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  1. F

    2023 Model Y Unacceptable Build Quality and Issues

    Hello All! I want to share my experience with the delivery of my Model Y yesterday (1/25/2023) a Burbank CA. The car was parked outside and the agent asked me to look around, I started seeing cosmetics issues, Paint bleeding, Scratches, Misalignment, wiring harness and others. The agent...
  2. C

    19” Gemini with Hankooks vs 20” Induction with Michelin

    I’m deciding between the 19” and 20” wheels. I asked the sales rep and the wheel configurations are as follows: 19” Geminis: Hankook Ventus S1evo3 EV tyres, 255/45R19 20” Inductions: Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, 255/40R20 I value ride quality and safety, followed by looks. Does anyone have...
  3. Maximillan

    Quality Control and Why It's So Hard - Model S Control Arms

    I wanted to share this thread as it provides a good insight into why quality control is hard. Look past the Musk / Tesla hate, it's worth a read. As anybody who's ever developed / manufactured something for a large organisation, people dynamics and culture play a big role in the final product...
  4. hirtaza

    People with 20inch wheel - How is the ride quality compared to 19s

    just curious to see if anyone upgraded to aftermarket 20inch rims from 18s or 19s or even if you have the performance with 20s Hows the ride quality? Do you guys wish you had gone with the 19s or you dont mind the 20s? I just ordered 20 inch wheels and I’m curious as previously the max I’ve...
  5. S

    Audio quality after updating worse in Bluetooth

    The sound quality got drastically worse after updating yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice everything streamed via Bluetooth from my iPhone sounded muffled. Also playing music on 40-50% volume before the update was loud and now I need to set the volume to 80% to achieve the same result. I...
  6. corndog

    Has Spotify bitrate increased??

    I haven't seen anyone talking about this, apart from @greentheonly mentioning it on twitter recently. This morning I checked for myself, and I think he might be right! For context; I stop short of claiming to be an audiophile, but I am pretty picky when it comes to music listening. I always...
  7. BZM3

    My Model Y Pick-up Experience and Car Quality/Feel

    Thought I'd share my pickup experience from today. Purchased new Model Y Long Range, White exterior, black interior, 19'' wheels. Car had a small paint blemish above the right rear wheel, our sales agent made note and added it to their system so that it's repair will be free of charge and at...
  8. CyberGus

    Cybertruck Pre-Delivery Checklist

    The first CT deliveries are still a long way off, but I thought we would get a head start on the pre-delivery checklist. Here is what I have so far: Check the VIN. Ensure the vehicle was not built at Fremont, or at end-of-quarter. Check the body for paint, ensure there is none. Check the...
  9. G

    Terrible quality issues and service experience

    Long post alert. Missing some dates for now.. will fill in as I find/remember. _____________________________ Aug 14, 2019 - date of purchase of my Model 3 Performance from Tesla Highland Park (Chicagoland): At delivery noticed rough to touch surfaces on bumper and hood. Accepted delivery after...
  10. tangent

    Thinking of buying a used performance Model S, and have some questions

    Hi, I am currently a happy Model X owner, and am thinking of getting a used Model S too, but the ideal price point would be around $35k for a performance model. That basically means I would probably look into model year around 2013 / 2014 with 60k+ miles. Without knowing the quality and...
  11. D

    Model X endless problems, 60 days to fix latest

    So, I was dumb enough to be an early adopter. Got a 2016 Model X. Was in the shop for a month when first purchased. Continued problems since. In the last six months, motor blew out and was replaced, front door hinge failed (again) and was replaced, storage compartment sliding door failed and...
  12. M

    Model X Quality

    First I want to say that I really like this car. I have 2018 Model X deliver in December. I think acceleration is amazing. I like the seats, the window, the spaciousness and autopilot...although the latter can kill you if you don't pay sharp attention. The issue I have is the quality. In...
  13. D

    Help Needed, How to file a complaint to Tesla

    Hello All, I recently purchased a new Model 3, and during the new car delivery inspection, I found a few issues, some are serious issues and some are less. I can now understand why there are alot of complaints about the cheap quality against Model 3 online. I have already scheduled an service...
  14. F

    Uneventful delivery... just the way I like it!

    Wow!!! There are a lot of horror stories on here about delivery and there are a few good stories. This is a “How car buying should be” story, sorry CarMax but Tesla has you beat. It started with the reservation on Oct 8, 2018. I wanted the tech so I reserved a black LR RWD with aero but wanted...
  15. F

    Tampa delivery moved up to the 11th from 17th

    I am so excited that my delivery got moved up. I haven’t seen anything about the quality of cars coming out lately, at least where I’ve been perusing. Anyone who has received a car in the last couple weeks can you provide your experience of the quality, good and bad?
  16. F

    Tampa delivery moved up to Nov 11 from 17th

    I am so excited my delivery date got moved up. I am looking for people that have had an experience, good or bad, at the new delivery center on Florida Ave. I’m also curious to know how the quality of cars have been. It’s a long way from Fremont which means there’s is a lot that can happen along...
  17. Gwgan

    Windscreen defect or injury?

