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range limit

  1. K

    URGENT advice needed on range issues with new Model X.

    Hello. I purchased a model x long range and I am getting much lesser km to actually drive than the rated range. Sometimes less than half. When I spoke to Tesla, they were surprised by this deviation from range estimates but have not offered any concrete reason. My usage is around 285 Wh/km...
  2. J

    Two miles of charge to get one mile of driving

    Hi folks. We recently joined the Tesla family with our purchase of a Model S 75D. Loving the car BUT disappointed by the fact that our car seems to use 2 miles of battery charge for one mile of driving. For example, drove just under ten miles the past two days but the battery dropped 23...
  3. K

    Highway distance driving

    My wife and I are moving to Austin, TX in June and will be caravanning our MS75D behind our Ford Explorer (hauling a moving trailer). I'm hoping someone can give me an account of their experience driving the model S at near the range limit particularly between Wilcox, AZ & El Paso, TX and/or...
  4. jpaz

    If not a Tesla, then what would you get?

    My wife is thinking about an EV. She wants something small for short trips around town. We are going to test drive anything and everything we can think of but frankly, don't want to get a second Tesla (only for budget reasons). Just throwing this out to see what others feel they might do. I...
  5. T

    Model S Range Changes on Tesla website

    I saw a post elsewhere that Model S range has changed, and sure enough on the website it's showing a change. For Canadian range on the 100D, it's now 594km which I believe is 60 or more kilometres than in 2017. Is there any explanation for this? New motors, changes to pack design, etc?
  6. ThosEM

    Battery charge gauge linearity...

    I've been deliberately running my battery down into the "quarter tank" range to gain confidence with that. The most obvious thing I've noticed is an indicated 185 km range at about 50% indicated, which is about 43% of full rated range, 426 km. At first, i worried this might reflect loss of...