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range battery size

  1. G

    Model 3 Battery Replacement

    Hello, I bought a mid range in 2018, which at the time meant a max range of 260 "ideal miles" but generally charged to 230 at 90% daily use. Six years later, the new recommendation is charge to 80%, but if I were to do 90%, that would currently only get me to around 200 miles of "ideal...
  2. A

    Strange (maybe normal) battery experience

    Hi All, I have a 2018 model X P100D on factory 22” rims running OEM Perelli tires. The car has about 50k miles on it. Here is the question. Is my model X normal or do I have a problem? Information. We don’t get near the “rated mileage”. Our rated mileages at 80% charge is 216 miles. I have a...
  3. C

    Range loss on Midrange Model 3?

    Hello, friends. Apologies if this is answered elsewhere: I did my best to peek around first. I got a Midrange Model 3 at the tail end of 2018. I feel like I've lost a step on the range side: now getting around 190 miles on 80% around 240 on full charge. I have about 25,000 miles. Just...
  4. A

    Energy used since last charge does not match true range

    We took a nice fall drive with my M3 SR+ that I bought last year. I started with 100% charge, with a range of 227 (max when new was 231, not 240mi.) It was cool out so I set the interior manual temperature to 65 deg with A/C off. I have Sentry mode on when away from home and parked for about 5...
  5. Annie

    Battery Upgrade Possible?

    Does anyone know if its possible to upgrade the capacity of the Model X battery, and range of the car. I have a 2016 October built car with,(I am guessing here based on DOM), the older 18650 type, model 90D. I have been reading upgrade the 20% density upgrade of the the more recent 2170 battery...
  6. L

    P85D Battery MAX Range Increase from 254 to 300 miles

    Hello Everyone, First time Post! Quick background, I have a 2015 P85DL with a little over 78,000 mile on it. The other day i noticed that while driving on the freeway, speed which averages between 78-80 mph, and the usual kwh is anywhere between 350-380. But on that day it was constantly at...
  7. T

    Confused about Plaid/Refreshed Model S

    So, I'm currently in the market to buy a new Model S. I love everything about it. While I want the car yesterday, I want to minimize buyers remorse when the next refresh hits. I had settled that I'd wait until the Plaid Model drops (summer 2020?). However, range and comfort matter far more to...
  8. M

    M3SR+ (build 15 Jun'19) mapped to SR (220 miles range) and came with HW2.5

    1. M3SR+ build and delivered during mid Jun'19 but came with HW2.5 We intentionally waited till end of May'19 for placing the order (with unexpected $400 increase in price) so that will get HW3, but only realized it when my car didn't recognize traffic cones after the latest updates...
  9. K

    URGENT advice needed on range issues with new Model X.

    Hello. I purchased a model x long range and I am getting much lesser km to actually drive than the rated range. Sometimes less than half. When I spoke to Tesla, they were surprised by this deviation from range estimates but have not offered any concrete reason. My usage is around 285 Wh/km...
  10. darth_vad3r

    Estimating battery capacity based on Supercharging readout

    Has anyone done this / compiled data on this? TL;DR, using only what the car shows me while supercharging, my SR+ has a capacity* of 52.52688 kWh Technique: Take a video of your screen while your supercharging session ramps up. When the display ticks up to your rated capacity per hour, read...
  11. nowtleft


    Sorry if already mentioned but I am thinking of updating my P85 to an X75 - anyone know if this would mean a HUGE reduction in range or have batteries moved on? thanks for any help!