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range loss

  1. D

    Range-Loss Related to Heat?

    My 2019 Dual Motor M3 never had the 310 range I was promised. I started at about 305. It dropped to about 284 (derived from the Stats app) by 60k miles. This seems like a standard drop, from what I have read. But just in the last two months, it went from 283-286 or so, down to 274 almost...
  2. N

    Close to buying M3 LR - Cold Weather Questions

    I am about to pull the trigger on a Model 3 Long Range, but I'm a little concerned about cold weather. I spend 4 nights/wk at home where I would have a charger installed, so I'm not concerned there. The other 3 nights I spend up in Northern New England at my ski place. The condo building I'm in...
  3. chr2

    Has anyone ever gotten Tesla Service to replace a battery due to degradation?

    I'm engaged with Tesla Service on the drastic range drop my 2018 Model 3 LR is experiencing. 3.5 years and 89k miles in, I'm down to barely 200 miles in summer for a full charge and as low as 150 miles in winter. I requested service and after several rounds of email with Tesla Service, it's...
  4. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Tips - 3 ways to improve your Tesla's efficiency!

    For a while, we’ve been fighting with efficiency loss on our Model 3, and one observation I made was that the rear rotors were quite hot after a drive even when only using regen. So we replaced the calipers and brake pads, and even changed a wheel bearing to attempt to identify and fix the...
  5. Z

    Battery degradation after 5k kms

    Hello all, not sure this is what to expect but I am kind of worried. now with 5300kms the car at 90% charge goes to 427 km of autonomy. considering the initial 530km range at 100% this means I lost 10% in 4 months and 5300 kms. never charged the car in super chargers or even fast chargers...
  6. ybbor

    TeslaFi Battery Report - What does your LR car charge to @ 100%?

    I'm curious what your Long range Model 3 charges to at 100%. My Performance 3 is around 276 miles at 100%. I take very good care of my battery. Just curious where everyone else is at. For reference, the day I picked my car up it charged to 302 at 100% and has been going down ever since...
  7. S

    I am posting this in every youtube Tesla topic I come across: Range loss, charge gate etc

    To get Tesla to notice and do something about the issue of Range Loss, Charge rate loss and Regen loss after recent update I am now posting short comment in each Youtube Tesla topic I see: Updates for many many Model S owners has capped over 10% of range and 50% of charging rate: Darn it...
  8. Smoofv

    Version 10 Range Loss

    Hi all, I know this has been heavily posted about already, but recently I charged to 100% for a trip and maxed out at 292 miles in a one-year old LR DM Model 3 (with 13,000 miles) that had previously topped out at 307 miles. The precipitous drop, pretty much over night, prompted me to call...
  9. Z

    Winter Battery Heating

    Hey everyone, quick question about range degradation/mitigating range loss overnight-skip to the end for the TL;DR: I’m a firefighter in a suburban/rural county in the mid-Atlantic region. I’m very close to buying a standard range plus Model 3 out of inventory by July 1 to take advantage of the...
  10. S

    Model 3 in Extreme Heat and No Charger

    Hey everyone! Im heading to vegas in late May for a festival with my LR Model 3 where temps will be around 95 degrees. I wont have access to my car or a charger for 5 days and it will be parked out in the open on asphalt. I'm worried about how much range i'm going to lose and if this is...
  11. T

    Range during -16 weather

    Just thought I'd share my experience today driving (and parking) in -16 weather. I started the morning with a full charge of 268 miles and then commuted 28 miles to work. I parked in a ramp for 8 hours and then drove back home. When i got home i was down to 143 miles. So roughly 60 miles driven...
  12. P

    taking cold into account when planning trip

    I'm taking a 2000 mile trip this winter over the Rocky Mountains, supercharger to supercharger, with my LR 3. Does the Model 3 onboard trip planner take into account cold weather (forecasts) when it suggests charge times at superchargers? How about mountain ascents? This would seem a key...
  13. T

    How to calculate Range Loss %

    Hi everyone, Happy new year!! I am having a major senior moment and I need some mathematical help. I am typically one of those who is really good at math and physics but perhaps its the state of affairs in the world or a nasty head cold that I, for the life of me, cannot assess what is the...
  14. T

    Does anyone ever get rated range?

    Hi everyone, I am a super happy and proud Model S 75D owner. But I have to say that perhaps over JUST 1% of the driving that I have done in the past month, I may have gotten the rated range. As in if the computer tells me 100miles range and I have driven 100 actual miles and that only 100 were...
  15. David99

    Balancing the battery

    I keep reading a lot about balancing the battery and many people here seem to know exactly where it is happening and how. Now I'm pretty much aware that when many cells are in a battery pack they they need to be as similar as possible or else the weakest cell will effectively determine the...

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