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  1. C

    FM Radio stopped working

    I'm on v11.1 (2024.3.25). FM Radio is not working. Streaming, navigation work fine. If I do the two button reset, FM radio starts to work again until next time I drive the car. Anyone else hitting this? I have a 2018 Model 3 AWD.
  2. S

    Tesla M3 Voice command to open Radio will not work

    I’ve looked for the answer in this forum and can’t find it. Often, I have Spotify playing by default and wish to change to Radio whilst driving. I’d rather use voice than reach across the screen and change the source. I’ve tried “open radio, play radio, change source to radio, play, change to...
  3. N

    Radio turns on at startup?

    Although the radio is off when exiting the car, it ofter starts up the next time the car is started. Is there a setting to disable this odd feature/bug?
  4. N

    RDS data missing

    Radio Data Service (RDS) used to show up. After the latest update only the station name is appearing. Has anyone else noticed this issue?
  5. M

    Accessing HD stations

    So I had a 2019 Model 3 SR+ and could key a frequency and tune in a station and if it had HD sub channels, the interface would list the at the top by the station name (as HD1 , HD2, etc). Great feature! That car got rear-ended and I finally have a replacement (2018 LR) but with the latest...
  6. J

    Radio (DAB) service following no longer working?

    Service following is when you’re listening to a syndicated network like Heart, Capital etc and you leave one area it auto switches to a better signal. Sometimes it can even switch from DAB to FM if the FM version is stronger (although I don’t think Tesla have ever done this). It’s a standard...
  7. B

    Radio and voice commands

    Anybody getting the radio turning on after giving a voice command?
  8. O

    Incoming callers hear the radio

    On a new Model S Plaid, incoming callers hear my music playing on the FM (HD) radio for a split second, long enough to identify the genre. I have a Pixel 7 Pro. Does anyone else have this issue?
  9. IvesSM

    Radio station display on main screen

    MX build April 2023. When the radio is on the station is displayed on the main screen. There is NO WAY to hide it. I was told this is a software glitch on X & S models and will be fixed soon but I was also told it had been this way for a while. Can anyone confirm this glitch and provide any...
  10. Mario Veras

    Radio volume when opening door

    Is there a way to prevent the radio volume from going down when a door opens. That can be annoying in some cases. I much rather lower the volume manually as I deem necessary.
  11. B

    roadster 2010 rear view camera installation

    Hi everyone, I am the owner of the silly black spider themed Roadster 2010 in the Cayman Islands of all places and would love some advice from the community as to the installation of a rear view camera to be tied to an aftermarket fold up full touch screen 1 DIN radio replacement AND a full...
  12. W

    Opening Tesla App on iPhone turns on radio in the car?

    Hi Everyone - I have a 2021 Model S LR Refresh and have a really annoying problem that I'm not sure how to fix. Whenever I am parked at home and I open up the Tesla app on my iPhone, it seems to turn on the radio in the car. I do have the setting enabled to not lock the doors when I parked at...
  13. M

    Radio FM Tuner Reset

    I recently bought my first Tesla, a 2019 Model 3. Unfortunately, during my test drives with it, I never realized that the radio seems to not function (wouldn't be a turn off anyhow as I rarely use it, but would like it to work). Every other source works just fine, but selecting "Radio" just pops...
  14. W

    Shadow banned on Time In?

    For the last couple of weeks I've noticed that all the podcasts that I have saved to my favorites from conservative talk show hosts won't load. The new episodes show up on the episodes list but when I click on them I just get the spinning circle endlessly. All the other podcasts I click on load...
  15. R

    Cycling through radio presets

    When cycling through radio station presets using the thumb wheel, either forwards or backwards, cycling past the last preset will switch audio sources. So the radio will stop and the audio will switch to another audio source. In the old Tesla UI, it was possible to prevent this from happening...
  16. ybbor

    Spotify and car "favorites"?

    Has anyone figure out how to add anything from spotify to the cars quick favorites section? I'd never seen or been able to get anything in to that quick list until 2020.44, then my podcasts appeared in the favorites list, but nothing else from Spotify. Also, is there a voice search or...
  17. M

    Model S audio (radio) - is it a bit rubbish or is it me?

