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quality control

  1. S

    Q3 FSD upgraders - how do you compare new MY with prior Tesla?

    For those that have already taken advantage of the transfer offer how does your new Model Y compare with your older Tesla? How did the delivery experience compare?
  2. Tagar

    plastic exterior panel fell off after 80 miles, new car

    This triangle panel by the passenger window fell off after 80 miles. How do we report manufacturing defects of the new cars? That's my 2nd (known) issue with the brand new Y! First one was reported here.
  3. Maximillan

    Quality Control and Why It's So Hard - Model S Control Arms

    I wanted to share this thread as it provides a good insight into why quality control is hard. Look past the Musk / Tesla hate, it's worth a read. As anybody who's ever developed / manufactured something for a large organisation, people dynamics and culture play a big role in the final product...
  4. Falcon20

    Is this foam block supposed to be here?

    Was just going to upgrade the trunk light, however found something peculiar after peeling back the liner in the 3rd quarter panel…. You are able to remove since it’s not glued. It’s the size of a small shoe box. Is this normal for sound deadening or should I remove it? The most bizarre...
  5. P

    2021/2022 Model S - Dash screen spotty?

    Took delivery of my Model S a few weeks ago and I noticed that there’s “spottiness” towards the left side of the display. This affects roads, the volume indicator, everything. Is this normal for other owners?
  6. talhas3

    September Deliveries - Quality Control

    How’s the QC so far for people who have taken delivery in September? My VIN is 269xxx. Taking delivery this coming Sunday at Mt Kisco. I will have a checklist with me but I wanna make sure I’m keeping certain things in mind that others have experienced so far in September. Thanks folks
  7. T

    Poor quality control on the Model Y

    We picked up a new Tesla Model Y - Long Range Dual Motor on April 6 2021. This is what it looked like on delivery.
  8. FalconFuel

    Abbreviated Model X Delivery Checklist

    So! I posted a checklist for delivery days here some time ago and wanted to provided a shortened checklist that will just help you check the major pieces and get going. My Model X Delivery Day Checklist I still think a checklist is necessary because it will still be up to you to accept or...
  9. K

    MYLR delivery declined-no pre-delivery interior inspection

    I ordered MYLR on 3/4 and received a VIN and just a couple of days later a delivery date of 3/11. I'm in South Florida and was told the car was in Orlando. It had not shown up in inventory a day before but it was built 2/14. I asked if there were any problems on file and although told "no" I...
  10. BZM3

    My Model Y Pick-up Experience and Car Quality/Feel

    Thought I'd share my pickup experience from today. Purchased new Model Y Long Range, White exterior, black interior, 19'' wheels. Car had a small paint blemish above the right rear wheel, our sales agent made note and added it to their system so that it's repair will be free of charge and at...
  11. J

    99.5% Perfect Delivery - Brooklyn NY

    PUP, 33xxx, Blue on Black, order 6/22, delayed 6/27 (was not in town), picked up 8/7. Car was in 99% perfect condition, just 2 items had to be addressed: 1) Driver's door was ever so slightly not flush with rear door; you could only tell if you compared to passenger side. Delivery advisor...
  12. R

    Is it smarter to wait before ordering?

    Newbie question. Planning on buying my first Tesla, a Model Y LR AWD but after reading so many posts about problems in new vehicles and Elon’s plans to walk the production line every week to improve quality I am wondering if it would be wise wait a couple of months before ordering. Please give...
  13. J

    PUP VIN 5XXX, delay or accept?

    Blue PUP with FSD Ordered this past Monday (6/22), already got delivery appt notice for Sunday (6/27) in NYC. I am leaning towards delay b/c: a) This probably is a previous rejection (which may or may not have all it's issues rectified) b) insulation on heat pump may not have been installed...
  14. Fugldod

    Model Y Delivery Cancelled

    I can confirm that Tesla seems to be having huge problems with quality control on the Model Y. I was supposed to get delivery (home drop-off) yesterday, June 17th, 2020. They called saying that as they were driving to my house that they noticed the software installed did not match the...
  15. Missile Toad

    How to get a marked-up version of new manuals

    Does anyone know how to get a version of the Model S and Model X manuals that show how they have been updated from year 2019 to year 2020? The software is changing so quickly, that its becoming difficult to keep track of how to operate essential features of the car. Frankly, the Release Notes...
  16. Seth2020

