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qi wireless

  1. DaddyCool

    DIY Qi charger

    Just pulled a Qi charger to bits to test if it works through the existing mat and my credit card phone case. It does! Mat does not sit very flat due to the components on the circuit board but the eBay below looks just the job with induction loop topside and circuit taped underneath with micro...
  2. W

    Qi charging worked then stopped working

    i need some help understanding my problem. I had added 2 Qi charging disks to the phone platform for my M3. They seemed to work great for several months then stopped. The phone detected the pad for a second then flipped off charging with a net effect of draining the battery. I’ve changed out the...
  3. P

    DIY Wireless Charging in Console Cover?

    I have an idea for integrating wireless charging with the model x/s, but wanted to pass it by you guys first. The idea is to place a wireless charging coil in between the sliding tray and the wood cover that sits on the sliding cover, mount to the pcb underneath the sliding cover, and run power...
  4. Craig-Y

    Quick Review of TopFit Wireless Phone Charger for Model X & S

    I just wanted to share a quick review of the TopFit Wireless Phone Charger for the Tesla Model X and Model S. I have typically used the Tesla charger that came with the X for my iPhone X but really wanted a clean, professional looking wireless option. I have been very impressed with TopFit’s...
  5. NeverFollow

    Toyota's 2013 Avalon becomes world's first car to offer wireless In-Car charging

    Does anyone tried to install an In-Car wireless Smartphone charger in a Tesla S Does anyone tried to install an In-Car wireless Smartphone charger in a Tesla S http://www.theverge.com/2012/12/19/3785166/toyota-2013-avalon-limited-first-car-qi-wireless-charging I know, the Tesla S has a 17...