    Folks, is it just me or is the audio system on the current Model S Long Range in UK just not very good? The DAB / FM radio on my outgoing car, a 2013 BMW 520, seems to be way better... Specifically my issue is the radio, which just seems to be poor - not easy to use (but I'll get over that) but...
  18. J

    Only Default Stations Showing in Tunein

    I am a total newb when it comes to Tunein. I am tired of paying the exorbitant fees to Sirius for the 2-4 stations that I ever listen to in the car (Model X, 2017). Saw the Tunein option on the Tesla menu and decided to look into it. On PC, registered for free Tunein account, and saw the...
  19. S

    No radio after 2020.4.2

    Having picked up my M3 a week ago, I set my favourite AM and DAB radio stations. Then I upgraded to 2020.4.2 and now I can only use TuneIn stations and Spotify. Although my AM and DAB favourites remain in the favourites list, touching on them only brings up the spinning wheel of death. The DAB...
  20. J

    DAB radio text and scrolling

    I was going to post a Feature Request in the Model 3 UI forum asking that the DAB information text line scroll. On the stations I listen to, the programme name often takes up the whole space and I can't see the name of the track. I seem to remember that other DAB radios I've seen scroll the text...
  21. DrMrEd

    FM radio not great

    I know most of you folks have moved onto streaming/usb music, but I still like to listen to NPR commuting to work. I've found the FM radio a bit disappointing - some fuzziness on open highways, digital noises when I get in town, overall lower volume than other inputs. Never noticed this in my...
  22. Spelly88

    Slacker and Spotify Observations

    I've had a hard time finding Slacker and Spotify details so I'm going to post some observations I've made in the hopes that it might help someone. If anyone wants to add on to this list, please do so. To start, let me say that since v10, for me at least, voice commands will no longer directly...
  23. H

    SiriusXM Flaky Then Failed

    I just took delivery of a new Raven Model X two weeks ago and I'm happy to finally be part of the movement! Question: my SXM channels have been flaky since day 1. They will randomly stop working even with clear sky and no trees and it will take a few minutes before they come back. Last night...
  24. J

    Tesla Model 3 Service Issues

    Model 3 Standard Range Plus Service Issues: a somewhat reasonable rant. Please read to the end. This is long, here is a summary: I just barely missed out on free supercharging miles, I missed out on white (which is a paint I wanted but couldn’t muster up my wallet for. This is a stupid remark...
  25. S

    Sirius XM Disconnect Issues

    Anybody else have issues with SiriusXM cutting out and not coming back, even with no obstructions? It sometimes take 24 hours to get the signal back. I went to service center and they said it’s because of my ceramic tint on the back window because the antenna is there. But that didn’t sit right...
  26. M

    FM Receiver Strength Low

    Anyone notice low FM receiver signal strength? I live in a remote area and my other cars have much better FM reception.
  27. MountainPass

    Vendor How To: Perform Hard Reset on Tesla Model 3

    Hello friends! Sasha's music streaming stopped working for a full day last week, and after we got it back up and running using this procedure we realized it would be selfish to not share it with all of you. This guide will walk you through how to perform a hard reset on your Tesla Model 3...
  28. longshadows

    TuneIn Radio

    Love my M3 and the audio system. Slacker isn't great, but I use TuneIn Radio all the time (streaming those classical stations...). Problem is, I can't seem to set any stations as "favorites" and have them stick. I have to search for them once I exceed the number allowed to remain in...
  29. therightbruno

    Radio vs Spotify volume verschil

    Is er bij jullie ook zo'n verschil tussen het volume van radio zenders en Spotify? De meeste wagens hebben aparte volume controls om dit beter in balans te krijgen maar de M3 duidelijk niet (of ik vind de optie niet). Bij Spotify moet mijn volume steevast op 70% van het maximum staan als ik op...
  30. H

    Model 3 radio reception issue

    I've noticed since I took delivery of my AWD Model 3 in Sept 2018 that the FM radio reception is quite mediocre. I've read other reports however nothing I've seen seems to be quite this bad, or quite this tolerable by the manufacture. Note that I'm listening to FM stations that are local and...
  31. P

    No HD Radio

    I dont see any hd1 or hd2 radio channels in the station category. I have seen ppl have hd1 hd2 kind of station in the list. How do i scan for those?
  32. C

    Voice recognition - playing specific radio stations doesn't work anymore

    I got my Model 3 last weekend. Since the first day, I was able to say voice commands such as "Play 94.9 FM," or "Play Kiro 97.3 FM" And it would work fine. Yesterday, however, this capability stopped working. And it's not the voice recognition that's failing (since it understands what I said...
  33. David29

    Network down again?

    About 12:30 Eastern, my streaming audio, internet radio, and voice commands (at least for the Bug report I was trying to make) all stopped working. Plus I could not reach the car from my mobile app. This is similar-sounding to what some people reported a few days ago when the servers...
  34. ev4thewin

    Intune radio skips/Slacker radio does not

    Has anyone else had this problem? I searched multiple forums, Google, and opened a ticket with Tesla and not much luck. So what happens is anything I play on Intune radio skips horribly. Plays for a few seconds, skips, and repeats constantly. I know its not a connection issue as Slacker will...
  35. A

    Radio (AM/FM) cuts in and out when first in car

    I posted about this a while ago and since many SW upgrades have not fixed it I thought I would try again.. When I first get in the car and it has been left in radio mode(AM/FM Only) the radio sound occasionally cuts from static to sound repeatedly for about 5 seconds then resumes sound. I have...
  36. RedModel3

    How to turn off audio/radio?

