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  1. G

    Just looked under the radiator cover. What a mess of grasshoppers.

    I just drove 2800km in Saskatchewan/Alberta. This can't be good for the car. I'm going to install a screen of some sort in front of the grill inlet.
  2. Frizzle Fry

    How should I remove an army of grasshoppers trapped inside the car's grille?

    tl;dr: How can I remove a large number of grasshoppers trapped inside the grille below the front bumper? So I'm visiting Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada, and drove through several swarms of grasshoppers along the way. There was no way to avoid the poor guys; even slowing down...
  3. G

    Anyone know how to remove cover over radiator/A.C. condenser?

    I released clips on the upper part of the cover and can peer in enough to see a bunch of dead bugs/fuzz. I want to completely remove the cover so I can clean, but not sure how to release the bottom part of the cover?
  4. A

    Tesla Thermal Management System - explanation

    So I would like to explain everything I understand about Model S (very likely Model X is similar) thermal management system. Number in yellow is slightly to the left of the object it refers to. It's easier to open the picture in different window, drag it to the left screen portion while keeping...