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range degradation

  1. Y

    Model S 2018 worth keeping before battery warranty expires?

    I have a 2018 Model S 75D, it has approx 37k miles. I have been having issues with it recently from replacing battery coolant heater and 12v battery to the latest replacement of MCU. The car went offline a few times and it took 3 tows to service center to have them diagnosed the issue of MCU...
  2. M

    2021 Model 3 Needs New Battery

    I got my car delivered in June of 2022. Have had no issues really with the car except the steering wheel stopped working (couldn’t adjust it) they fixed that under warranty. Fast forward to a year or so later and I get a notification on my screen “max charge level and range may be reduced…...
  3. O

    Strange Battery Range Issues

    I have a 2017 Model S with 23,000 original miles. I charge to 80% (250 miles) normally and generally run the battery down under 100 miles range before recharging. In the 150 nominal miles of driving I generally get about 130-135 miles or about 90% of what is expected. In the last month my...
  4. Scubadude

    Replacement battery pac [replaced with remanufactured per warranty]

    I have a 2018 Model 3 with 24, 328 miles. Purchaed as a mid range 265 mile car. Software version 2021.32.10. Over they past 2.5 years, my average charge was to 80%. The car when cycled (15% to 100%) would charge to no more than 225 miles. About a 17% degradation for a 2.5 year old car. Two...
  5. T

    Battery cycle ranges and degredation over the cars lifetime (90-20%?)(95-5%)

    Hey guys, Ive been a huge Tesla fan and investor for about 5 years now. I am finally ready to pull the trigger on my first tesla (long range model S), but I am hesitant because I have a 200m round trip commute every day. I've done the math and figured I could make it there and back even on the...
  6. D

    eMMC issue? Only the eMMC or more? And can 12volt battery cause issues?

    Hi all, first, I apologize if I failed to search existing threads and find all this info already. I did go pretty deep in the eMMC wiki sticky, which was very helpful. But it didn’t answer all my questions. I have a 2013 Model S 60kwh with about 54,000 miles on it. I did not have the eMMC...
  7. BizJet

    Battery Degradation: Tale of Two Teslas

    I've been tracking battery range degradation religiouslyon my two Teslas -- a four-year-old Model X and a two-year-old Model 3, and differences in battery performance versus the fleet average are truly remarkable. My Model X 90D, delivered in June, 2016, started at 264 miles of range, but is...
  8. R

    Significant range drop

    Is anyone else getting this range on there 2019 Tesla model 3 SR+? Today morning I charged my vehicle to a 100% since delivery 5 months back, and noticed a significant drop in range. The first night after delivery I charged till 100% and it displayed 374km didn’t get close to 386km advertised...
  9. C

    Seriously Considering Going Back to ICE

    I've owned a 2017 X90D since May of 2019. I bought it on 35k miles, it's now on about 41k. There is lots about the car I love. Free unlimited supercharging and being able to charge the car at home for next to no money is fantastic. I think I'm probably saving between £3-5k a year on running...
  10. P

    Deteriorating Range P90DL

    Range was about 255 miles in late August and several updates later I'm down to 236 miles. MX is 2016. Anyone else experience the same issue?
  11. B

    Range drops quickly, high wh/mi

    I know this has been stated many times that aggressive driving drops range and stuff. I am an aggressive driver, and then there's times when I drive conservatively. But I know when there is a difference in range. I've put over 10,000 miles on our SR+ M3. Initially, my average with regular, (non...
  12. U

    P3D[+] for a spirited driver

    I just read an entertaining thread at Why aren't car review sites raving about the Model 3 Performance's amazing value? : teslamotors and recalled that my P3D+ buying decision was far from black and white. I decided to compile my main reasons where Tesla limits me compared to a non Tesla sports...
  13. J

    Disappointing range on new Tesla 3

    I’m looking for comments. In San Diego I drove my almost new Tesla 3 (long range) at moderate speeds over to Encinitas and back a trip of 37 miles confirmed by the odometer. The range started at 202 and ended at at 150, indicating that I had driven 52 miles. Something is not right! Any ideas?
  14. A

    Model 3 - Preheat battery - Winter Range Concerns

    Hello, I have finally decided to make the plunge and get the model 3. Put in the reservation two days ago. I was going through different forums and found this topic in this forum saying range loss of 33% during winter conditions (33% range loss in cold winter conditions). I thought these cars...
  15. O

    Not getting enough miles

    we have been on the following trips so far and here are the numbers 1) destination 80 miles but car consumed 150 miles 2) destination 98 miles but car consumed 130 miles Mine is a 75D Model X bought brand new 4 weeks ago. Why this discrepancy especially when the 237 rated miles factor in...
  16. ishareit

    Rated range loss

    After 10 months and 15000 miles, my car’s (75 RWD) rated range at 100% is calculated at 235 miles. That is 5.6% rated range loss compared to the advertised 249 mile range. Is this normal? Seems like a very fast range degradation to me. Is there any data around how the battery loses the range...
  17. G

    Model S Real World Data

    Hello, my first post here! I am not a Tesla owner but looking to purchase one soon. Currently I am doing some independent research that requires some real world data for Tesla Model S (preferably from 90D or 100D) that shows range, driving speeds, battery discharge rates at various speeds...
  18. T

    Winter Driving Recommendations (Range Specific)

    Hi Folks, I am stoked to have recently placed the order for my new 75D (EAP, PUP, SAS). I cannot describe the excitement!!! As owning a Tesla can be quite the paradigm shift from all that we are used to, one of the things that has me most concerned is driving range during winters. My wife LOVES...
  19. T

    Model S 75D Range Anxiety

    Hi All, I am too torn between the 75D and the 90D. The 75D is more than sufficient for my daily commute and day to day needs with its 259 miles "EPA" range. And the best part is that it fits my budget like a glove. But every now and then we visit family which ends up being about 160 miles round...
  20. SSD420

    Help... range issue

    It's 1 degree Celsius and I'm trying to get home. I have 160 km rated left. I have 102km to go. Model X 90D. I'm using AP, going 5km over the posted limit. No heat (I'm cold!) and my rated range is dropping fast. I've checked and re-checked plug share. Anything on my way either isn't open or...
  21. M

    Winter: Parking outside without overnight charging

    Hello everyone - I have a fairly specific question and haven't been able to find posts on this particular situation. I am thinking of buying a Tesla S 60D and am aware that in the winter range will be reduced due to battery efficiency and heating expense. I have also read that the batteries must...
  22. SSD420

    Air Conditioning vs Range

    Just driving today in a borrowed ICE vehicle anticipating my MX delivery next month. It's 36 degrees Celsius (96.8 F) here and i'm blasting my Air Conditioning trying to stay cool. How much range will I lose doing this in an EV? Obviously everything I do uses electricity. Yes, although I'm...
  23. MrBoylan

    Model X Range Degradation Over Time - Estimates and Predictions

    Since there isn't much else to talk about right now, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to predict and discuss the Model X range and battery capacity degradation over time. Given the fairly extensive research done on the Model S, and the average mileage driven for personal cars, we...