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  1. Mr. Impatient

    Model 3 pre-2021 owners, would you downgrade the software to what it was when you bought the car if you could?

    When I bought my 3 3 years ago 3 owners I spoke to raved about how the software updates made the car better and better. This seems to have abruptly stopped more or less at the time when I signed my contract. Every update since has made my car worse to drive than it was before, ranging from...
  2. BrendonHolt

    Tesla Total Loss - Looking at Options, everything murky, looking for guidance

    Wrecked my wife 2018 Tesla Model 3 LR w Enhanced Auto Pilot. Trying to find the right replacement car: 1. Have 2023 that can arrive Feb. 7 2023, but research shows it has no more Ultrasonic and they took out the Radar, argh... Understand the promise of technology, have been a software...
  3. danny

    What will 2023 look like for Tesla? Our predictions. | Tesla Motors Club Podcast #30

    Topics- 0:00 Stream begins 0:17 Intro 1:07 Will Tesla's new end of year incentives motivate customers? 14:22 CPUC caves to power companies 21:00 Thread of the week - Tesla adding radar 30:54 Mike's new Autel MaxiCharger charging station 41:21 TMC's prediction for 2023 Co-hosts- Louis: nebusoft...
  4. B

    Has tesla de-activated radar on my model 3

    I have an early 2021 model 3 with radar. I have noticed with software update 2022.40.4.2 if I am on autopilot on a dark dual carriageway with no cars in front of me but cars travelling the other way so the headlights are on dip the car wants to slow to 40mph ish! and comes with the warning...
  5. danny

    James Locke on Tesla's Removal of Ultrasonic Sensors and Radar

    Munro & Associates estimate that Tesla will save over $100/car by removing ultrasonic sensors. @SteelClouds @nebusoft and James Locke discuss why they think Tesla removed ultrasonic sensors, and radar as well. This is a clip from Tesla Motors Club Podcast #24. The full podcast video is...
  6. robo_robb

    2019 Model 3 Performance (South Jersey)

    I'm selling my 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance. 56,700 miles. Car has basic autopilot. No accidents. Title In hand. It also comes with a spare tire, trunk mat, and sun shades for every window. This car has the superior RADAR and camera hardware for autopilot, unlike later model years. This is a...
  7. Mikecm1

    Going from 2022.20.8 to 2022.24.5 – radar removal or not?

    I know that with version 2022.20.9 radar is apparently being removed, but what if you skip 20.9 and go straight to 24.5? Has anyone done this and can confirm that radar is or isn’t disabled? I’m really looking forward to the 24.5 changes but absolutely not interested in losing radar.
  8. mikey_bs

    Model S refresh - Reduced Front Radar Visibility

    I recently took delivery of a refreshed Model S. Over the last few weeks when trying to engage auto pilot I am receiving an error message “Reduced front radar visibility”. It’s very spotty, sometimes I’ll be able to use AP for a minute or two when newly getting in the car for the day or trip...
  9. M

    Radar losing calibration?

    I purchased a used 2017 Model S 75D just about a month ago from a 3rd party dealership, and have been having issues with AP warnings. When purchased, the vehicle had HW2.0 & MCU1, with FSD purchased. AP/Cruise was unable to be used, as there was a warning showing on the dash. According to...
  10. Taym

    Shanghai Model Ys: W/ or W/O Radar?

    Hello everyone, I should get delivery of my Shanghai-manufactured Model Y in 10 days, more or less. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if Model Ys currently manufactured in Shanghai come with radar or without it? Thank you!
  11. Stream

    Voor- en nadelen radar

    Er is nog geen focus-discussie voor de voordelen en nadelen van radar. Lidar is altijd een discussiepunt geweest bij Tesla, maar het verwijderen van de radar kwam voor mij als een verrassing ivm de voordelen die radar heeft over vision en lidar. Daarom vind ik het interessant om te snappen...
  12. techMology

    Forward Radar on Pre-AP 2014

    My significant other rear-ended a car in our 2014 pre-AP MS a couple of weeks ago in (what we think was) a staged-rear end collision. She also managed to curb rash two freshly repaired 21' turbine wheels (all in less than 6 hours), but I digress. The entire front end of the car is being...
  13. A

