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  1. W

    Model Y Price Breakdown (Oregon) Sales Tax?

    I went ahead and reserved a Model Y yesterday and have been getting calls from the SA to fill out my profile. I'm setting that up right now and I see the section where there's a price breakdown of the vehicle and the license and registration fees. I'm in Oregon, where there's no sales tax, but...
  2. LN1_Casey

    Purchase registration address?

    Hello everyone! I just put an order in for a new model S. As I'm getting it delivered to Hawaii, it'll be there in about 6-10 weeks as per the ordering page. And that's great! Because I am also not in Hawaii at this time. I'm moving out there in about 5 weeks. I will have to isolate when I...
  3. S

    How to determine Tesla’s fair market value

    Hello, I am toying with using the private market to sell my existing Tesla and buy another one instead. Is there a resource out there that would show what the going price is for a specified make and model of Tesla? Just trying to get a feel for whether I might be getting a good deal on both...
  4. C

    20 Days and counting for a model X

    Hello Everyone, First post- I am about 20 days out from a purchase. I have narrowed my focus to a model X. I am looking for some guidance on where this community would start for value. I think I am looking 2016-2018, with under 30K miles. My price range is under 82K. Where would be the best...
  5. K


    It is time that I am interested in purchasing a Tesla Model X. However, due to pricing, I am looking for a used vehicle in the California or Nevada area. I have been doing some research for the past month and I still get confused about what version is what, so I am asking people on the forum to...
  6. Z

    PSA: Autopilot NOT Standard for ALL Tesla Vehicles Now

    Just wanted to offer a quicker PSA that I purchased and took delivery of a Model 3, Long Range, Rear Wheel Drive, by working with a salesperson at my local Tesla retail location. As I was in the midst of getting ready to purchase the recent line-up changes on Thursday night made me think my...
  7. StealthP3D

    Model 3 tops CR list of cars that bring most "Joy" to owners

    Finally, some Tesla news that actually fits with what I know about the Model 3: https://electrek.co/2019/02/01/tesla-model-3-tops-satisfaction-brings-joy/ And it was not done by sampling online auto forums, it was done with an actual survey of actual owners.
  8. J

    Car Shopping Advice, Purchasing Tips

    I'm sure that topics like this have come up before, and I've been reading through a large amount of the forums, but haven't seen applicable comments. Apologies if my reading has missed anything... In short, I have wanted a Model S for a long time. I am now to the point I can afford one, and...
  9. Krash

    Quarter End Purchasing Advice

    I thought I would add my experience to the collective knowledge. I put a deposit on an S 60D right before the announced discontinuation. During the window to change configurations Tesla announced the price change on the 75D and the included glass roof. But they also discontinued the Air...
  10. T

    Should I get a Model X 2016 or 2017

    Hey Guys So I am planning to get a model X and I placed a deposit on a 2016 model X. The dealer is giving me a huge discount on the 2016 which pulled me away from the 2017. This MX is brand new with 50 kms but it has been in the showroom for 3 weeks. The build is: Model X 90D Dual Motor...
  11. fasteddie7

    Trade in experience/ advice of a ICE for your Tesla

    I searched the threads for information on trade ins but all I see were threads on trading in Teslas. Does anyone have any experience with trading in their internal combustion vehicle for a Tesla. I currently own a Nissan I have 11 months left on. How easy / fair is the process through Tesla...