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  1. T

    Custom Order / In stock

    Hello all, I just placed an order for a new Model S, to be delivered to the center closest to me between Jan-March. However, I see that the exact same build I ordered is actually in inventory at the second closest location to me, which is only about an additional 20-30 minutes away from the...
  2. S

    Does FUSC transfer on CPO vehicles if sold privately?

    Hi all, I can't seem to find a lot of information on CPO vehicles being sold privately so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it here. For some context, I bought my 2015 Model S back in the beginning of 2019 through Tesla's CPO program and now I'm looking to sell it privately...
  3. M

    Everything disabled, after bottoming out on a freeway transition

    Car bottom'd out on a really rough freeway road transition and almost everything sensor related turned off. Disabled regenerative braking, traction control, emergency braking, proximity sensors, etc. I pulled over and let the car shutdown and reset back to normal. Anyone familiar with this...
  4. J

    Battery + coolant

    Hi everyone, I hope I can get some help or suggestions. Few days ago I drove over something at the freeway and immediately got notification for low coolant and schedule service. I looked under the car and saw some leaking. I schedule service for first availability and brought the car over. (I...
  5. M

    Tesla's Build Sheet for Carvana. Can you please guide me how to get it?

    Tesla's Build Sheet for Carvana. Can you please guide me how to get it. Thanks
  6. V

    Pirelli Pzero Summer tires on wet grass/muddy field?

    This may be a dumb question, but I've never driven summer performance tires before, let alone with such a heavy car. I was planning on taking the car to a festival nearby, but parking is in a field. Currently, there is rain expected for that day. It's a hard grass field so it won't be thick mud...
  7. N

    Model S Spotify Issue

    When using spotify through the infotainment center, there are certain songs that do not play. The first song I noticed this happening to is "Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains. It just skips to the next song. I can listen to this song fine on any other device including my phone, and the toggle...
  8. F

    Any photos of Suntek matte PPF of on blue out there?

    Hey there. I have been searching high and low on this site, on Suntek’s site, on plenty of installer’s sites, and just anywhere on the internet for even one good photo of a blue Tesla with Suntek matte PPF and it’s impossible. All I get are pages of results for Xpel, or a couple of really poorly...
  9. orion2001

    Feedback regarding service at the Raleigh, NC Service Center in 2021

    I currently have an open model Y order, but am on the fence at the moment as I wait to see if anything happens with the Federal tax credits/rebate situation later this year. There is a chance I may just go ahead with the order anyways as my 11 year old sedan has been getting on my nerves with...
  10. Kirill

    Order Question

    Two weeks ago I was about to pick up a demo model 3 but Tesla did not approve the loan as I was not able to provide 3 months of personal income statements. I kept all my income in the business bank account. Which for some reason Tesla does not consider that as income and only provides consumer...
  11. G

    Attention Any Potential New Owners in London

    I wanted to offer my assistance to any potential new owners of Tesla's or any other EV's to help them navigate their first few steps into EV ownership. I live in SW London so happy to meet if you are local or can communicate over phone etc if you aren't. Am happy to answer any questions or...
  12. F

    Model Y for Australia will come from GF Shanghai

    Anyone think like me that here s a good chance model Y for RHD markets will come from gf3 in 2021? Also me thinks so will model 3 around same time as Fremont will focus only on US (and european LHS markets until GF Berlin comes online)
  13. A

    Requesting expertise on buying from tesla.com/used vs dealership

    Hi! 1. Is it "safer" to purchase used Model S from tesla.com/used than dealerships? 2. What are some important things to look/test for if I do go with a dealership (which seems cheaper) vs from Tesla I did lots of digging on reddit but I was hoping to get some inputs from the community here on...
  14. S

    New 2019 MX Long Range

    Hi All! I have been creeping on here a while. I leased a 2017 MS and then had a GLE AMG Benz, which was great, but doesn't compare to Tesla! I luckily found a GEM of a deal in Orlando on a 2019 NEW Long Range Model X with only 200 miles. Apparently someone bought it, but returned the next day...
  15. CDMtoday

    Performance options - All or Nothing?

    Hi. New to the Forum. Hope this is not a dupe. I could not find it. I ordered my Y Perf in Sept. The recent change to the Perf option, where the wheels/brakes/tires/pedals/top speed is a free option to the Perf option package is quite confusing. I assume the drop in range from 315 to 280 is a...
  16. N

    Free 2 Years Supercharge?

    I signed for and picked up my Model 3 on September 27th. I called and they said I should get the charging on October 1st. Is there anything else I need to do on my end? Some folks seem to already have it and based on prior experiences with Tesla customer service everyone seems to be informed...
  17. Y

    I want to buy a Tesla and i was wondering what you guys think would be the best way to do it.

    So basically my question is this, Would it be a smarter choice to lease a car or get a loan from the bank and pay for the car outright and then pay back the loan on an agrees upon minimum amount? I am looking to get a new car soon and i have been contemplating this for some time now. Also...
  18. E

    Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope

    I've been a lurker for that last 2 years following the Supercharger threads for Alexandria, Fargo, Grand Forks & Pembina. With the false hope of "End of 2017"/"End of 2018" and now "End of 2050" stations to be completed. You see, I've been putting off a trip. A trip to travel from Montreal...
  19. J

    Full Self Driving vs Long Range

    Hello! I'm about ready to pull the trigger and new Model 3. What's holding up my decision, is the choice between Full Self Driving vs Long Range. I live in FL and those of you know, we drive and put on some miles. Once I buy, I'm going to drive the piss out of the car. I drive 125 round...
  20. J

    Pre-FSD FSD

    Has there been any commitments on what features might be delivered to FSD customers before the actual full self driving? I recall reading that enhanced summon would come not only to FSD owners, but also EAP owners. So do we know, if I buy FSD, are there features coming before full self driving...
  21. R

    Model 3 Rear Passenger Seats Rattling

    I'm currently having some intense rattling in my rear passenger seats (particularly the right one) and the seat always rattles. I've taken it to a service center (and paid them $195...) to "fix" it, but even after they told me the rattle is gone, it's still there. Was wondering if any of you...
  22. J

    Which Home Charger Should I Buy?

    My wife and I are both considering getting Model 3s as our next cars. Is there a home charger that can charge two vehicles at once or do we need to purchase two chargers? What is the amperage requirements of a charger? The house we purchased is pre-wired for 30 amps, but can run more capacity if...
  23. Kee_Chain

    Used Model 3 Option Packages Transfer Question

    Hello, I am thinking about buying a long range model 3 RWD, I know for a fact I would like to buy used and am willing to wait until Model 3 really start hitting the used market (More than they currently are). One question that I can not find a solid answer on is that if owner 1 (original owners)...
  24. friday80s

    Is it OK to let the charging port door close over an unconnected J1772 adapter?

    There aren't enough charging stations to parking spaces at work so we usually park near a station and rely on coworkers who have finished charging to unplug their EV and plug in whoever's next in line. The stations are public level-2 EV-Connect stations which require the J1772 adapter to be left...
  25. Arizona Willie

    My Tessie has insomnia

    I constantly get messages that my Tesla is trying to sleep. Tesla failed to sleep. Over and over and over. Eventually, sometimes, it goes to sleep. But it takes many attempts to go to sleep before it succeeds. Is something wrong with my car?
  26. Arizona Willie

    One one of the screens of my Tessie there is a power button

    if I touch it it asks me if I am sure I want to turn off the power. I bailed because I wasn't sure what would happen. What happens if you turn off the power? Can you turn it back on again when you get in? Does it just shut everything down so it's like a normal car with no sentry mode or anything?

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