    Driver assist features unavailable - front radar alignment

    I took my model S long range 2020 to a car wash and as soon as I left the message « Driver assist features unavailable » appeared. At first I thought some water might have leaked inside the bumper so I decided to give it some time to dry out. After a month or so of waiting nothing happened and I...
  14. Telanon

    Vendor LaneAhead® System using radar to spot crash danger and focus driver attention

    In addition to the poll above, if you own or have on order an Autopilot-equipped Model S or X, please consider taking this interest survey with only seven click-the-answer-box questions: LaneAhead® Driver Support System . It gives details for Mobileye’s 630 vision-based system for some...
  15. T

    M3 Heated front radar?

    Is there any news will M3 get this? MY got this already when they started shipping those.
  16. S

    Green: Model 3 Autopilot hardware being updated with 4D imaging radar

    https://twitter.com/greentheonly/status/1319363515610812416 See Green's thread and the company's website: 4d Imaging Radar - Arbe
  17. D

    Any experience with 3M wraps and interruption of radar and sensors?

    Hi there, I will be purchasing my Model 3 in a few days and I would like to apply a 3M 1080 Wrap on it. I am however concerned about impact on performance of sensors such as the radar for emergency braking. Does anyone have a experience with these wraps and if they have any impact on the car’s...
  18. BennyMountfort

    FSD vs Non FSD Smoothness

    Talking latest non FSD vs FSD Question - Besides the added functionality of FSD (auto lane change, summon etc) is autopilot better / smoother with FSD by incorporating map data? My Radar is honestly a little ADHD. It will brake suddenly if there is corner and it can see the car in the other...
  19. K

    NO-DRILL license plate & Radar problem??

    Hi all, Just curious if anyone has similar experience. I have an AP1 model S. I had installed the no drill license plate holder like this from EVANNEX. I am not certain but it seems I started to notice problem with my front radar after heavy rain. After some time of heavy rain, I will start...
  20. GolanB

    HW and SW Redundancy in HW3

    Today in a tweet, Elon Musk eluded to hardware and software redundancy coming. He then further clarified a question about how this will work: A few questions come up as I think about this: 1. Will each SoC run identical versions of the OS and NN? - If so, will this potentially open...
  21. GolanB

    Second Failure of AutoPilot: Identical Location (2019.8.3) - Radar Failure

    This afternoon, while coming back home from the office, I experienced a nearly identical failure of AutoPilot while driving through the Holland Tunnel to NYC. This is the second time in a week this occurred while running 2019.8.3. In both cases, I received the "red hands" warning to take over...
  22. lunitiks

    Let's talk radar!

    Warning: Nerdy-nerdnerdynerd thread :cool: So what you're looking at is Tesla's forward radars; AP1, AP2.0 and AP2.5 respectively. (OK, not 100% precise but close enough.) Radar - Autopilot hardware 1 and 2.0 (Bosch) Tesla Model S and X with Autopilot hardware 1 and 2.0 have a Bosch...
  23. T

    (i) Driver Assistance features unavailable & DEER

    Last week a deer jumped out in front of my X 100D and it got bounced off the hood but ran off, hope it’s OK. The hood, front parts, and the shape of the frunk are damaged and numerous plastic pieces broken. Some sensors just inside the front are hanging by their wires. Since then I get the...
  24. T

    Front Bumper Issue After Sensor "Recalibration"

    A week or so ago, I had the autopilot engaged while in stop and go traffic on an interstate. While stopped, the warning chimes suddenly kicked in along with the flashers and the car did not start moving again with traffic. I was able to take manual control after a few panicky seconds but I was...
  25. J

    Radar sensor failure

    Has anyone with one of the longer-range radar sensors used for ACC had any trouble with it operating properly? Are there any situations in which you have noticed that the radar sensor's data cannot be accessed or the display panel outputs an error message regarding the radar? I have heard that...
  26. J