    Does your glovebox look like this (M3)

    ok... so does everyone's glovebox look like this, or should I schedule an appointment to fix it? If I schedule a fix, do you think they can do it mobile? (I presume not) 20200401_153625722_iOS by Seth2020 posted Apr 3, 2020 at 9:04 AM
  17. grapesmc

    First service experience - 2020 Model S Performance

    Hey gang After finding spots of oil a number of times on my garage floor under the front driver's side wheel, I made an appointment to have my Model S examined. I had suspected the front motor driveshaft was potentially the culprit after reading another member's similar experience. I filled out...
  18. Petrocelli

    "Tesla": The word that will get you a better Mercedes lease.

    I have been driving a C Class Mercedes since 1997. I get a new one about every three years. I have leased 6 Mercedes C class sedans in a row. Collectively, I have driven these cars about 270,000 miles. I pay about $600 a month, including 10% California sales tax. I put no money down (other...
  19. H

    Prospective owner with quality control question

    I was preparing to buy a Model 3 and had a 240v outlet installed in my garage this week. (I was having other electrical work done and figured I would take care of the outlet while I had the electrician’s attention.) Two days later, Consumer Reports came out with their release about pulling their...
  20. laudbrian

    Model 3 - Horn Issue - Check the left side

    I wanted to create a post to help other users as this could be a safety/QC issue on the horn not honking. I added the same response on a few replies to other posts but for search reasons I decided another main post is needed. This left side horn issue was more concerning for me because I am left...
  21. S

    Nightmarish Tesla Model 3 delivery - need help

    I reserved my Model 3 two plus years ago by going to the showroom, waiting 5 hours in line and ordered the car when I was invited for the Dual Motor version. My car came to the showroom in early September, so I got the loan from a credit union and went to go pick up the vehicle at my assigned...
  22. mucanta

    How is the MX quality of recents deliveries in GTA (International Center)

    Hi, My MX delivery is scheduled for Sep 20th 5 PM at International Center near the Toronto Pearson Airport. Has anyone taken a delivery of MX at IC in September ( I hear all September deliveries are now happening at IC starting Tuesday Sep 11)? If yes, please let us know how it went (the...
  23. Beta V

    Other manufacturing defects: Tow package and Horn

    I just got Angel back from the (really great) dealer in Bellevue, WA. I had a friend who wanted me to tow a bike trailer and I jumped at the chance to use my new Model X's tow package. I started by watching a couple of videos on how to do it before I slid under the car and exposed the tow-hitch...
  24. R

    Very disappointing first week with Model X

    Hope all is well. We have been awaiting the arrival of our Model X for about the last 3 months since we ordered it. We purchased this car for my father who has been an avid Lexus fan for the last two decades given the quality and reliability of their cars. I am starting to regret not purchasing...
  25. J

    Refused delivery Fri 4/20 :/

    Bummed to report that I ended up refusing delivery of our white M3 at the Fremont delivery center on Friday because of a deep scratch on the front quarter panel just ahead of the passenger side door, behind the passenger front wheel well, about 12-18 inches from the ground. The scratch was very...
  26. steve841

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    This is what happens when war of the classes is promoted by your mainstream media and others ("fair share" comes to mind) ....... Rather than someone congratulating you on your purchase and success ... you are demonized for being rich (even if you're not). Not like the old days when you see a...
  27. cookpwr

    Quality Control Issues Q1 2017

    So many threads on negative quality issues in Q3 and Q4 2016 (from the factory/delivery) which is to be expected in these forums (internet forums trend negative in general). I posted on this in the official Tesla Forums here but they can't do POLLS. Quality Control Update Q1 2017 | Tesla...
  28. JSZimmerman

    Ordered my Model X but having second thoughts??

    I few days ago I ordered a 90D Model X so I am still in the 7 day grace period to modify or cancel. After reading consumer reports and joining this forum I am wondering if I am making the right decision. I am most worried about the Quality Issues that seem to be plaguing the Model X, the noise...
  29. MGMDaware

    delivery postponed by service center

    So, you read a few of the "bad delivery" stories related to quality control and think to yourself, eh far and few between . . . . won't happen to me! Well, I was supposed to take delivery at 4pm today. I got a call from the service center about 45 min before I left telling me that the car...