was told on the phone that...
  16. thesnooch

    SoCal - Potential CPO Buyers

    I have established a good relationship with a CPO Sales Advisor in the Southern California area. I found my CPO experience to be great, and much faster than the horror stories that are on here. It took 1 week from deposit to delivery for my 2015 MS60. If you are in the market for one, and are...
  17. S

    Purchase of Tesla VS Hybrids

    Dear motorists, I am doing the research project about the difference in factors affecting purchase decision of Tesla electric cars and Hybrids. Could you please take a part in my survey (it will take around 5 minutes) It is very important for me to get as many responses as possible...
  18. S

    Why would you buy Tesla or hybrid car?

    Dear EV owners, I am doing the research project about the difference in factors affecting purchase decision of Tesla electric cars and Hybrids. Could you please take a part in my survey (it will take around 5 minutes) It is very important for me to get as many responses as possible...
  19. cinemasatty

    My 2013 P85 Journey, Delivery, and Roadtrip Impressions

    The dream has happened. After quite a journey, I now own a beautiful Model S. I had been watching the market relentlessly, with HUGE help of EV-CPO of course. After nearly a year of considering, budgeting, and debating we called Alliant and were approved for financing. We gave the $1000 deposit...
  20. A

    Is Model X Purchase Price Negotiable?

    Hi folks, I'm about to place an order on the new Model X. With all the options on on-road costs added up it slightly exceeds my comfort level of spend on the car. Any of you have negotiated with Tesla Australia and have been successful in negotiating the total price down, even a little? I would...
  21. Hodginator

    What type of purchasing experience do you prefer?

    As many of you know, the NADA has been trying to stop Tesla sales. I live in VA where we only have a single store. The VADA is trying to prevent a second store from opening in Richmond. If you would like more information on this you can read about it at the below link. Tesla seeking to open...
  22. R

    UK Purchase via PCP Finance

    Hi all, I have put an order in for a Model S and applied for PCP finance. The question I have is, can I pay the finance "downpayment" via credit card? I have some lovely 0% CCs and doing it this way would reduce the interest rate being paid for the credit (although speed up the repayments as I...
  23. P

    Test Drive/Ride in Utah

    Hi All! First time using the forum, so bear with me if I misstep. I am in Utah (Salt Lake City area) and am interested in seeing a Model S in person. Since I am not able to at the new store is there anyone who would be willing to meet with me to let me see their Model S?
  24. MangroveMike

    Trading in existing Cars

    As Tesla Motors don't take trade-ins, what are people doing with existing cars that they/I would normally trade-in as part of the sale ? Tim (of Tesla) mentioned that Stratton Finance have a trade-in service, has any one had experience with using them ? Obviously private sale is an option but...
  25. vincent

    Berekening fiscaal/financieel voordeel elektrische wagen voor vennootschap in België

    Weet iemand of er een artikel of thread bestaat waarin uitgerekend wordt hoeveel je nu effectief bespaart met een Model S van pakweg 110k vs een traditionele wagen van dezelfde prijs, met laat ons zeggen een CO² uitstoot van 200g/km ? Volgens mij bespaar je vier à vijf maal: 1. Afschrijving aan...
  26. M

    Any advice for a new roadster purchase?

    We are interested in a roadster purchase and will actually be considering an offer when we visit the owner (and car) Tuesday (two days). Being new to Tesla and an EV, we could use any advice on what to actually look for with the car in order to minimize any bad decisions. We were directed to...
  27. Cattledog

    superTESLAfragilisticexpialidocious - Cattledog's Story

    My first 48 hours, with a few years of detours. Enjoy. teslamodels | Tesla Model S An Ownership Experience