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qi charging

  1. A

    '22 model 3 Qi charger question

    Just took delivery of my '22 M3LR a few months ago and it's fantastic. However I just reliever my new zFlip4 Friday and was quite disappointed to find that the charging coils won't mate when the phone is open but will mate when closed IF the phone is moved ~ 1" up from the base of the charger...
  2. pcmike

    Charging pad & iPhone 13 mini; measurements on charging coil/MagSafe alignment? 3D print spacer for tray

    I’ve yet to receive my MY, but I have some first hand experience placing my iPhone 13 mini onto a MY charging pad to know that the coils don’t exactly align very easily and charging doesn’t exactly work properly. Does anyone happen to have measurements as to where the charging coil is on MY...
  3. H

    2021 Model Y — Need to Tap Power Source/Feed to Qi Chargers

    I have a 2021 Tesla Model Y with the NEW center console… the one with the NON-REMOVABLE Qi Wireless Chargers. I have two devices that require power and are located in/around the bottom of the 15” display. Visible wires ARE NOT an option. I want to tap into the power source for these new...
  4. T

    Slow Wireless Charger

    Does anyone have an issue where the standard wireless charger doesn’t really charge your phone, it more maintains the charge? Also, it can’t charge through a drivers license like the Nomad charger can.
  5. DaddyCool

    DIY Qi charger

    Just pulled a Qi charger to bits to test if it works through the existing mat and my credit card phone case. It does! Mat does not sit very flat due to the components on the circuit board but the eBay below looks just the job with induction loop topside and circuit taped underneath with micro...
  6. W

    Qi charging worked then stopped working

    i need some help understanding my problem. I had added 2 Qi charging disks to the phone platform for my M3. They seemed to work great for several months then stopped. The phone detected the pad for a second then flipped off charging with a net effect of draining the battery. I’ve changed out the...
  7. c615586

    My Cheapskate Model S Qi Charger Solution (Repost)

    When I got my MS P100D last year, I still had an iPhone 6 and just plugged it into the charging dock whenever necessary. But when I upgraded to the iPhone X several months ago I began thinking of ways to integrate a Qi charger in a fairly unobtrusive manner. While I really like some of the...
  8. D

    yet another wireless charging mod

    I finally had some time to make a diy wireless charging. Tried a few different coils…raw/parts and just found them to be bulky for my mod. I did end up using what everyone has been using. These are incredibly thin 3.5mm and is corded to boot...
  9. S

    Qi Wireless Charging for Refreshed Center Console

    I just completed this mod and it went fantastic. This thread, QI Wireless Phone Charging, inspired me so give credit where credit is due to those owners that pioneered this idea. For my application, I ended up using slightly different parts: 3 Coil Charging Pad USB C Charging Receiver I'm not...