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range display

  1. mrfra62

    Verschil tussen standaard en normaal range

    Okay. Ik heb mijn Tesla x nu bijna 2 jaar maar soms kom ik nog dingen tegen waarvan ik me afvraag wat het is. Zo zag ik onlangs dat ik kan kiezen tussen afstand en energie bij weergave batterij op het scherm voor de bestuurder. Verschil tussen km en % is duidelijk. Maar wat is het verschil...
  2. C

    Seriously Considering Going Back to ICE

    I've owned a 2017 X90D since May of 2019. I bought it on 35k miles, it's now on about 41k. There is lots about the car I love. Free unlimited supercharging and being able to charge the car at home for next to no money is fantastic. I think I'm probably saving between £3-5k a year on running...
  3. K

    URGENT advice needed on range issues with new Model X.

    Hello. I purchased a model x long range and I am getting much lesser km to actually drive than the rated range. Sometimes less than half. When I spoke to Tesla, they were surprised by this deviation from range estimates but have not offered any concrete reason. My usage is around 285 Wh/km...
  4. R

    UK standard range plus range on display

    The UK range on the SR+ is stated as 254 miles. At 80% charge my car shows 184 miles, but 80% of 254 is 204. I realise actual range has many factors, but is this typical?
  5. 1.21GW

    Lost range? Poll

    have you lost range on your model 3? Recently I noticed I was a 5-7 miles off of the equivalent full charge. Up until very recently, I had the ideal numbers for my LR dual motor 248 miles @ 80% and 279 @ 90%. Now I’m about 243-244 miles @ 80%. I know battery degradation is normal but...
  6. gnuarm

    Range Failure

    I encountered a case of range failure. Now I get the issue of range anxiety. I left the last Supercharger with my destination set and the remaining charge at my destination at 5%. As often happens that number rose as I drove until it was about 11%, so I thought I didn't need to stop at any...
  7. D

    Did release 2019.5.15 increase the range?

    I've heard reports both ways. I have a LR RWD with the 5.15 update and charged to 100% last night - it showed a range of 314 miles, 4 more than usual.
  8. T

    Tesla Trip Data vs. Range Metrics

    Hi everyone! I have been reading tonight about something that has been bothering me. I noticed when looking at my Wh/mi and kWh used for my daily commute (based on the Trip menu) do not match the significant Range drop I'm seeing. I use about 320-360 Wh/mi depending on air temp/heating, see...
  9. gnuarm

    Wh/mi vs. kW

    In theory kW consumption of the engine can be converted to Wh/mi by dividing by the speed in mi/hr then multiplying by 1000. Sounds great, but what if the kW number displayed on the dash is only the engine usage and doesn't include all the drain from the battery? I say this because I see...
  10. J

    Two miles of charge to get one mile of driving

    Hi folks. We recently joined the Tesla family with our purchase of a Model S 75D. Loving the car BUT disappointed by the fact that our car seems to use 2 miles of battery charge for one mile of driving. For example, drove just under ten miles the past two days but the battery dropped 23...
  11. P

    Displayed range takes no account of battery degradation.

    My car (2016 90D, Model S) has a slightly degraded battery (72-73 available kwh) and it still displays a 275 mile range when fully charged. My actual range, driving at 340 wh/mi, is about 200 to 220 miles. The cars display of range takes no account of battery degradation. This was a dealer demo...