    Failure modes of radar sensor

    Hi everyone, I got my hands on a Bosch mid-range radar (MRR) sensor that I believe belonged to a model S a while back. Now I'm working on a school project where we try to get the sensor to fail (i.e., output wrong or unusable data). Those of us involved in the project have defined a goal of...
  27. prash

    Radar detector mount

    Which rearview mirror radar detector mount works best on 2017 Model S? Blendmount has none that would fit 2017 Model S. Tried Radarmount but not a good fit.
  28. T

    Radar detectors

    i have gotten used to driving without my radar detector because my Model S windshield blocked most of the signals. I read that the Model S, like some Mercedes cars, had metallic/silver elements in the glass to reflect heat. Regardless of cause, i was forced to sell my beloved Valentine One...
  29. strangecosmos

    Tesla Leapfrogs Self-Driving Competitors With Radar That's Better Than Lidar

    Tesla has dispensed with any need for lidar by developing a radar system with superior performance to lidar, using low-cost hardware. Combining software improvements and fleet learning, Tesla upgraded its radar to a primary sensor, co-equal with cameras. Link to article: Tesla Leapfrogs...
  30. T

    Model S 2016 Autopilot Sensors

    Hey everyone, we just got a 2016 Model S (with Full Self-Driving Capability) for our university and I need to research a bit about the used sensors for the Autopilot. Unluckily it is very difficult to find any reliable sources. The owner's Manual shows an old version with only one camera. The...
  31. X

    Where is the front radar on HW2 cars located?

    Today I was trying to enable autopilot on my HW2 car (17.9.3) and I was getting on and off error "Reduced front radar visibility". We had a bit of snow in the area but not much. I looked in front of the car but I couldn't exactly locate where the front radar is. Are there any pictures showing...
  32. tornado

    Escort 8500ci/9500ci or Beltronics STiR on a new Model S?

    Hi there, I'm selling my 2013 Model S (131,000 miles on it!) with the old nosecone that so helpfully housed my 8500ci these past 4 years, and getting a new Model S. Short question - I'm not sure where to put the 8500ci's radar/laser receiver with the new Model S lacking the nosecone! Has...
  33. rhumbliner

    All or Nothing TACC

    Driving from Las Vegas to Jackson, WY I encountered a typical mix of wintry road conditions. It wasn't long before the nosecone iced over to the point where the forward sensors no longer functioned. So, of course AP and TACC were disabled and that's when I first realized that without TACC...
  34. GasKilla

    Trash blowing across freeway put my car into emergency braking

    I was in moderate traffic (car in front of me was several car lengths ahead of me, not locked on in blue) with TACC and AP engaged when my car started braking and flashed the red collision car graphic. I was very confused because the car in front of me wasn't braking and was quite far away...
  35. Three60guy

    Auto Pilot V8.x - When is database created?

    I have a question. Electrek provided a transcript of the press conference regarding Auto Pilot 8.X. In part Elon Musk stated: "It’s a lot of software and quite a complicated job to fit that software on to the available computer hardware in the vehicle. It was a challenging software problem...
  36. whitex

    How to add elements to instrument cluster or main display

    I know there has been a bunch of reverse engineering happening by different people (wk057 comes to mind, but there are others). I remember reading that Tesla uses X11 for the cluster display. Is there any way to connect to the internal ethernet and send an X-window to the cluster or main...
  37. R

    So how many speeding tickets have you gotten so far?

    So, having had my Model S 90D since September 2015 I thought I had it all figured out. Keep an eye peeled for the chippers, take my foot off the accelerator, decelerate rapidly, and all would be well. No harm no foul. Of course, today I was in a crappy mood and did not notice the white SUV...
  38. 8

    New Tesla Model S Has 2nd Triple Cam For Autopilot & Pedestrian Noise Unit

    New Tesla Model S Has 2nd Triple Cam For Autopilot & Pedestrian Noise Unit (CleanTechnica Exclusive) "The key items of interest are right there in the title: the new Model S is set to have a triple cam for Autopilot that supplements the camera the S has had since Tesla began its foray in...