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I got my car yesterday and have been unable to find an answer to this. I don't always like to listen to radio or music when I drive. For the life of me, I have been unable to figure out how to turn the audio/radio off. The media system seems very unintuitive...
  37. youlikeadajuice

    Tune In radio losing hundreds of stations

    Was listening to 880 AM news radio via TuneIn on my ride into work this morning when I hear an ad saying that 880 will be moving to radio.com and to use the new radio.com app to listen as it will no longer be available on TuneIn. Obviously, Tesla doesn't have a radio.com app, soooo, I guess no...
  38. C

    Is the Favorites radio station working well for anyone?

    Curious to hear how the Favorites streaming radio station is working for others. My understanding was that the station works by looking at all the songs you have thumbed up, and building out a playlist that contains those songs as well as others it thinks are related. Within a week or two of...
  39. K

    Radio goes on after ending a phone call -- when it wasn't on before!

    Does anyone else have this problem? I'm in my Model X with the radio OFF. I make a phone call, hang up, and then the radio comes on automatically -- every single time. It is off before I make the call. Sometimes it's very startling because I'm driving and it's loud. The radio will also come...
  40. AhadV

    For Sale Tesla Model S Radio Flyer Redemption Code

    Hello Everybody! I have a Tesla Model S Radio Flyer Redemption Code for sale. Asking $400 Thanks for looking!
  41. S

    Wrong FM Radio Station Logos

    Many of my radio stations show the wrong logo, usually a station from another city and often different formats. Like a country station in Chicago when I live in Minneapolis. I think only 2 are actually right. Is there a why to fix this or is this just a bug somewhere? Sorry if this was...
  42. plasmo

    Slacker radio has not been working well lately

    For some reason my Slacker radio has not been working well lately, and have been having hangs and spinning circles a lot. I know it is not my LTE connection because Podcasts and other Internet radio works fine. The only way that I have been able to fix this is by doing a reset of the center...
  43. plasmo

    Slacker radio has not been working well lately

    sorry posted in wrong section - please delete
  44. Mike M

    Sirius XM - No Channel Listing

    Having installed Sirius XM it was unfortunate to find that there is no channel listing and no way to direct tune a channel. Evidently for some there is a folder hierarchy but others of us, nothing. So its a matter of tuning through each channel individually. Going to bring up to the SC when...
  45. KBurbridge14

    SiriusXM Radio has taken a big step backwards with 8.1

    I'm very disappointed that 8.1 has, for some unknown reason, tweaked what was a really good thing. As a audiophile and fan of music history, I always loved (past tense) the way Tesla allowed the 17" screen to display ALL of the song details: full title, artist, year, etc. Since 8.1, however, a...
  46. renshcp

    Can I get a list of my Stitcher favorited songs somewhere?

    Can I get a list of my Stitcher favorited songs somewhere? I'd like to create an Apple Music or Spotify playlist of the songs I've marked as favorites in Stitcher.
  47. ldgrmnmc

    Radio and ?spotify in 8.0

    NewThe slacker app is gone in my 8.0 update and is replaced by whatever Personal Streaming Radio is. Some content such as the DNA shows is the same as or is from slacker. But it's not clear. If you look in Settings...then Apps, slacker is no longer there. It's not replaced by anything as obvious...
  48. ldgrmnmc

    Slacker App question

    I'm struggling a bit with the Slacker app.....I have a good bit of experience with Pandora and Spotify, but I'm trying to learn Slacker.....and I paid for a "private" account through iTunes instead of the general one through Tesla. BUT, below the album cover photo is a musical note with a +...
  49. H

    Passenger Visor Broken, now no radio or sat reception, Model X

    My son managed to take the passenger sun visor and somehow snap it (moved it the wrong way). Now the FM and sat radios have no reception. LTE and therefore internet radio both working fine. Looking at the wires, all I see is the wires to power the vanity mirror, but does anyone know how these...
  50. Skotty

    EVs and Tesla Talking Points for Radio Guest

    I'm going to be a guest on a half hour radio segment on Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016 at 5pm Central. We will be discussing EVs and Tesla. It will be on KOPN 89.5 fm (News | KOPN 89.5 fm). I'm putting together some general talking points based on what I expect to be discussed. I'm posting here for...