    Not an asteroid. A mark visible in the sun in the middle of the windscreen. Not palpable on either side, even to the edge of a razor blade. Overall length about 3cm.
  18. mucanta

    How is the MX quality of recents deliveries in GTA (International Center)

    Hi, My MX delivery is scheduled for Sep 20th 5 PM at International Center near the Toronto Pearson Airport. Has anyone taken a delivery of MX at IC in September ( I hear all September deliveries are now happening at IC starting Tuesday Sep 11)? If yes, please let us know how it went (the...
  19. B

    New* ventilated P100D seats

    Has there been any consensus on the quality of the returning ventilated seats in the P100D? I'm considering stretching my budget for the P100D (nobody let /r/personalfinance know), but I want to make sure I'm not receiving lower quality seats for doing so. Thanks for any input you may have!
  20. sdrevik

    Suggested Inspection Checklist?

    Picking mine up from GA next Friday the 27th (VIN 52xxx). I've read about people with a few issues here and there, but perhaps it would be good to collaborate on a checklist of possible manufacturing defects to look for. Might make a good sticky thread. Things I could think of: Latest...
  21. S

    Resolution? Defective Paint, Trim & Glass NEW Model X

    I'm less than a month new to TESLA and this forum. I'm can be a perfectionist, especially when things are new. I picked up my Model X 100D A few weeks ago in San Diego. The delivery 'production' was smooth. It was indoors and under bright lighting. It was an experience. As I walked towards the...
  22. Skipdd

    Great Service Experience

    Thought I would do a shoutout for my local SC (Rockville, MD), as most postings I see are negative (understandable), and like others, I track the quality "regression line" anecdotally to help decide if/when I might upgrade. Had my 50k service done this week. Some minor things I asked them to...
  23. Tiger

    One would think that if he really put his mind (right) on these issues, they would be solved, pronto

    Tesla workers claim anti-LGBT threats, taunts, and racial abuse in lawsuits Tesla’s New Car Smell – Monday Note
  24. lux_cars

    Anybody go from an S-Class to Model X?

    Did anyone go from a Mercedes S-Class to the Model X? I'm debating between getting an S-Class (or maybe even the new 2018 Audi A8) or a Model X for myself but I'm so used to these big German barges I'm concerned I might not be happy with the interior, material quality, fit/finish, amenities and...
  25. cookpwr

    Quality Control Issues Q1 2017

    So many threads on negative quality issues in Q3 and Q4 2016 (from the factory/delivery) which is to be expected in these forums (internet forums trend negative in general). I posted on this in the official Tesla Forums here but they can't do POLLS. Quality Control Update Q1 2017 | Tesla...
  26. PedanticOne

    October/November 2016 Build Quality?

    Hi, I'm a relatively new lurker member. I just recently placed my order and it should get confirmed next Tuesday. Of course, reading the forums here and on the Tesla site, I see a lot of people with a lot of problems, which of course has always concerned me. That said, I've exchanged emails with...
  27. mal_tsla

    Falcon Wing Doors Quality Poll (Everyone answer please!)

    This is my first post here. We have a X90D on order, so I've been reading up on the vehicle to feel more prepared. A common thread, especially lately, is the quality of the FWD doors. By quality, I mostly mean their reliability/functioning. Example problems: Do they open/close properly in the...
  28. krazineurons

    Quality and Drive Experience with inventory Model X?

    Has anyone here bought an inventory model X? How has been the quality and Tesla's willingness to fix them? Thinking if i should get an inventory and save some more or wait till Jan for my own X.
  29. zambono

    Will Ultra High Fidelity Sound, UHFS get updated on S

    It is known that the engineers did not have a Model S when they first created the setup, and they did with the X which provided a better outcome for the same price. The fact that the audio debate still exists should alert Tesla that its not up to par, specially at the $2500 price tag...
  30. badboy1980

    Sound Quality of Rdio & Voice Command

    Hi all, I am continuing to enjoy my Model S, although, I have been underwhelmed with the sound quality of Rdio. Whenever I use it the sound quality has a "fuzzy" background sound. Is this normal? I live in the UK and we only have 3G at the moment, so I am not sure if this impacts it (normally...
  31. 3

    Build Quality

    Hi all owners, I got it last Friday, can't blame the delivery specialist she kept talking and I asked lots of questions as well. Who wasn't keen to quickly take it for a spin? I discovered a few things upon closing look. 1) stitches at the steering wheel don't look durable to me, pretty...